2015 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 3 (July 8)

Updated: July 10, 2015

Week 3 brought us some memorable performances and some close games.. Especially on the Softball diamond where we had a few classics.  Before we go any further, just a reminder, the College/Prep League has Games THIS SUNDAY (JULY 12) — HOOPS at the HP Rec. The Schedule is and has been on the website.  Before the Rankings, here’s the Weekly Video Highlights!  OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Zisook (Baker Boys) – Currently tied for 1st with 74 points.

Finding new ways to win.  They’re margin of victory so far this season dictates they remain at #1 until someone knocks them from that perch.   Big Week looming as they have #2 Team Holway in Hoops on SUNDAY and #5 Team Fialkow in Softball next Wednesday Night.

2. Team Holway (Weil Foot & Ankle) – Currently tied for 1st with 74 points.

Business as usual for Team Holway and the Weil Foot & Ankle squad on Wednesday.  Also, want to Thank Weil for stopping by the League Wednesday Night! After going down 6-0, they rattled off 33 straight points behind the pinpoint accuracy of QB and Captain Brad Holway.  His favorite target proved to be Jamie Nikitas who made one acrobatic catch after another in the corner of the endzone. Marc Pagano helped seal the deal on the Defensive side of the ball.  Team Holway seems determined to grab the Crown this year and good luck to the Teams that stand in their way come Playoff time.  They have 3 straight Hoops Games (first coming SUNDAY against #1!) approaching and we should be able to see their full potential come through. (Editor’s note: Thanks to Connor Shields for help this week!).

3. Team Nelson (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 1st with 74 points.

All we do is win, win, win, no matter what. The third of our Undefeated, tied for 1st in the Standings, Top 3 is Team Nelson.  We’ve seen them grab multiple Flag Football Ws in the opening weeks and then this past Wednesday Night they snatched a W from Team Lehrman in the bottom of the 7th inning to keep pace with the other top squads. This is an impressive group that is gaining confidence with each passing Wednesday.  Like everyone, Hoops coming on SUNDAY and then next Wednesday they actually have a Hoops double dip that includes #4 Team Prizant.. Their most challenging week ever in All Sports Series is upon them.

4. Team Prizant (SportsLock) – Currently in 5th with 52 points.

Back in the Winner’s circle in Week 3 is Team Prizant.  These guys are good.  They know how to gather wins.  They also know how to tell you about it. They have a big week upcoming as they have Hoops on SUNDAY (as does everyone) followed-up by a Hoops Double Dip next Wednesday Night. They still have their sights set on a Top 2 seed and if they are going to grab one of those spots from the Top 3 Teams they’ll likely need to win all 3 Hoops contests..

5. Team Fialkow (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 6th with 30 points. 

Hoops seems to be their happy place as they are 2-0 in it so far in 2015.  They are jammed into the middle of the Standings right now with a bunch of other Teams.. All of these squads are still capable of grabbing a top seed come Playoff time, but they must be careful as a couple losses down the stretch could land them in dicey territory. They have Hoops SUNDAY against familiar foes Team Lutz before a date with #1 Team Zisook in softball on Wednesday.

6. Team Sutker (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 4th with 59 points.

Looking to rebound SUNDAY in Hoops w/ Team Levenfeld and then they move on Wednesday to face Team Liss in Softball.

7. Team Kollada (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 13th with 15 points. 

The monkey is off their backs now and they can just concentrate on rising up the Standings.  Last week, their tough schedule to start was mentioned and it may end up being a blessing in disguise. Team Kollada will be Playoff tested come August, having faced several of the eventual top seeds already.. No one will intimidate them when the time comes.. SUNDAY they have Hoops w/ the rest of the League before jumping to Softball on Wednesday against Team Levin.

8. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros.) – Currently tied for 6th with 30 points.

Maybe this is the one.  This group has been with All Sports Series virtually from the beginning and they’ve gotten Wins and have gotten into the Playoffs but they have lacked that signature win that could really turn the ship around..  Until now..  Team Gordon fell down 8-1 in Softball with fellow Northbrookers Team Lutz on Wednesday Night.. Different versions of Team Gordon would have packed it in for the night and taken the L.. However, not this group! They battled back to take a 12-8 lead and ended up winning 12-11.  If this Team is holding the Crown at season’s end.. This W will be the one that we turn to and say “In Week 3 they righted the ship.”  SUNDAY Hoops and then a flag football double dip coming their way on Wednesday Night. Big Week ahead.

