2015 Madison – Week 5 (Oct. 13)

Updated: October 20, 2015

The Madison League turned to Volleyball for this Week and when the final points were tallied it was a case of the rich getting richer in each League.. The top squads in both the Men’s & Co-Ed Leagues are beginning to distance themselves with just a couple weeks left in the Regular Season.. More on that in just a bit! Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  OK to the Rankings.. In our last set of Rankings the Men’s League went first, so it’s Co-Ed up first this week! Let’s Rank ’em!


Co-Ed Power Rankings

1. Team AXO  & Co. (Badger Bowl Silver) – Currently in 1st with 93 points.

As stated in the open, the rich got richer on Tuesday Night.. Is there anything that Team AXO & Co. Can’t do? Tuesday was the first time we got to see each Co-Ed Team take the field/court at the same time (in the round robin style) and it was evident that everyone is aware who the top dawgs are.. They still have not clinched the #1 Seed in the Playoffs just yet.. One more W should do it though! Another impressive week from the #1 Team..


2. Team Castriano (Club Tavern Red) – Currently in 2nd with 67 points.

Determined to keep pace with #1 Team AXO & Co., Team Castriano also had a successful Tuesday Night! They were very stellar on the VBall Court and it once again showed off the depth of their talent.. They enter the last couple Weeks of the Regular Season with #1 Seed still a possibility.. They’ll need to take care of their own business against both Chi O squads and then get a little help to do it.. But it’s possible!  If not, they are a shoe-in for the #2 seed!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Chi O & Co. SO (Club Tavern Navy) – Currently in 4th with 3 points.

They are on the board!  Team Chi O. & Co. SO got their first points of the Season on Tuesday Night.. Crazier things have happened than seeing a late-season surge lead into Playoff Ws! They’ll get their first Flag Football action on Tuesday Night when they take on the #1 Team AXO & Co.!


Team Chi O & Co. SR (Club Tavern Orange) – Currently in 3rd with 9 points.

Team Chi O & Co. SR are starting to build some momentum and it couldn’t come at a better time!  They got a few Ws on Tuesday Night in Volleyball and can now use that to propel them to some late-season success.. They’ll finish the season with head to head match-ups against the top Teams in the League which is a great preview for their Playoff run! Excited to see them on the gridiron next week against Team Castriano!


Men’s Power Rankings

1. Team Sammy (Ian’s Pizza) – Currently in 1st with 73 points.

It’s taken 5 weeks of Games but #1 Team Sammy has finally stepped into the “Front-Runner” shoes.. They’ve been great in nearly every sport since the start of the Season and with the Playoffs finally coming into sight, they are only getting stronger.. They are just another win or two away from clinching the #1 Overall Seed in the Playoffs and next week they’ll take on Team Kepchar in Flag Football.


2. Team AEPi SR (Club Tavern Gold) – Currently in 2nd with 47 points.

Big bounce back week for the former #1 Team.. They took a Week 4 L to the new #1 Team Sammy in Softball and like all great teams do.. They turned the page this past Tuesday Night and got back to the Winner’s circle.. This is a group that has tremendous confidence.. They know when they are at their best it’s tough to beat them.. They’ll have a big Flag Football match-up on Tuesday with #3…


3. Team Fiji (Badger Bowl Purple) – Currently in 4th with 32 points. 

Team Fiji grabbed it’s first points since back in Week 1 Flag Football on Tuesday Night. They looked very comfortable out on the VBall Courts and they were able to string together a few quality Ws on the night.. More importantly, they get some momentum back on their side and just in time..  They are currently in 4th in the Standings but sit just 15 points back of #2 Team AEPi.. Flag Football, where they grabbed a Week 1 W, is worth 20 points and a huge opportunity to springboard into the #2 spot!


4. Team KSig (Badger Bowl Green) – Currently in 5th with 27 points.

While playing a bit undermanned on Tuesday Night, you woudn’t have known it based on the effort they were putting forth!  Team KSig was able to keep pace with other Top Teams and stayed within striking distance of the Teams who sit 2-4 in the Standings.. Team AEPi JR is currently in 3rd place of the Standings and just 8 points in front of them.. Those two Teams will square off on Tuesday Night in Flag Football with huge Playoff implications!


5. Team AEPi JR (Biggi’s) – Currently in 3rd with 35 points.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team AEPi SO (Badger Bowl Black) – Currently tied for 7th with 3 points.

They broke on through and grabbed a few points on Tuesday Night.. They are still searching for that elusive first head to head victory.. Tuesday Night under the lights in Flag Football would be a perfect time as they face the similarly hungry Team SigEp!


Team Kepchar (Badger Bowl Red) – Currently tied for 7th with 3 points.

Were impressive on Tuesday Night albeit in the Co-Ed variety.. They’ll look to secure their first W in the Men’s League on Tuesday Night!


Team SigEp (Badger Bowl Blue) – Currently in 6th with 6 points.

Team SigEp also earned their first Points of the Season on Tuesday Night.. Picking up a couple VBall Ws and 6 points on the leaderboard in the process.. They are seemingly catching their stride just at the right time.. They take on Team AEPi SO in Flag Football on Tuesday Night in a Game where the Winner will be able to breathe easy about staying away from the bottom couple of seeds come Playoff time..


That’s it for this Week. See you Tuesday Night for Flag Football at Warner Park!