2015 East Lansing – Playoffs – Opening Round and Elite8 (April 19)

Updated: April 23, 2015

The Final4 is set and below we’ll go Game by Game to Recap who is still standing!  Here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights for the first week of the Playoffs!  Just as a reminder the Playoffs are a single elimination tourney.. The updated Bracket is above..  The Opening Round and Elite8 were played on the Hoops Court and next Sunday we’ll move to the gridiron for the Final4 and League Championship!  OK Let’s Recap!

Playoff Recap

Opening Round Hoops

7. Team Schwartz – SNU1 (State Side Deli) v. 10. Team Wazir – ATO1 (Eva Crawford Black) – 7. Team Schwartz 43-36

Both squads had Cinderella aspirations but only one would be able to move on into the Elite8 to face-off with 2. Team Berlin.. That Team would be Team Schwartz who won a hard-fought defensive battle.. The Game could have gone either way but when the dust settled it was the guys from SNU moving on.. Ben Rouff had a big hand in this W as he was the leading point getter with 18 points.  For Team Schwartz, the celebration was short lived as they had to get ready for their dance with powerhouse 2. Team Berlin.. For 10. Team Wazir, they came up just a bit short but that shouldn’t overshadow their fun ride this season..  ATO will be back next year and this off-season they will have the opportunity to re-shape the Team to make a Championship run!

8. Team Neistein – ATO2 (Eva Crawford Purple) v. 9. Team Yelon – AEPi2 (popchips) – 8. Team Neistein 76-36

Team Neistein jumped out to a quick lead (which would become a trend on this day) and never looked back.. Kevin Luyckx and Jake Feldman were instrumental in this one as they went for 20 and 16 points respectively..  An Opening Round W means that they would move on to face yet another AEPi squad — this time the #1 Overall Seed.. 1. Team Serck!  For Team Yelon, they missed out an opportunity to upstage their older AEPi Team in the Elite8 but as the young guns in the League they have nothing but time on their side.. With a couple key moves they will be front-runners for years to come!

Elite8 Hoops

1. Team Serck – AEPi1 (Pita Pit) v. 8. Team Neistein – ATO2 (Eva Crawford Law Purple) – 8. Team Neistein 60-33

In each All Sports Series League there is always one Cinderella Team that comes breaks through their low-seed ceiling and defeats a top seed for a trip to the Final4 or beyond..  Look no further for your Cinderella.. 8. Team Neistein has crashed the Final4 party and they have plans of taking the whole thing! Kevin Luyckx went off for the second straight game and in doing so he helped secure his Team a spot among the Final4.  He had 21 points in this one.  8. Team Neistein would await to the Winner of 4. Team Rogers v. 5. Team Novak in Final4 Flag Football..

For Team Serck, no doubt it is a disappointing finish to their tremendous season. Finishing first in the Regular Season of this deeply talented East Lansing League is no joke.. They have been a pleasure to have in the League and they’ve built the groundwork for future success in All Sports Series for AEPi Teams to come. Congrats on a great year!

4. Team Rogers – SNU2 (Eva Crawford Law Navy) v. 5. Team Novak (2900 Place) – 5. Team Novak 105-65

Match-ups are everything in All Sports Series and particularly in the Playoffs when it’s one and done.  Everyone knew based on the opening weeks of the League that Team Novak was at the top of the mountain when it came to Hoops.. Team Rogers had early season success as well so coming into the week this was certainly a highlighted game. Team Novak simply put was on fire and their Offense was just too much for Team Rogers (or anyone really) to handle.. They were just fantastic and they earned a spot in the Final4 when they will attempt to send Cinderellas 8. Team Neistein early this coming Sunday afternoon.

For Team Rogers.. It was a successful first run in All Sports Series. Claiming the #4 seed is not an easy thing to do and sometimes you just catch a Team in their best sport and you can’t do anything about it.. The remaining pieces from this SNU bunch have a real base to make a run next Spring!

2. Team Berlin (Meijer) v. 7. Team Schwartz – SNU1 (State Side Deli) – 2. Team Berlin 47-33

2. Team Berlin had just missed out on the #1 seed in the final week of the season after leading the Standings for most of the Season. Throwing seeds away for a minute, they had been considered favorites to get to the Final4 for sometime and on Sunday Night they were faced with a very formidable foe in 7. Team Schwartz who had just dismissed 10. Team Wazir before this Game.  It wasn’t pretty at all times but 2. Team Berlin accomplished what they set out to do since Week 1.. Qualify for the League’s final night.. Who will they play in the Final4?  Scroll down below..

For Team Schwartz, they go home this Season with a Playoff W, which over half the Teams in the League will not be able to say. They have the building blocks for a very special run in the next two seasons. They were among the youngest groups in the East Lansing League and their future experience will go a long way in future Playoff battles. Thanks for playing guys!

3. Team Prentice – BZ (Muchacha Salsa) v. 6. Team Barribeau – Pikes1 (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – 3. Team Prentice 55-54

The closest and best Game of the Night was saved for last. Both Teams here have/had Championship aspirations.. Of course, you can’t win the whole darn thing without getting past the Elite8 however..  The lead changed hands many times over and at no point in time did either Team distance themselves from the other.. When the final buzzer sounded it was Team Prentice -BZ grabbing hold of the 1 point victory in a Playoff Game that many will remember from this first season in East Lansing. Team Prentice moves on to compete against 2. Team Berlin in the Final4 in what has all the makings of a spectacular Final4 Game.

For Team Barribeau, they will be back as the Pikes have had a great Team all year. They are a deep group that will re-tool and be a perennial favorite for years to come.  Congrats on a great season!


That’s it for this Week. Congrats to those who are still playing and thanks to those who have finished their year!

– Holden