2015 Madison – Playoffs (Nov. 3)

Updated: November 10, 2015

Finally! The best time of year, is officially here! It’s Win or Go Home time for the Madison Co-Ed and Men’s Leagues!  Tuesday Night we saw 4 Teams advance to the Men’s Final4 and the Championship Contenders in Co-Ed emerge for the Leagues’ final night on Tuesday Nov. 10! Both Championships will be decided on the Flag Football gridiron… Before we find out who is left to take the Crown.. Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with extended Playoff clips! Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad. The Men’s League will start off our Playoff Recap!

Men’s League Playoffs – Elite8

Note: For qualifying as the #1 overall Seed, Team Sammy (Ian’s Pizza) received a Bye to the Final4!

4. Team AEPi JR (Biaggi’s) v. 5. Team KSig (Badger Bowl Green) – 4. Team AEPi JR Wins

Team AEPi JR, Captained by Matt Weisberg, will be moving on to their first Final4 and there they will take on the #1 overall Seed Team Sammy.  A spot in the Championship is on the line.. Needless to say, it will be the biggest game in both Franchises’ histories..


2. Team AEPi SR (Club Tavern Gold) v. 7. Team AEPi SO (Badger Bowl Black) – 2. Team AEPi SR Wins

A year ago, Team AEPi SR (then the JRs obviously) charged into the final night of the season and made the Final4 of the Men’s League as the #3 Seed before meeting their demise to eventual Back2Back Champs Team Max.. Since then, they’ve played their best since inception and even picked up a key cog from the former Champs.. The SOs were trying to not just shock the world by downing the #2 seed but take the AEPi torch from the SRs before the SRs were ready to give it up..

As the Game got underway, it was clear the SRs were going to do whatever it took to make it back to the Final4.  They looked great out there and took the Game over fairly early. Eventually they extended the lead to 20+ and locked up the big Playoff W!   They’d move on to play the Winner of the final Elite8 Game (below)..

For the AEPi SO crew, they didn’t make it quite as far as they’d hoped in their first season but they don’t have look much further than their older bros in the JR and SR squads for an example of Teams that paid their dues for it to pay off in future years.. Neither the SRs nor JRs made it to the Final4 season in their SO season, but managed to do so the following year.. If history is any indication, they will be back and one of the favorites for the Crown in 2016!


3. Team Fiji (Badger Bowl Purple) v. 6. Team SigEp (Badger Bowl Blue) – 6. Team SigEp Wins

Both Teams hoped to make their first Final4 appearance and grab hold of their First Playoff W, but only one could move on.  Both Teams also exhibited significant Hoops skills during the Regular Season and there was a strong belief that it would be the best Men’s Game of the Night.. They didn’t disappoint!

These squads went back and forth in the first half, with both Teams getting hot at different times.. In the second half, Team SigEp just made a few more shots and it was enough to give them the edge when the final buzzer sounded! 6. Team SigEp would move on to the League’s final night and face 2. Team AEPi SR in the Final4 with a spot in the Championship on the line!

For Team Fiji, another solid year under their belts as is obvious from them being the #3 seed entering the Playoffs.. Sometimes you just meet the wrong Team, at the wrong time.. It appears Team SigEp is peaking just at the right moment here.. Team Fiji will be back in 2016 and their Captain/Coach will be all healed up as well.. It would be a truly fitting story to see them rebound in Captain Pulfer’s SR season to grab the Crown!


The Final4 Teams will compete in Flag Football, with the Winners moving on to the Championship Game. All Will be decided Tuesday Night!


Co-Ed Playoffs

1. Team AXO & Co. (Badger Bowl Silver) v. 4. Team Chi O & Co. SO (Club Tavern Navy)

On paper this was supposed to be nothing more than a tune-up for the #1 overall seeded Team AXO & Co. who ran through the Regular Season with huge Ws week after week.. Well, 4. Team Chi O & Co. had other ideas!!  This Game was close for every second of it.. In the closing moments, 1. Team AXO & Co. did eventually show the heart of a Champion and hold on to the hard-fought 4pt W with the upstart Chi O & Co. SO Team.  1. Team AXO will now move on to the Championship Game on Tuesday Night (scroll down to see their opponent)!

For Team Chi O  & Co. SO, it was an awesome fight they put forth in their final night and bodes well for a really bright future.  They were the youngest group in the field and, thus, had the least amount of All Sports Series experience.. Next year, they may just enter as the overall favorites in the Co-Ed League as many of the SR Teams will be graduating in the Spring. Here’s to a great 2016! Thanks for playing!


2. Team Castriano (Club Tavern Red) v. 3. Team Chi O & Co. SR (Club Tavern Orange)

Who would face the #1 overall seeded Team AXO in the Championship!? This Game turned out to be the Game of the Night in any League and it was a shame either Team had to lose.. Just the way that it goes in the Playoffs though!  2. Team Castriano did their best to keep pace with #1 AXO and did so very well during the Regular Season.. While the Chi O SRs took a different path to get the Playoffs, they had every intention on reaching that Championship game as well…

The lead would flip flop several times over the course of this one. Especially in the heart-wrenching final moments… As the clock started to tick down to the final seconds, Chi O would hold a 51-50 lead.. Team Castriano did have the ball with a chance to win it but Chi O would make one last Defensive stand and move on to the Championship! They’ll take on 1. Team AXO & Co. on Tuesday Night in Flag Football for the Crown!

For Team Castriano, they were one of the best Teams all Season long, and while they don’t wind up in the Championship they have everything to be proud of.  They were a great Team that hopefully can give the Chicago Co-Ed Leagues a run after Graduation.. They are a very capable crew and maybe even a joining of forces with former Teammates like Blair Fischer will be what they need to get back to the Crown! Thanks for Playing!


The Championship will be Flag Football next Tuesday Night!


That’s it for this Week. Congrats to the Teams who made it to Championship Night and thanks to the others for playing! See you Tuesday in Madison!