2015 East Lansing – Week 3 Hoops (Feb. 22)

Updated: February 26, 2015

3 Weeks into the Regular Season and the Power Rankings are about to get all shaken up!  We are also just days away from the Volleyball Tourney where more points can be earned than any other week of the Regular Season.. So, even more shake-ups to come!  Before we get into the new look Power Rankings, here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights!  OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Berlin (Meijer) – Currently tied for 1st with 45 points.

It’s not often you see a Team jump from outside of the Top2 one week to atop the Power Rankings the following week but that’s exactly what Team Berlin pulled off this Sunday!  We had some odd scheduling situations, like former #2 Team Novak being off of the week and some other Double Headers.. That in combination with the former #1 Team losing and Team Berlin staying undefeated lands them atop the Power Rankings following Week 3!  John Amboy is a big reason why they are at #1 as he went for a huge 24 points — second highest total of the week — on Sunday Night. Lucas Belanger chipped in a cool 20 as well. All bets are usually off during the Volleyball Tourney which is coming next week — it’ll be interesting to see if Team Berlin can stay on top — they have a big bullseye on them now.

2. Team Rogers – SNU2 (Eva Crawford Law Navy) – Currently tied for 1st with 45 points.

Team Rogers leapt up the Rankings this week after taking advantage of not one but two contests on Sunday Night.  They were off in Week 1 and had a double header on Sunday to make up for it.. They did something incredibly rare and swept an All Sports Series double header on Sunday Night.  They stayed undefeated on the young season and stayed even with first place Team Berlin after 3 weeks.  What can’t go unnoticed either — they took down past #1 Team Barribeau – Pikes1 — in an OT thriller on Sunday.  It was a classic and one that we can hope provides a Rematch come Playoff time. Jack Gurvy arrived on the scene in a big way on Sunday Night going for 37 points and then 23 to follow for an average of 30 points on the evening. The 37 was enough to tie the season high from anyone in the League. Truly great stuff. Expect nothing less from an Ojibwa man.  They’ve certainly snook up on everyone due to their odd scheduling but that will not be the case anymore.  They are ones to watch.

3. Team Novak (2900 Place) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points. 

Off this week due to the Sparty Hoops team traveling to Champaign.. They’ll have a double header later in the season. Still undefeated.

4. Team Barribeau – Pikes1 (Bell’s Greek Pizza) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

As mentioned above they dropped an OT classic to Team Rogers – SNU2 on Sunday Night.  They now fall a bit down the Rankings and are behind the undefeated groups a touch in the Standings. HOWEVER,  they have nothing to worry or feel down about.  Clearly, they are one of the best Teams in the League and are still among the favorites to take home the Crown at the end.. Undefeated All Sports Series don’t happen often and it wasn’t expected that anyone would do it in this very competitive East Lansing League. Now, they can play a bit looser and just concentrate on getting wins without the added pressure of being #1.  Just keep this in mind, they’ll have this tough loss to look back on come Playoff time.. They’ll know what to do differently and that is something a few Teams ranked higher from them don’t possess currently.. This OT Loss may be what everyone looks back to and thinks, “that’s where they learned how to win a Championship.”

5. Team Serck – AEPi1 (Pita Pit) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

Great Teams take Losses and use them to come back stronger.. That’s exactly what Team Serck has done since their Week 1 Loss. They won in Floor Hockey last week and then showed everyone they can win on the Hoops court as well this past Sunday Night. Steven Hertzberg had a huge night with 27 points in the W. The Volleyball Tourney can be the perfect time for them to leapfrog a couple of Teams ahead of them in the Rankings.. We’ll see next week!

6. Team Schwartz – SNU1 (State Side Deli) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

Dropped their first game of 2015 but when you realize it was against the Team currently ranked #1 it definitely softens the blow. They are a solid squad that will continue to improve as the season wages on. Ben Rouff led Captain Schwartz’s team in scoring on sunday night with 13.  Best thing to do here is just to move on and start thinking about the Volleyball Tourney — where in one night they could end up sitting in first place of the Standings.

7. Team Neistein – ATO2 (Eva Crawford Law Purple) – Currently tied for 7th with 15 points.

The first W is always the hardest to come by.  Once you get over that hump they usually start to pile up. They had familiar foes on Sunday Night as they went toe to toe with the other ATO squad.  Captain Zach scored 10 to lead all scorers in that Game and no there’s no doubt it felt good for him to lead his group to the W.  They need to keep the momentum going and they’ve shown they have players who can excel in different things.. They could be a sneaky pick for a Volleyball Tourney.

8. Team Prentice – BZ (Muchacha Salsa) – Currently tied for 7th with 15 points. 

The BZ crew got a big W on Sunday Night.  They too have had an odd schedule as they still have a double header looming after being off for Week 1.  They were dealt no favors last week as they faced Team Serck in their apparent strong suit of Floor Hockey.. They came right back to Court One on Sunday Night ready to pick up Win #1 and that’s exactly what they did. Luca Spence had 17 big points to lead the squad.  It’ll be interesting if they can make a serious Volleyball run next week since they have more possible points to get than most (with the double header coming) and if they can work their way into the upper portion of the Standings in the next week or two, they’ll be in a fantastic spot to make a real run at the top of the Standings.  Just something to monitor.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Pikes2 (Schweitzer Title Agency) – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.

Team Roe (Eva Crawford Law Gold) – Currently tied for 7th with 15 points.

They’ve lost two in a row.. But go and look who they’ve faced in the past two weeks.. Makes their brief rough stretch seem less meaningful right? They dropped last week’s Game against current #1 Team Berlin and then this past Sunday to current #2 Team Rogers.. So no one will be envious of their schedule that’s for sure.. There’s this though — the Schedule can only get easier.

Team Wazir – ATO1 (Eva Crawford Black) & Team Yelon – AEPi2 (popchips)  – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.

Both talented Teams are still searching for their first W.. As was said above in the Power Rankings, the first W is always the hardest to come by.. Both squads just need one break to push them back on the right path. The Volleyball Tourney has long stood for a turning point in the Season.. It usually allows Teams to show off some different skills and with so many points up for grabs, both of these Teams have a real chance to do a full 180-turn!


That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and see you Sunday Night for the Volleyball Tourney!

– Holden