2015 Suburbs College/Prep – Playoff Scenarios (July 15)

Updated: July 17, 2015

What a Week!  Last Sunday we had a full slate of Hoops Games followed by this past Wednesday Night where we had Hoops, Softball and Flag Football! Each Team has played at least twice in the past seven days and most have played three times!  All of this action has really affected the Standings and of course the #PlayoffPush.  The busy week also led to the completion of the non-Volleyball Tourney Games for the Regular Season. Each Team has now competed in: 1 Softball, 2 Flag Football and 3 Hoops Games.  Before we get any further, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with extended time for the College/Prep League powered by CEA Study Abroad!

The Volleyball Tourney brings with it a Huge prize.. The Winning Team can net up to 35 points on this Night and with that a huge jump up the Standings just in time for the Playoffs!  This Week’s Power Rankings will be a little different.. We’ll still recap what Teams have done in the busiest week of the Season but we’ll also peak ahead to see where Teams can land in terms of the Seeding.

Quickly, want to give a Playoff Bracket Breakdown.  16 Teams qualify.  The Playoffs are a single-elimination tourney (with one exception).. The Opening Rounds will be Softball.. Then the Elite8 is Hoops.. The Final4 moves back to Softball and then the Championship will be Flag Football under the lights!  In the Opening Rounds.. Teams seeded 13-16 will compete in an extra Game.. Also, the top two seeds get a BYE to the Elite8 Round and instead will compete in what we call the Top2 Game.  This Game is the only non-Elimination Game of the Playoffs but the stakes are still huge!  The Winner of the Top2 Game will get to choose which side of the Bracket to play in for the remainder of the Playoffs. Again, huge stakes!  The Bracket will be released next week to provide a visual aide 🙂

The Rankings will shift to Scenarios this week and we’re going to take it in order of the current Standings…

Playoff Scenarios

Teams Eligible for Top2 Game

t-1. Team Holway (Weil Foot & Ankle) & Team Nelson (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 1st with 119 points. 

Both Teams are still Undefeated which is just remarkable considering the gauntlet they’ve been through in recent weeks.  Both Teams won not 1, not 2, BUT 3 Hoops Games this past week! Just unreal.  Team Holway won what could have been the Game of the Regular Season against #3 Team Zisook on Sunday in a HP/DF affair that was simply off the charts.  Can only hope their paths cross again.  Team Nelson continues to look unstoppable.

As far as Playoff Scenarios.. They are both in great shape to land in the much sought after Top2 spot.  (Explanation on that above)..  While everyone shoots to be #1 in the Regular Season the magic number for these Teams over the next week is all about #2.  Not only do they want to ensure they finish with a Top2 seed.. The only way to ensure that, is to finish in the Top 2 of the VBall Tourney next Wednesday.. There are still a couple Teams within 35 points of them (the maximum).. So it’s feasible that 2 Teams could jump them.. However, if either Team makes it to the VBall Tourney Championship, they are locked in as a Top2 Seed.  The odds say at least one of these Teams will finish in the Top2 and they are a lock for Top 4 seeds come Playoff time.

3. Team Zisook (Baker Boys) – Currently in 3rd with 104 points. 

Team Zisook comes into the VBall Tourney with such an impressive resume.. No, they couldn’t pull out the Hoops Game with #1 Team Holway on Sunday but they were without one of their key players and still only lost by 3.  They are the real deal.  The math for them is fairly simple.. If they win the VBall Tourney they are in the Top2.  If they get 2nd in the VBall Tourney they are likely in the Top2 as well.  Anything less than that though likely leaves them in the 3-5 range.  The lowest they could fall is 6th but that seems unlikely.  No matter the number next to their name when August rolls around.. They’ll be dangerous.

4. Team Lehrman (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently in 4th with 89 points.

Among the favorites in the VBall Tourney (and the whole thing really) are Team Lehrman. They’ve had quite the Week as they won Hoops on Sunday and then swept a double dip of Flag Football on Wednesday Night.  They are just 30 points back of the Top2 Teams right now and with 35 points being eligible for the VBall Tourney Champs, it’s possible for them to jump right into the Top2.  The lowest they could fall is #7 but that’s unlikely given their VBall ability.


Teams Eligible for 3-4 Seeds

5. Team Prizant (SportsLock) – Currently in 5th with 82 points.

Team Prizant went 2-1 in their 3 Hoops contests this past week.  They took down Team Levin and Team Morrison before losing their double header Game to #1 Team Nelson.  Team Prizant has a VBall Power as Team Valvassori (whom they merged with in the pre-season) were the 2014 VBall Champs. They are one of the favorites to win the whole thing.  They are 37 points back from the Top2 Teams so they won’t be able to get into the Top2 Game but a nice night on Wednesday Night may lead them to a top 3 or 4 seed in the Playoffs. That’s key as the 13-16 seeds will compete in an Opening Round Playoff Game just before playing the 3 and 4 seeds.. That gives the 3 and 4 seeds a key chance to scout before taking the diamond.

