2015 Madison – Championship Night (Nov. 10)

Updated: November 17, 2015

On Tuesday Night, the Madison Leagues Crowned NEW Men’s & Co-Ed League Champs and we’ll get to who they are in just a moment! Madison also provided the perfect stage for Championship Night.. It was a perfect evening that felt like Football should be played and that it was.. Before we get any further, we just want to give a big Thank You to all of the Teams for participating this year! Hope you had as much fun as we did. Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with extended Championship Night clips! Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  Co-Ed Championship Recap will kick things off!

Co-Ed Championship Recap

1. Team AXO & CO. (Badger Bowl Silver) v. 3. Team CHI O & CO. SR (Club Tavern Orange)

All Season long, Team AXO & Co. has been atop the mountain. Co-Captains Aly Verson and Courtney Rosenfield put together a unit that could really take care of business in any sport.. and that they did.  However, it’s very rare for a Team to just run the gauntlet from start to finish.. The pressure will usually mount and get the better of even the best squads.. They’d been shouldering the burden of being the front-runners since September… Enter, the challengers.. Team CHI O & Co. SR.. Led by Maddie Hausberg, they are a care-free bunch that feels they are playing with house-money by just appearing in the Championship Game. They scored 1pt Upset W a week ago in the Final4 over 2. Team Castriano and if they were to win the Championship would join a very elite group who have knocked the #1 and #2 seeds from the Playoffs…

As the Championship Game began, Team AXO & Co. wasted little time asserting the dominance they’d shown all throughout the Fall.  Before long they were up multiple TDs as Joel Adelman and Andy Colombe connected for a couple early scores.. From there, the route was on.. They would not slow down throughout the first half, and while Team Chi O & Co. did have their fair share of big plays in this one, there was little doubt from very early on of the result.. Team AXO & Co. would become the 2015 Madison Co-Ed League Champs! More on them in a second..

For the Runners-Up, Team Chi O & Co. SR, they had a valiant run in this year’s Playoffs that was certainly highlight by an unbelievable performance in Final4 Hoops.  They had a ton of fun and were great to have in the Co-Ed League this year.  Good Luck finishing up school in the coming months, and hopefully see everyone in the Chicago Co-Ed League this Summer after Graduation! Thanks for playing!

To the #CHAMPS Team AXO & Co., what a year.. From start to finish they put together one of the most impressive runs ever done in a Co-Ed All Sports Series League.  They grabbed Ws in Hoops, Softball, Kickball, Volleyball and Flag Football during their campaign to the Crown.  As stated above, it’s very rare for a Team to go wire to wire, but that’s exactly what they did! It was a pleasure to have them and hopefully they can keep most of their group together this coming Summer in Chicago. Congrats again to the CHAMPS!


Men’s Playoff Recap


1. Team Sammy (Ian’s Pizza) v. 4. Team AEPi JR (Biaggi’s) – 1. Team Sammy Wins

#1 Team Sammy came into the Final4 Round after an Elite8 Bye and rightfully so, as they ripped through the Regular Season to earn the top spot in the Playoffs. They have been simply unstoppable from very early on in the Season.  As for #4 Team AEPi JR, they are taking part in their first Final4 and while they are happy to be a part of the League’s Final Night, they hoped to crash the Championship party..

From the opening seconds of this one Team Sammy jumped out in front.  Michael Gray at QB and then Marcus Maxx and Sam Modro on the outside just proved to be too much to contain for the AEPi JR Team.. Before long Team Sammy had built up an impressive lead, one that no Team was going to come back from and on to the Championship they would go!

For Team AEPi JR, it was a much stronger season in 2015 than in 2014. If they can duplicate their jump next year, they may be vying for the Championship in 2016.  They have a great bunch of guys and if they get hot next Novemeber they really could be the Team to take the whole thing! Thanks again for playing guys! See ya in 2016!


