2015 East Lansing – Week 2 Floor Hockey (Feb. 15)

Updated: February 19, 2015

The Sport switched to Floor Hockey for Week 2 and with it came some twists and turns.  A few Teams atop last week’s Power Rankings have asserted themselves as front-runners while a couple Teams who lost in Week 1 showed off that they just needed a change in venue to show-off their true ability. Next week we’ll be going back to Hoops for the final time during the Regular Season.  Before we get to the Power Rankings, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Barribeau – Pikes1 (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points.

2-0. Check. Largest Margin of victory – Week 1. Check. Largest Margin of victory – Week 2. Check.  Well, it looks like we have an emerging power house here with the Pikes1 Group and it doesn’t seem like the sport will matter much. A week after going for 100+ in Hoops they put up EIGHTEEN goals in floor hockey on Sunday Night!  Anchored by Captain Chad’s whopping SIX goals.. Ryan Powell had 5 as well.  These guys are for real and they have their sights set on the first ever East Lansing League crown. Next week they’ll take part in the Schweitzer Title Agency Game of the Week against the Team that happens to be coming in at #2 for the second straight week..

2. Team Novak (2900 Place) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points.

.. That’s right we’ll have a matchup of our Top 2 Teams next Sunday Night when we shift back to Hoops.  For as impressive as Team Pikes1 has been — Team Novak has been hot on their heels.. Team Novak has had two big wins as well and they look like they are hungry for more. Brian Palazzolo netted SEVEN goals to lead all scorers on Sunday Night.. He actually managed to outscore the opponents by himself on Sunday Night.  A truly impressive feat.  They will be playing for the #1 spot in the Power Rankings next week. Good Luck!

3. Team Berlin (Meijer) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points.

While the top 2 Teams are getting a lot of pub right now because of their large margins of victory — Team Berlin is also 2-0 and have looked really great getting there.  Floor Hockey is clearly a strong suit for these guys.  Sean Erni led the scoring charge with Four goals on the night.  Most importantly, they took down Team Roe who they had been tied with in the Standings entering Week 2.  Seeding will be key in the Playoffs and getting Ws against winning Teams is not an easy thing to come by.. If Team Berlin can get their second Hoops W of the season on Sunday Night they are sitting pretty to be Ranked #2 next week!

4. Team Schwartz – SNU1 (State Side Deli) – Currently tied for 1st with 30 points.

A win is a Win is a Win. 2-0 and tied for first in the Standings.

5. Team Rogers – SNU2 (Eva Crawford Law Navy) – Currently tied for 5th with 15 points.

Made their debut in All Sports Series after being off in Week 1 — they’ll have a double header later in the Season… What an exciting debut it was!  They grabbed an OT Winner against Team Neistein – ATO2 to close out Sunday Night.. One of the only vets in the East Lansing League – Sam Rogers – who plays in the 20-Team Summer College/Prep League (in Highland Park, IL) – led the way with FIVE goals and his squad needed every last one of them to come out on top.  This group may fly under the radar for a bit as it’ll be tough for them to catch the top teams in the Standings until they have that double header.. but don’t sleep on them. Tons of talent here.

6. Team Serck – AEPi1 (Pita Pit) – Currently tied for 5th with 15 points.

Team Serck bounced back nicely from a Week 1 L to notch their first W of the Season on Sunday Night. They defeated Team Prentice – BZ by a score of 7-4. Captain Jacob led the team in Goals with a nice hat trick.  The first W of the year is always the hardest to come by so it’s great to see these guys get one early on in the year.  They had the unfortunate luck of drawing the Pikes1 Team last week in Hoops but what’s encouraging is they certainly won’t see a better Hoops Team the rest of the way.. This group has what it takes to go on a solid run here and that’s exactly what’s expected!

7. Team Roe (Eva Crawford Law Gold) – Currently tied for 5th with 15 points.

After a Week 1 Win in Hoops they took a small step back this week in Floor Hockey.. If you are going to pick which one to be stronger in though — Hoops is the one to choose — as we’ll see it come Playoff time. Anyways, they clearly have a ton of athleticism  and Team Berlin proved to be one of if not the very best Floor Hockey Team — sometimes the schedule just hands you some bad luck.  Next week they’ll take on Team Rogers – SNU1 in what should have Top5 implications.  Should be a good one!

8. Team Neistein  – ATO2(Eva Crawford Law Purple) – Currently tied for 8th with 0 points.

They were just one play away from earning their first W of the season.. They came up just a bit short and dropped an OT thriller to Team Rogers – SNU1.  This group will be just fine as we can leave Week 2 knowing they have a lot of talent. Andrew Murphy was their leading scorer with a hat trick.  They’ve played two of the top teams already so their schedule will only get easier as the calendar turns to March.. Next week they’ll face a familiar foe — Team Wazir -ATO1 .. One ATO Team will grab their first win of the season next week!

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) – All Currently tied for 8th with 0 points.

Team Prentice – BZ (Muchacha Salsa)

It was their debut Game in All Sports Series after being off in Week 1. They’ll have a double header later in the season.. They showed depth as they got Goals from many different Players.  They will only improve with time and definitely have what it takes to mix it up with the top Teams in the League.  Next week they’ll face off with Team Yelon – AEPi2 who are also searching for their first W of the season.  That should be a hard fought battle.

Team Pikes2 (Schweitzer Title Agency)

Team Wazir – ATO1 (Eva Crawford Law Black) 

They’ve started the Season with about as hard of a schedule as possible.. In two weeks they’ve faced two of the Top 3 Ranked Teams in the League.. What does this say?  No reason to get down. At all.  They are going to be battle tested and in the long run this will come to their advantage.  Next week will be an interesting one for them as they take on the other ATO group.. Team Neistein. Both Teams will be searching for their first Ws and it will be decided on the Hoops Court.

Team Yelon – AEPi2 (popchips)

What’s mentioned above in Team Wazir’s section can be re-stated here — Team Yelon has had an impossibly tough schedule to start things out.. They’ve played two of the Top4 Ranked Teams in the League already.. Things are going to get easier from a schedule stand point.. They just have to.  Next week they’ll go toe to toe with another squad searching for their first W.. Team Prentice – BZ.


That’s it for this Week! See you back on Sunday Night!

– Holden