2015 Suburbs College/Prep – Playoff Preview (July 22)

Updated: July 24, 2015

For a night the College/Prep League was turned upside down, as it often is when it comes to the annual Volleyball Tourney.. We saw a couple Teams get their first points of the season and grab some important momentum.. We’re not going to spend too much time on the Volleyball Tourney as we have bigger fish to fry. However, a big Congrats is in order for Team Prizant the 2015 College/Prep VBall Champs!  Many of these guys have won the tourney in back to back Summers now. Very impressive! Link to the Weekly Video Highlights! Also, here’s how the points broke down last Wednesday in the Regular Season Finale:

Wednesday July 22 powered by CEA Study AbroadSportWinning Team
GROUP A: Team Levenfeld (Sunset Foods), Team Morrison (Bekins Lake County), Team Zisook (Baker Boys), Team Nelson (Spikeball)Vball Tourney (TBDpts)Group Winner: Team Morrison (7pts)
Wild Card: Team Nelson (3pts)
GROUP B: Team Herz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.), Team Holway (Weil Foot & Ankle), Team Kollada (Sarkis Cafe), Team Prizant (SportsLock)Vball Tourney (TBDpts)Group Winner: Team Prizant (7pts)
Wild Card: Team Herz (3pts)
GROUP C: Team Lehrman (Camp Ojibwa), Team Levin (First Bank of Highland Park), Team Lutz (Poopie Palz), Team Sutker (Once Upon a Bagel)Vball Tourney (TBDpts)Group Winner: Team Lutz (7pts)
Wild Card: Team Lehrman (3pts)
GROUP D: Team Liss (Testing Timers), Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.), Team Fialkow (Biaggi's), Team Gerszonovicz (BBQ Pit)Vball Tourney (TBDpts)Group Winner: Team Gordon (7pts)
Wild Card: Team Fialkow (3pts)
Knockout RoundsVball Tourney (TBDpts)Overall Point Breakdown:
1st Place: Team Prizant (35pts)
2nd Place: Team Herz (16pts)
3rd Place: Team Morrison (15pts)
t-4th Place: Team Gordon & Team Lutz (7pts)
6th Place: Team Lehrman (6pts)
t-7th Place: Team Fialkow & Nelson (3pts)


OK now that the Volleyball Tourney has come and gone.. The best time of year is officially upon us!  It’s Playoff time!  In just a couple of weeks the College/Prep League will Crown new Champions!  Here’s the Playoff Bracket.  For the rest of the article we’ll take it Game by Game and Preview next Week’s Opening Rounds’ Softball Games.  Just a reminder before we get into it.. The Playoffs are a single-elimination Tourney, with next Wednesday’s Top2 Game.. More on that in a second.. There were a few Ties in the Final Standings.. The Standings are updated with what Tiebreaker was utilized in those instances.. OK Let’s Preview!


Playoff Preview

Top2 Game

1. Team Nelson (Spikeball) v. 2. Team Holway (Weil Foot & Ankle) – Winner’s Choice

Both Teams entered the final night of the Regular Season with a grasp on a Top2 spot.. However, it wasn’t a lock for either Team.. Team Nelson took care of business and advanced in the Tourney as a Wild Card.. They grabbed 3 points in the Standings and, thus, passed up Team Holway who had an early exit on Wednesday Night… When the dust settled from Vball the Top 2 Teams all season long did indeed hold on to those all-important positions..

To touch more upon the two Teams.. #1 Team Nelson of Lake Forest is in their second season of All Sports Series and really took the leap this year. They had the building blocks in place during 2014 but this year it has all clicked and they’ve really taken the League by storm. Their margin of victory is just insane.  As for the #2 Team Holway.. These Deerfield men are the old-guard of the College/Prep League at this point.. It seems not too long ago that they were the youngsters just happy to keep up with the older kids.. Well, they’ve matured a ton in the past couple of years and they’ve played all year with targets on their back. They know that this is their year to finally take the Crown..

So here’s the stakes for them on Wednesday Night.. Both Teams have already advanced to the Elite8 Hoops Round.. Where both are lethal.. The two of the will compete this coming Wednesday Night though in Softball just like the other Teams.. However, the Winner of this Game will get to choose which side of the Bracket they’d like to take for the rest of the Playoffs.  A lot of strategy goes into this decision.. Is there a Team they want to avoid? Is there a Team they’d like to align themselves with for a specific sport? Keep in mind.. Elite8 is Hoops, Final4 is back to Softball and the Championship is Flag Football..

Since the inception of the Top2 Game a few years ago, we’ve seen at least one of these Teams make it to the Championship Game and this contest will have a large impact on if history will repeat itself.. It also will impact the rest of the Playoffs for multiple Teams.. All eyes will be on the Top2.

Opening Round 1 – 16 Teams Remain

13. Team Levin (First Bank of HP) v. 16. Team Morrison (Bekin’s Lake County) – Winner plays 4. Team Zisook (Baker Boys)

14. Team Herz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 15. Team Gerszonovicz (BBQ Pit) – Winner plays 3. Team Prizant (Sportslock) 

We’re going to touch on all 4 of the Teams competing in the first set of Opening Round Games together.. Here’s the deal with all 4 Teams.. DO NOT SLEEP ON THEM.  In the past 3 years, we’ve had a Team compete in this Opening Round go on to defeat a 3/4 seed later in the Night and make it to the Elite8.  There’s something about catching magic in a bottle and getting some momentum with a Playoff W that can propel Teams to special journeys.  The 2 Winners of these Games will go on to take on some of the best Teams in the League immediately after their Game.. They are going to be feeling great heading into their 2nd Playoff Game and it’s likely 1 of these 4 will continue on following next Wednesday Night..

