2015 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Championship Night (August 19)

Updated: August 21, 2015

4 Teams entered the Final night of the Summer.. All with aspirations of holding the Crown.  It turned out to be a very special night and we’ll recap all of it below.  The Final4 and Championship Games were all played on the Softball diamond and we had quite a few potential stories to track.. Could the Alley provide All Sports Series with the first ever 3peat?  Would the Karyn Collection shock the world by getting past the Alley in the Final4 and making it to their 4th straight Championship Game?  Or would Team Cy Fredrics or Team BBQ Pit get hot at the right time to take the Crown?  Scroll down to find out! First, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with tons of playoff clips! OK let’s Recap!


1. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 4. Team The Karyn Collection – 1. Team The Alley Advances

This is a match-up that is very familiar to both Teams..  Team The Alley is of course Back2Back Champs of the Suburbs Men’s Adult League.. Their opponents in the Championship both seasons — Team The Karyn Collection.  In fact, Team The Karyn Collection has taken part in each (3) Championship this particular All Sports Series has ever had.. They are still searching for that elusive first Crown! Something had to give.. Would the Alley continue on their journey toward the 3peat? Or would TKC make it to their 4th straight Championship Game?

The Alley jumped out early with 2 in the 1st and then 5 in the 2nd.. They never really looked back. In fact, they completed the first No-Hitter in All Sports Series history!  The Alley wrapped up yet ANOTHER head to head W and their 3rd straight trip to the Championship Game!

For Team The Karyn Collection, their Season ends a bit earlier than they had hoped this Summer.. They ended up a bit short-handed at the wrong time of the season and it was just too big of a hurdle to get over. Captain Eric is as strong a leader as there is in All Sports Series and there’s no doubt this crew will be practicing even harder in the off-season.  Next year will be the 5th Summer of the Suburbs Men’s Adult League.. The perfect time for this group to get their first Crown! Thanks for playing!

2. Team BBQ Pit v. 3. Team Cy Fredrics – 2. Team BBQ Pit Advances

While there are never any certainties in All Sports Series, the feeling all Summer long has been that these 2 squads would compete for the chance to knock off Team The Alley in the Championship and as they took the field for their Final4 match-up, that’s exactly what was at stake.. They are familiar foes at this point as these two teams have tangled a couple times in the final weeks of the season.  This time, everything was on the line.. Winner goes to the ‘ship and the other is left thinking “what could have been?”

The second Final4 Game began with a very similar script to the first.. Team BBQ Pit jumped out to an early lead… And kept adding on to it quickly.. In what seemed like a blink of an eye they were up 19-2 heading into the Top of the 5th.  That meant Cy Fredrics needed 8 runs in that half to continue the Game.. With their Playoff lives firmly pushed back against the wall, the Team Cy Fredrics bats came alive.. They loaded the bases quickly and then the runs came pouring in.. They would get it to 19-9 eventually and with 2 outs, needed one more hit to continue the Game.  Team BBQ Pit finally clamped down and got the 3rd out of the crazy 5th inning.. With that final out, back to the Championship went Team BBQ Pit!

For Team Cy Fredrics, they don’t leave with the Crown that they covet but that last inning really showed what they are made of.. Most Teams would have packed it in and just gone home, but these guys fought with everything they had.. They are a true Team in every sense of the word and a pleasure to have in All Sports Series. One of these Summers they are going to break through and hold the Crown. 2016 might just be that year! Thanks for playing guys!


1. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 2. Team BBQ Pit

Before we dive into what was an absolutely crazy Championship Game.. A bit of a history lesson.. The first season of the Suburbs Men’s Adult League was in the Summer of 2012.  That year, a squad that was Captained by Dan Wolf (current lead-man for Team BBQ Pit) and anchored by many on the current BBQ Pit squad got hot at the right time and took the first ever Championship.  The next Summer, they turned away, as was the rest of the League by a new emerging power.. Team The Alley in Highwood who would take the 2013 Crown.  Then, last Summer, The Alley became the first Men’s League Team (in any of our Leagues) to go Back2Back!  Fast forward to the present.. The Alley is still on an insane head to head W-streak that spans multiple seasons at this point.. However, if anyone can go beat them its the only other Team to have ever held the Crown.. This was truly shaping up to be epic!

Both Teams felt great after getting slaughter-rule Ws in the Final4 to get to the Championship Game.. Both Teams also felt right at home on the softball diamond.. So here we go.. 2. Team BBQ Pit actually struck first and took an early lead.. They would lead 5-1 and then 7-3 as we got into the middle innings.. Never (ever) out of a Game, the Alley began building toward their comeback..  They would get a couple in the 4th to bring it to 7-5 and they shut down the Team BBQ Pit bats in the top of the 5th to keep the score at 7-5 coming into the bottom set.  The Alley then came alive.. They got base-runners on early in the inning and seemingly had them running around the bases endlessly.  By inning’s end.. The Back2Back Champs had taken their first lead of the Game.. 10-7 and it seemed we’d be in store for the same old story..

The 6th inning was pretty eventless as both Defenses made a couple nice plays and the score would remain the same..  10-7 The Alley as we headed into the final frame.  Instead of trying to get it all back in one swing, Team BBQ Pit wisely just went for singles and got the necessary guys on base to put a real inning together.. They decided to test the Alley’s fielders and with the added sense of 3peat pressure, the Alley showed a couple cracks for the first time in what seemed like forever.. One run would score, two runs would score.. Soon after Team BBQ Pit would not only tie it up but they would take the lead! When the top half of the inning was over, Team BBQ Pit had done the unthinkable.. They put a 4-spot up in the Top of the 7th and were now leading 11-10.. But we weren’t done yet!  Team The Alley still had 3 outs to work with and as we’ve seen countless times throughout their magical run.. That’s all they’d need.. The lead-off man would not reach.  1 out.  They would get someone on and over but soon after, another fly out.  2 outs.   Finally, a ball was hit to the middle of the in-field and Team BBQ Pit was able to grab the force at 2nd. 3 outs… Team BBQ Pit had done it! They had shocked the world! Team BBQ Pit were the CHAMPS!  More on them in a second..

For the Alley, the 2013 and 2014 Champions.. No Team has ever garnered this much success throughout a run like this.. All Sports Series has over a dozen Leagues and this 3-year stretch is without a doubt the best we’ve ever seen.  Captain Trevor and co. are true Champions and they have without a doubt already etched out their Legacy here.. They will be back next Summer with a new chip on their shoulder and a new Rival holding the Crown, that they know too well.. 3 in 4 years is still a Dynasty.  2016 should be fun! Thanks for playing!

To the Champs.. What a ride!  Team BBQ Pit had a bunch of familiar faces along for the ride this Summer but they also made key acquisitions in the off-season and the blend of old and new really took shape in the back half of the Regular Season.  They were a true Team and even in situations where many would have set, “well we at least got this far..”, they dug in and showed the Heart of a Champion.  The core of this Team now holds 2 Crowns which matches The Alley.. 2016 is going to be awesome.. Who will be the first to 3!?  Congrats again to the Champs!

That’t it for us this Summer. Thanks again to everyone for playing and see you soon!

– Holden