9. Team Liss (Testing Timers) – Currently tied for 12th with 22 points.

First W of the Season for the 2015 version of Team Liss.  They looked really good on Wednesday Night and seem to have come together as a unit (and in a relatively short timeframe).   QB/Captain Jordan was key for them in the W.  They now can just focus on gaining momentum as opposed to worrying about getting the first Win.  SUNDAY brings Hoops like the rest of the League and then Softball on Wednesday Night.

10. Team Lehrman (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 6th with 30 points. 

Tough pill to swallow last week as they let a W slip through their fingers.. They had Team Nelson on the ropes but couldn’t close it out..  Time to flip the page however as there’s plenty of competition coming their way and fast!  These guys are among the best in the League. Their ranking is going to improve and likely as soon as the next Rankings.. SUNDAY Hoops along with the rest of the League before Wednesday Night Flag Football Double Dip.. They may have enough to sweep the Week and be right at the top come next week.

11. Team Levin (First Bank of Highland Park) – Currently tied for 6th with 30 points.

Through 4 Games (in 3 weeks).. They’ve gone 2-0 in Hoops and 0-2 in Flag Football.. Luckily for them, they are done with Football and still have more Hoops to come on Sunday.  They are another one of those teams lumped together in the middle of the Standings right now.. A crucial few weeks are coming for them.. They are a group that have enough talent to win the whole thing. They really do. That task will be much tougher from say the #13 seed as opposed to the #6 seed.  They are ones to watch.

12. Team Levenfeld (Baker Boys) – Currently tied for 6th with 30 points.

They took on Rivals from Deerfield in Team Kollada this past week and it didn’t come out the way they’d hoped.. It’s a busy week however and they have no time to dwell on it. SUNDAY Hoops with another familiar foe – Team Sutker – followed by Wednesday Night Flag Football double header.  Three Games in 4 Nights.. Time for them to break free from the middle of the pack..

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Gerszonovicz (BBQ Pit) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points.

Still searching for their first W and at times it seemed like they would have had it on Wednesday Night in softball..  They’ve had a tough schedule up to this point but it will make them more Playoff tested when the time comes. This is a Playoff squad, they just need to go out there and show everyone.  SUNDAY Hoops with another hungry groups, Team Morrison, before a Wednesday Night Hoops double header.. They are going to feel like an NBA Team with 3 Games in 4 nights by the time Thursday roles around..

Team Herz (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points.

They took on GBN/GBS alums — Team Fialkow — in Hoops on Wednesday Night.. Team Herz is still searching for W #1.. As is often the case in a group’s first run in All Sports Series.. The first W is the hardest to manufacture and then they start pouring in.. Just stay patient and they will come.. SUNDAY Hoops vs. the Deerfielders Team Kollada and then Wednesday Night Flag Football x2 upcoming..

Team Lutz (Poopie Palz) – Currently tied for 12th with 22 points.

Heartbreaker on Wednesday Night that they could have and maybe should have Won.. Here’s the deal though.. These guys are really good.  They are a deep Team that seemingly prefers to float under the radar… They are going to come into the Playoffs with an average seed and then jump on a top seed in the Opening Round.  Just wait.  SUNDAY Hoops followed by 2x Hoops on Wednesday Night. 3 Games in 4 nights.. Start prepping now!

Team Morrison (Bekins Lake County) – Currently tied for 14th with 0 points.

Another new group looking for their first taste of All Sports Series victory.. They are improving and Wednesday Night they got as close as they’ve been, dropping flag football by just 1 score. These are the types of Teams that end up making the double digit seeded runs come Playoff time. It happens every year.. They just need to establish a bit of momentum and then the sky is the limit.. Another squad with Hoops SUNDAY and then a double header of Hoops Wednesday Night to round out the week!


That’s all for this week. We’ll have a TON of action to recap in next week’s Power Rankings. Have a great weekend and see everyone SUNDAY!

– Holden