To dig into the individual Teams a bit.. Team Levin is the only squad with Playoff experience in All Sports Series. They’ve had success in the past and know full well that anything is possible..  With Teams Herz and Morrison.. Both are coming off special rides in the Volleyball Tourney where they got their first points of the season.. Momentum is a funny thing and now that they have their first taste of victory.. There’s no telling where these guys can go.. Finally, with 15. Team Gerszonovicz.. These guys can play softball.. They didn’t get a W in their Softball Game earlier this Season but that Game was played in heavy rain and against the tough #3 Team Prizant.. The same Team that may await them if they win their first Game Wednesday Night.. It’s extremely tough to defeat the same Team twice in a season let alone in the same sport.. Just something to watch!


Opening Round 2 – 14 Teams Remain

3. Team Prizant (Sportslock) v. Winner of 14/15

No Team is heading into the Playoffs with the type of momentum Team Prizant now possesses.. They are fresh off of a VBall Tourney Championship and with it came a jump into the #3 seed.  Remember, half of this group made it all the way to the Championship Game a year ago and the other half was in the Top2 Game a year ago.. They are primed for a lengthy run and certainly among the favorites to take home the Crown. First things first, they’ll need to take down the Winner of 14. Team Herz v. 15. Team Gerszonovicz an earn a spot in the Elite8.

4. Team Zisook v. Winner of 13/16

Team Zisook established themselves as true contenders early on in the season with some dominant performances.. They’ve been nearly unstoppable aside from one Hoops Game with Team Holway and that was down to the wire as well.. Volleyball wasn’t their strong suit, but that’s all in the rear view now.. They are awaiting the Winner of 13. Team Levin and 16. Team Morrison on Wednesday Night.  They’ll play for a spot in the Elite8.. If they can get to the Elite8, they’ll be heavy-favorites to land a spot in the Final4.. Stay tuned.

5. Team Lehrman (Camp Ojibwa) v. 12. Team Fialkow (Biaggi’s) 

Both of these Teams made nice runs in the VBall Tourney on Wednesday Night.. Team Lehrman made the Final4 and Team Fialkow advanced to the Knockout Rounds prior to an exit at the hands of eventual Champs Team Prizant.. Team Fialkow did manage to earn enough points to avoid being part of the extra Opening Round.  Their prize however, is not a great one.. They run into the tough #5 seed overall Team Lehrman.  Captain Lehrman and co. are one of the better Softball Teams in the League and actually gave #1 Team Nelson their only real test of the Summer.. This has the potential to be the Game of the Night.. The Winners could be staring at an Elite8 Game with 4. Team Zisook in the face but there’s a lot left to happen before we get there…

6. Team Sutker (Once Upon a Bagel) v. 11. Team Levenfeld (Sunset Foods)

This will be a fun one.. Both groups just finished up their years at HPHS and know each other all too well. Both have had true highlights in their debut seasons.  In the past, the 6/11 matchup is always a highlight of the Opening Round.  Team Levenfeld has a sneaky good Softball Team and it’s safe to say the seeds here are going to be fairly irrelevant.. Which is usually the case when Rivals get together.. These two Teams met back on our Sunday Hoops day and Team Sutker took that one.. The Winner of this Game earns a spot in the Elite8 where a potential match-up with 3. Team Prizant awaits.. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, it’s important to note, one of these Teams will make the rare Rookie season Elite8 appearance. Those are not small accolades in the College/Prep League. Certainly excited for this one.

7. Team Kollada (Sarkis Cafe) v. 10. Team Liss (Testing Timers)

A year ago, Team Liss got their first Playoff W in All Sports Series. This season, they are a more formidable squad and have a better seed to show for it.. It was recently that Team Liss defeated Team Sutker in Softball.. All in all, this is going to be a tough test for the ready 7. Team Kollada… The 7/10 matchups are always toss-ups and it seems like were in store for that once again.. Team Kollada just finished up at Deerfield High School and they are entering their first Playoffs in All Sports Series. It’s never easy to get Playoff Ws in this League, but they have what it takes.. Game of the Night potential for sure. Good Luck to both Teams!

8. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.) v. 9. Team Lutz (Poopie Palz)

Both squads are fresh off winning their Groups in Wednesday’s VBall Tourney.. Those points allowed them to leapfrog a couple Teams in the Standings..  These 2 Teams took part in the best Softball Game of the Summer and as luck would have it we are in-store for an awesome rematch with much more on the line this time around.. Team Gordon found themselves down 8-1 in the middle of the Game with Team Lutz before mounting an insane comeback to grab the lead at 12-8.. Team Lutz wouldn’t go quietly into the night as they made it a Game before their final out.. In the end, Team Gordon took the W 12-11..  Both Teams are entering their second Playoffs in All Sports Series.  Team Gordon has without a doubt had more success this season than an Both are real threats to make runs here.. Can’t make a run however if you don’t get past the first Game.. A spot in the Elite8 awaits the Winner.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend. Good Luck to everyone next Wednesday!

– Holden