2015 East Lansing – Week 1 Hoops (Feb. 8)

Updated: February 11, 2015

The 2015 East Lansing League has officially tipped-off! For many of you, this is your first experience with All Sports Series..  Each Week you can count on a Power Rankings article to be posted to allsportsseries.com that recaps the week that was and provides a bit of insight to what’s in store for the following week.  You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights.  Also, feel free to POST BELOW w/ Disqus to let your feelings be heard (we ask just to keep the comments clean) and connect with us on our social media accounts — @AllSportsSeries. In addition to the Power Rankings and the Video, your Stats are kept and posted in the East Lansing section (under Campus Leagues)..

So this is how the Power Rankings work — Each Week 8 of the 12 Teams will get Ranked in the Power Rankings while the other 4 Teams will remain unranked (and listed alphabetically) — with the goal of jumping into the Rankings the following week. A few things to keep in mind: 1) the Power Rankings are done mostly with a statistical feel and very little actual “analysis.”  2) The Power Rankings have ZERO to do with the actual Standings.

Week 1 provided some great highlights on the Hoops court and allowed some Teams to already start separating themselves from the pack. Next week, we’ll move to Floor Hockey and you can certainly expect some shake-ups! OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Barribeau – Pikes1 (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

With a brand new League and with brand new Teams often comes a logjam and a tough decision atop the first set of Power Rankings.. However this group from Pikes left little doubt who should be leading the pack going into Week 2. They put up a whopping 110 points on Sunday Night and used the Game to put the entire League on notice — Captain Barribeau’s crew is here to take the inaugural crown.  Patrick Sparks and Luke Capen were simply amazing, scoring 37 and 35 points respectively in their first ever All Sports Series Games. If they can continue the onslaught in Floor Hockey next week then the rest of the League really has something to worry about.

2. Team Novak (2900 Place) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

If not for the 110 point outburst by Team Barribeau, Team Novak would be sitting pretty at #1.  They’ll have to live with #2 for now but that should not be the focus.. They were awesome on Sunday Night. They look like a true Team out there.. Knowing where the others would be on the court.  Certainly interested to see how that will fair away from the Hoops court.. What can’t be underestimated is the fact that their Captain – Andrew Novak – is one of only a few Players this Season who has participated in All Sports Series in the past.. His knowledge of how to navigate through one of these gauntlets will really give his guys a leg up. It also doesn’t hurt the squad when he leads them in scoring with 18.  Drew Valentine had 16 and Scott Besko had 15 as well. These guys are going to be fun to watch all season long.

3. Team Berlin (Meijer) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

Team Berlin had a really strong performance in their first night of All Sports Series.  They too are led by a Captain who is an All Sports Series vet — however, they got the Win without Captain Sam in this one.  They were a well balanced squad that did everything necessary to go to 1-0.  Collin Ryan scored 23 and John Amboy put in 18 points to lead the way for these guys. Next week they’ll take part in the Schweitzer Title Agency Game of the Week against #4…

4. Team Roe (Eva Crawford Law Gold) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

Team Roe also opened up the 2015 year with a big W on Sunday Night.  They will take on #3 Team Berlin in Floor Hockey during the Schweitzer Title Agency Game of the Week next Sunday with spot in the Top 3 (and potentially higher) on the line. Michael Daenzer led the scoring charge for Team Roe with 17 points.  Captain Chris has what seems to be a really well-rounded squad that should be able to excel during each sport.  Their margin of victory was not as large as some of the Teams in the top 3 but they are clearly among the League’s best as we turn the page on Week 1.

5. Team Schwartz – SNU1 (State Side Deli) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

Team Schwartz pulled out a victory in their first contest of 2015 and appear to have what it takes make that a habit.  Their scoring came from a bunch of different teammates — a good sign for future weeks — but it was Neil Rosenthal who led with 13.  They round out a Top5 that will look to distance themselves from the pack now going forward.. Points are hard to come by in All Sports Series and if you can stack together a few wins in a row, especially early on, you really allow yourselves to play carefree headed into the Playoffs. They are also ones to watch.

6. Team Yelon – AEPi2 (popchips) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points.

Team Yelon is in an interesting spot.. They were unable to get a W in Week 1.. However, they went down in what was one of the closer games of the season.. In each League, you want to always look at who dropped one of the better Games during Week 1 — the odds are that group is a strong Team and unlike many of the other top squads in the League they leave Week 1 truly hungry for Ws moving forward.  They are also one of the younger squads in the League so they will only improve with time.. Captain Yelon and co. have what it takes to make Week 1 seem like an anomaly..

7. Team Neistein – ATO2 (Eva Crawford Law Purple) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points.

They ran into one of the best Hoops squads in the League Week 1 — just unfortunate scheduling there.  Have it on good authority this Team is going to look a whole lot better when the hockey equipment is thrown out onto the Court next Sunday.  They showed depth and athleticism last Sunday Night, just might not have been the right venue.. Captain Zach clearly is a good leader and has a good grasp of his crew… Fully expect them to hop up in next week’s Power Rankings..

t-8. Team Serck – AEPi1 (Pita Pit) & Team Wazir – ATO1 (Eva Crawford Law Black) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points.

Team Serck and Team Wazir both suffered Losses in Week 1 but both were to Teams who came in Ranked in the Top 3.  Sometimes the hardest thing to overcome is simply the schedule. Both groups should be ready to go when it comes to Floor Hockey on Sunday Night.  Both showcased a bunch of potential that did not get overshadowed even in rough Week 1 Games.  This League is a marathon.. as Captain Serck can attest — his Summer League Team has been playing for years. There are months between now and the Playoffs.. Plenty, PLENTY of time to get some retribution for Week 1.

Rest of Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Pikes2 (Schweitzer Title Agency) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points.

Will look more like themselves in Week 2.

Team Prentice – BZ (Muchacha Salsa) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points.

Week 2 will actually be their Opening Week  — a double header is scheduled later in the Season for them.

Team Rogers – SN2 (Eva Crawford Law Navy) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points.

Week 2 will actually be their Opening Week — a double header is scheduled later in the Season for them.

That’s it for this Week’s Power Rankings.  Have a great week and see you next Sunday!

– Holden