2015 Madison – Playoff Preview (Oct. 27)

Updated: November 3, 2015

On Tuesday Night we wrapped the Regular Season and with the final results our Playoff Brackets were set!   This Week’s Power Rankings article will transition into a Playoff Preview article. First, a congrats is order to Team Sammy (Ian’s Pizza) and Team AXO & Co. (Badger Bowl Silver) who came in 1st place of the Men’s and Co-Ed Leagues respectively.. A lot left for them to do in order to take the Crown!  More on this in just a bit.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  The Co-Ed Playoff Preview will start us off!


Co-Ed Playoff Preview


The Playoffs are Single Elimination.. Win or Go Home. We’ll have Final4 Hoops this coming Tuesday Night.. With the #1 v. #4 and #2 v. #3.. Then the Teams who win in the Final4 move on to the League’s Championship the following Tuesday Night.. Flag Football for the Crown!


Final4 Hoops

1. Team AXO & Co. (Badger Bowl Silver) v. 4. Team Chi O & Co. SO (Club Tavern Navy)

The #1 overall seed and the Champs of the Regular Season — Team AXO & Co. — completed their nearly perfect (besides volleyball) Regular Season on Tuesday Night.  They enter the Playoffs as overwhelming favorites but as many All Sports Series Leagues have shown in the past.. When the Playoffs start, there are no sure things.. Their first opponent in their quest to the Crown is the #4 seed Team Chi O & Co. SO.  They are the youngest Team in the field and a Win in the Final4 could be the thing that sets their Franchise on the rise for the next couple of Seasons.  Winner goes to the Championship!


2. Team Castriano (Club Tavern Red) v. 3. Team Chi O & Co. SR (Club Tavern Orange)

In the other Final4 matchup we’ll have two talented Teams battling it out for a spot in the Championship Game.  #2 Seed Team Castriano have been pretty dominant this Season and besides an early L to Team AXO & Co., they’ve been nearly perfect on the season as well. They are ready to earn retribution on Team AXO & Co. but first have to get past the #3 Seed Team Chi O & Co. SR. Both Teams are comprised of mostly Seniors, so there will be an added sense of urgency on both sides here as it will likely be their last shot at getting to the Crown.  Good Luck!


The Winners will meet on Tuesday Nov. 10 on the gridiron for the Co-Ed League Championship!


Men’s Playoff Preview


The Men’s Playoffs are also Single Elimination.  Win or Go Home.  Best thing in Sports.   7 Teams in the Men’s League have qualified for the Playoffs with the #1 Seed — Team Sammy earning a BYE to the Final4 Round where they will await 3 other Teams who are battling it out in the Elite8 Round..  #1 Team Sammy will take on the Winner of the #4 v. #5 Game in the Final4 while the Winners of the #2 v. #7 and #3 v. #6 will lace it up in the other Semi-Final.  Both the Final4 and Championship are Flag Football and will be played on the League’s final night — Tuesday Nov. 10… For the first time in 2 Years we are guaranteed to have New Champs!


Elite8 Hoops

1. Team Sammy (Ian’s Pizza) – BYE to the Final4 on Nov. 10

Dominance.  The only word that can be used to describe the Regular Season Champs.  They have truly earned their spot in the Final4 and can now kick their feet up and relax for a week while the other 6 Playoff Teams have to scratch and claw to qualify for the League’s final night.  Congrats and see you on Nov. 10!


2. Team AEPi SR (Club Tavern Gold) v. 7. Team AEPi SO (Badger Bowl Black)

Will there be a passing of the AEPi torch on this night?  Or will the Seniors hold court for at least one more week? That’s the main story as we head into the Elite8 Round.. Both Teams are capable of beating any Team in the League.. The SR crew have been more than impressive this Season and actually knocked off the #1 Seed Team Sammy during the last night of the Regular Season. They have a ton of confidence and for great reason.. They are a talented bunch and the only Team who can say they have real Championship experience on the Roster as Max Shulruff is a 2x Defending Champ.  For the SOs, they can’t be just happy to be invited to the Playoff party.. They have a shot to throw a wrench in the SRs plans and in doing so set themselves on a course that no Underclassmen have been able to do in the Madison League.. Get to the Crown.


3. Team Fiji (Badger Bowl Purple) v. 6. Team SigEp (Badger Bowl Blue)

Both Teams are coming into the Playoffs fresh off of a big Week 7 Hoops W.   They are both riding in with some serious momentum and for which ever Team can breakthrough and get to the Final4 they will be as hot as they’ve been all year long.. Plenty of instances where we see Teams peak at the right time of year and take the crown.. There’s a 20 Team League in Highland Park, IL over Summer.. Team Fiji Captain Randall Pulfer has been to the Championship Game in that League before.. Well, this past Summer, the 7 Seed got hot at the right time and took the Crown.. This Game has the feeling of whoever just makes it into the Final4 could really shock the world and be the final Team standing.  Can’t wait for this one on Tuesday Night. Good Luck!


4. Team AEPi JR (Biaggi’s) v. 5. Team KSig (Badger Bowl Green)

While the 3/6 match-up have Teams coming into the Playoffs, the shoe is on the foot here with the 4/5 matchup as AEPi JR and KSig both dropped their Week 7 Hoops Game..  They’ll have to move past that quick as there’s no time to dwell on anything now..  The 4/5 Game in years past has proved to be the Game of the Night and there’s no reason to suspect anything different from these two evenly matched squads. One of these squads will earn the biggest W of their All Sports Series careers on Tuesday Night and with that W, earn the right to take #1 Team Sammy in Final4 Flag Football. Both of these Teams have enough talent to do it.. But only one will get the chance!


The Final4 Teams will compete in Flag Football with the Winners competing right after for the Championship on Tuesday Nov. 10!


That’s it for this Week. Get ready for the PLAYOFFS on Tuesday Night!