2015 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Playoff Preview (August 5)

Updated: August 6, 2015

We have arrived! It’s Playoff time! In just a couple short weeks we’ll crown our Champs.. We’ll it be Team The Alley in Highwood grabbing the first 3peat in All Sports Series history or will some challenger knock them from their spot atop the mountain. We’ll find out soon enough! This week we’ll go through and Preview what’s to come next week in the Opening Round Hoops Games. First, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!

Also here’s a link to the full Playoff Bracket!  As a Reminder, here’s how the Playoffs will work… The Top 3 Seeds entering the Playoffs will clinch a spot in the Final4 (on the final night of the League).. However, they will still have plenty to play for on the first night of the Playoffs..  The Opening Rounds of the Playoffs are Hoops on Aug. 12.  The 4 Seed and 5 Seed will play each other in an ELIMINATION GAME with the final spot in the Final4 on the line.. Meanwhile, the 2 Seed will play the 3 Seed.. With the Winner of that Game playing the 1 Seed after.. The Winner of that Game earns the right to choose their Final4 opponent the following week.  The other Two Teams left, will also play each other in the Final4, with the Winners meeting in the Championship Game! The Final4 and Championship are Softball on Wed. Aug. 19! OK Let’s get to Previews!



4. Team The Karyn Collection v. 5. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

Win or Go Home time for these two squads! They are very familiar with one another and there’s only a spot for 1 of them in the Final4 on the League’s final night. Team The Karyn Collection, Captained by Eric Hernandez has gotten to the Championship Game in each of the 3 seasons of the Men’s Adult League.. Will this be the year that streak snaps?  Or will we look back on Wednesday Night as the night they got on the roll to finally grab the Crown? Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. has excelled in past Playoff Hoops Games so this is a true toss-up. Good Luck to both Teams!


2. Team BBQ Pit v. 3. Team Cy Fredrics – Winner plays. 1. Team The Alley

This is a rematch from this past week where Team BBQ got the W and the #2 seed.. While both Teams have already qualified for the Final4 on the League’s final night this is still a key Game.. Both from a momentum standpoint and also.. The Winner will get to take on the Alley right afterwards.. Where the Winner of that Game gets to choose their Final4 opponent.. Meaning, you basically get to avoid the Alley until the Championship! Big Stakes!  Good Luck!

1. Team The Alley in Highwood v. Winner of 2/3

What else is new, Team The Alley with a Bye coming off an unreal Regular Season. They are into the Final4 and will await the Winner of the first seeding Game between 2. Team BBQ Pit and 3. Team Cy Fredrics.. The Winner of the second Seeding Game gets to elect their opponent for the Final4.. It’s an important decision that can hold a lot of weight with who holds the crown.


That’s it for this week. Good Luck to everyone and see you at the Playoffs!

– Holden