6. Team Sutker (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 6th with 74 points.

The same scenario presented in Team Prizant’s section holds true for this Rookie squad.. With a VBall Tourney W, they can get all the way up to #3 or #4 before the Playoffs begin.  If they bow out early however, they are still within reaching distance of several Teams in the middle of the pack..  It’s unlikely they fall any lower than the 8/9 Game even with a poor VBall showing.. It will be interesting to see how they far next Wednesday Night!

7. Team Kollada (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 7th with 60 points.

Team Kollada has really turned it on this week.  They went 2-0, with a W on Sunday in Hoops and then a W in Softball on Wednesday Night.  They are kicking it into gear at the perfect time and should be a Team on everyone’s radar..  They still have a slight chance at the #4 seed as well.. They’ll need to win the whole thing and need Team Lehrman to be knocked out early, which is honestly unlikely, but hey there’s a chance!  If not, all the way up to 4, they can certainly climb up to 5 or 6 with a nice night on Wednesday. If Volleyball proves to be difficult for them there are numerous Teams close enough in the Standings to jump them.. It’s possible for them to wind up with a double digit seed if they aren’t careful.. They have one of the largest ranges for seeds.. Momentum is certainly on their side.


Middle of the Pack – Teams tied for 8th with 52 points.

t-8. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.), Team Levenfeld (Sunset Foods), Team Liss (Testing Timers) & Team Lutz (Poopie Palz)

All 4 of these Teams have shown glimpses of having enough to win the whole thing in a few weeks.. They’ve also dropped a couple of Games and, thus, find themselves jammed in the middle of the Standings heading into the final week’s Volleyball Tourney.

If any of these Teams win it.. They can get up to as high as the #5 seed for the Playoffs.  There are only 2 Teams that can hop this group of 4 in the Standings.. While they may not hold the high seeds in the Playoffs, all four Teams have done enough to ensure they will be above unlucky #13 when the seeds come out next week.  The Bottom4 Seeds (13, 14, 15 & 16) all have to play in an extra Opening Round Playoff Game.. These Teams cannot finish below #12 and thus have already sort of had their first Playoff W of the Summer.

We’ll likely see a few of these Teams square off in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.. Think 7/10 or 8/9 match-ups.


Fighting to stay out of the Bottom4 Seeds

t-12. Team Fialkow (Biaggi’s) & Team Levin (First Bank of HP) – Currently tied for 12th with 30 points.

Both Teams had rough weeks as they lost by single-digits in Hoops on Sunday and then by a run or two in Softball on Wednesday Night. They have shown this Season though that they are capable of playing with any Team in the League and when the bright lights of the Playoffs started shining, they certainly have what it takes to go on a Cinderella run.

Both Teams should be rather strong in the VBall Tourney which should make the Regular Season finale particularly interesting for both themselves and the Teams mentioned below.. Here’s the deal… They are tied for the 12th seed.. The final seed that doesn’t need to play the extra Opening Round Game.. It’s a huge deal.  You want to face Elimination as little as possible when the Playoffs come along obviously..

So.. Which ever Team makes it further in the Tourney will send the other one into the Bottom4.. The Team who makes it further isn’t out of the woods just yet though.. They are still within striking distance of the 3 Teams that will be mentioned below.. If one of those 3 Teams win the VBall Tourney on Wednesday Night.. Both of these Teams could potentially head to the Bottom4.  Lots of scoreboard watching ahead.. (If they end up getting knocked out at the same stage we’ll go to our Tiebreaker system).

14. Team Gerszonovicz (BBQ Pit) – Currently in 14th with 15 points.

Their quest on Wednesday Night is simple.. If they can make a run to the VBall Tourney Championship Game (they don’t have to win it.. but that would be nice) then they will avoid the Bottom4 seeds in the Playoffs.  That’s it. That’s the goal. If not, they’ll take part in the extra Opening Round Games.. For the record we’ve seen Teams make it to the Final4 in consecutive years after playing in the extra Opening Round Games.. They are not done by a long shot.

t-15 Team Herz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) & Team Morrison (Bekin’s Lake County) – Currently tied for 15th with 0 points.

Similar to Team Gerszonovicz their task on Wednesday Night is simple to understand… Just a bit more difficult.. These Teams can still climb out of the Bottom4 seeds on Wednesday Night.. All they need to do is win the VBall Tourney. Crazier things have happened in All Sports Series! If not, they’ll start their Playoff Journeys with an extra Opening Round Game and they’ll just have to take care of business then!


That’s it for this week. Rest up!  Big things ahead. Have a great weekend!

– Holden