2015 Madison – Week 6 (Oct. 20)

Updated: October 26, 2015

As we wrap-up Week 6 Flag Football the Playoffs are racing into view.. We have a few Teams that have already clinched top spots in their Respective League, which we’ll get to shortly.  This week’s Power Rankings, we’ll transition into a Playoff Scenarios article, to showcase what Teams need to get done in the Regular Season’s final week to secure spots. We’ll go over each Team’s potential finish.. More on that in a bit.. The empty Playoff Brackets have been posted! Also, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  Last week, Co-Ed led things off, so we’ll switch back over to the Men’s League for this week!


Men’s League Playoff Scenarios

Clinched Top Seeds

1. Team Sammy (Ian’s Pizza) – Clinched 1 Seed

Fresh off their biggest W (and one of the largest margins of victory ever in All Sports Series), Team Sammy has locked up the #1 Seed in the Playoffs and with it a Bye to the Final4!


2. Team AEPi SR (Club Tavern Gold) – Clinched 2 Seed

Team AEPi SR also won big on Tuesday Night in Flag Football and with the W, they are more than 15 points ahead of any Teams behind them.. So the #2 Seed is all theirs. They aren’t within striking distance of Team Sammy for #1 so they can use this Week as a prep Week for Elite8 Hoops!


Fighting for 3-5 Seeds

3. Team AEPi JR (Biaggi’s) – Currently in 3rd with 35 points.

A Win and they’ll be the #3 Seed when the Playoffs begin. A Loss and they can finish as low as #5..  Based on Regular Season Results getting to the #3 spot is big in the sense that you avoid the other middle of the pack Teams in the Elite8 and also wouldn’t run into Team Sammy until the Championship Round.  Big things at stake on Tuesday Night!


4. Team Fiji (Badger Bowl Purple) – Currently in 4th with 32 points.

5. Team KSig (Badger Bowl Green) – Currently in 5th with 27 points.

Here’s the deal for these two squads.. Both are coming off rough Ls this past week from the top 2 Teams.. But they need to shake it off as they will play each other in a potentially huge match-up to close the season.. They will both be rooting for a Team AEPi JR Loss.. If that happens, the Winner of their Game jumps to #3.. If Team AEPi JR Wins, than the Winner of this Game will be the 4 Seed. No matter what the Loser of their Game on Tuesday Night will be the 5 Seed when the Playoffs begin.. It’s very possible these Two Teams meet in a Rematch as the 4/5 Seeds in the Elite8 Hoops Round!


Fighting for 6-7 Seeds

6. Team SigEp (Badger Bowl Blue) – Currently in 6th with 6 points.

They control their own fate.. A win against current #3 Team AEPi JR and they are surely in as the 6 Seed when the Playoffs begin.. A Loss combined with Wins from both Team AEPi SO and Team Kepchar could mean they are on the outside looking in on the Playoffs (Top 7 of 8 make the Playoffs in the Madison Men’s League). HUGE WEEK COMING!


t-7 Teams AEPi SO (Badger Bowl Black) & Team Kepchar (Badger Bowl Red) – Currently tied for 7th with 3 points.

Simple.. Both will be rooting for a Team SigEp Loss.. If that happens, both Teams can make the Playoffs.. If not, than only 1 Team will make it and Team AEPi SO holds the tiebreaker against Team Kepchar.. So, Team Kepchar would need a Win to jump in no matter what.. Team AEPi SO can still get in with a W or a Loss from Team Kepchar.. Team AEPi SO will take on #1 Team Sammy and Team Kepchar takes on #2 Team AEPi SR in what both could be Playoff Previews.. It’s going to be a wild Tuesday Night of Hoops!


Co-Ed League Playoff Scenarios

Clinched Top Seeds

1. Team AXO & Co. (Badger Bowl Silver) – Clinched 1 Seed

They just keep rolling along!  They are still Undefeated in Head to Head Games this year (only defeat they suffered was 1 round of Volleyball).. They have clinched the #1 Seed and now all that’s left is to wait and see who their opponents will be! They’ll want to stay on their Game this week though to keep the momentum riding high into the Playoffs!


2. Team Castriano (Club Tavern Red) – Clinched 2 Seed

Similarly, to #1 Team AXO & Co.. Team Castriano is on a roll and will enter the Playoffs as the #2 Seed.. They have been playing great as of late and they are determined to get to the Crown. A Championship Rematch with Team AXO & Co. seems like it may just be in the cards…


Fighting for 3-4 Seeds

3. Team Chi O & Co. SR (Club Tavern Orange) – Currently in 3rd with 9 points.

4. Team Chi O & Co. SO (Club Tavern Navy) – Currently in 4th with 3 points. 

Both Teams are into the Playoffs but it’ll be a race between the two to determine who claims that #3 spot and, thus, avoids playing Team AXO & Co. in the Final4. The Seniors hold the edge currently so if both Teams Win on Tuesday Night or if both Teams Lose, than the Seniors would get the nod as the #3 Seed.


That’s all for this Week. Big Stakes ahead for next Tuesday Night!