2. Team AEPi SR (Club Tavern Gold) v. 6. Team SigEp (Club Tavern Blue) – 2. Team AEPi SR Wins

While the first Final4 Game was a bit of a route, this one was the polar opposite.. Before we get into the Game itself, let’s talk about the combatants.. 2. Team AEPi SR had a really strong Regular Season and came into the Playoffs as maybe not THE favorite, but certainly in the discussion.. On the other hand you have #6 Team SigEp who pulled one of the only “upsets” in the Elite8 by upending #3 Team Fiji in Hoops.  They are a talented bunch though despite their seed that could have been seeded much higher with a break or two in the Regular Season. Much more of an even matchup than the seeds would tell…

As the Game got underway, both Teams were able to move the ball.. Team SigEp struck first and got the first lead of the night. Captain Nick and Skyler Felt were strong all Game long for SigEp.  Team AEPi SR would eventually answer.. Back and forth the two Teams would go as the lead shifted hands multiple times.. Jonny Shapiro was vital for the AEPi SRs at QB as his legs kept many plays alive that could have been sacks…  As the Game came down to the final ticks, it was Team SigEp with the lead.. Team AEPi SR would need a season saving drive to make it to the Championship and that’s exactly what they got! They managed to score and get the PAT to take a 21-20 lead with just 40 seconds remaining and Team SigEp didn’t have enough time to get back down the field.. The AEPi SRs would move on to the Championship!

For Team SigEp, no doubt it was a heart-wrenching way to bow out of the Madison Men’s League Playoffs but they have so much to build upon from their Rookie season. They managed to get a Playoff W, which most Rookie Teams cannot say.. They went down to the wire in the Final4 and really could have been in the Championship if not for a play or two.. They will be back and among the favorites in 2016. Thanks for playing!



1. Team Sammy (Ian’s Pizza) v. 2. Team AEPi SR (Club Tavern Gold)

All season long there were two Teams in the Madison Men’s League that stood above the rest and it’s fitting those two would clash for the Crown in the Championship!  Team Sammy rolled into the Championship Game after a blowout W in the Final4, while Team AEPi SR saw their Playoff lives flash before their eyes just moments before the Championship got underway.. There were so many storylines heading into this one… Would Team Sammy be the first non-AEPi house to hoist the Men’s Crown in 3 years?  Would Max Shulruff of Team AEPi SR get a personal 3peat and could the AEPi SRs keep the Crown in the family?

When the Game got underway both Teams seemed a little tight, which is not out of the ordinary for the Championship Games. Both Teams know how much it took to get to this point and it’s hard to just let loose and play.. Usually a big play is what will snap a Team out of it and that’s exactly what happened for the AEPi SRs.. One big play opened the floodgates and before you knew it they jumped out to a big lead! Johnny Shapiro would hit Captain Aaron Lester in the endzone 2x and that was all they really needed to finish off the journey!  Team Sammy did come back and it was the usual suspects of Modro and Gray but it just wasn’t enough to go wire to wire… Team AEPi SR = Madison Men’s Champs! We’ll get back to them in a second..

For the Runners-Up, Team Sammy.. They were a true Team and one that was exemplifies All Sports Series. They could play anything and everything.. Showing off their depth and talent in multiple sports for the past few months.. They are a relatively young group still and they will certainly have plenty of opportunities at the Madison Men’s League Crown in future Seasons.. This should only fuel them to greater heights! Congrats on a great run!

To the #CHAMPS – Team AEPi SR.. What a ride! They battled through 3 challenging Playoff Games on top of a fantastic Regular Season to claim the Crown!  It’s the first Championship for most of the Roster as they keep the Crown in the AEPi family.. It also marks an incredible 3peat for Max Shulruff who had won the last two Madison Leagues with friends that have Graduated to Chicago Leagues.. He’ll be joining them shortly.  This group can now graduate knowing they got a Crown, a 3 year journey culminated on Tuesday Night! Congrats on an amazing season!


That’s it for the 2015 Madison Leagues. Good Luck on Finals and hopefully see everyone in 2016!