2015 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Playoff Scenarios (July 29)

Updated: July 31, 2015

With the Volleyball Tourney in the books there is just one week left until the Playoffs!  Next Wednesday Night we’ll have the Regular Season Finale which takes place on the Flag Football gridiron! This Week the Power Rankings transition into a Playoff Scenario article.. We’ll go over potential landing spots as well as the Playoff Bracket.  First, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!

First things first, here’s how the Playoffs will work… The Top 3 Seeds entering the Playoffs will clinch a spot in the Final4 (on the final night of the League).. However, they will still have plenty to play for on the first night of the Playoffs..  The Opening Rounds of the Playoffs are Hoops on Aug. 12.  The 4 Seed and 5 Seed will play each other in an ELIMINATION GAME with the final spot in the Final4 on the line.. Meanwhile, the 2 Seed will play the 3 Seed.. With the Winner of that Game playing the 1 Seed after.. The Winner of that Game earns the right to choose their Final4 opponent the following week.  The other Two Teams left, will also play each other in the Final4, with the Winners meeting in the Championship Game! The Final4 and Championship are Softball on Wed. Aug. 19! OK Let’s get to Scenarios!

Flag Football in the final week of the Regular Season is worth 25 points in the Standings…

Playoff Scenarios

Battling for 1st Place

1. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently in 1st with 92 points.

The Alley didn’t come up with the Tourney W, but they did finish Pool Play in 1st and then followed up with 2nd in the Knockout Rounds. That was of course enough to keep their points streak alive as well as  providing them with some space between themselves and 2. Team BBQ Pit who were unable to get any points in Volleyball..  The Alley has already clinched a Top 2 seed which means the Back2Back Champs will once again be in the Final4 (no surprise there).. The only question is whether they will be the #1 or #2 seed when the Playoffs begin.. Which is the difference between having to win an extra Hoops Game in the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs to earn the right to select their Final4 opponent.. A win next week or a Loss by Team BBQ Pit clinches 1st place (again).  A Loss and a Team BBQ Pit W, has them finish in 2nd.

2. Team BBQ Pit – Currently in 2nd with 75 points.

They couldn’t grab any VBall Points on Wednesday Night which leaves them falling out of the tie for 1st.. They are still alone in 2nd and in control of their destiny.. They also have clinched a Top 3 Seed which means they are going to be apart of the Final4.. Just a matter of what seed they finish with.. A Win against Cy Fredrics next week guarantees they finish at least #2.. They’ll need a Loss from The Alley in addition to their W, to get 1st place.. Which would be huge for them… A Loss, however, can will see them fall to #3 as Team Cy Fredrics would hop them in the final Standings.

Trying to lock in Top 3

3. Team Cy Fredrics – Currently in 3rd with 65 points.

They were able to grab some key points on Wednesday Night and closed the gap between themselves and Team BBQ Pit for #2.. The real race for them however is the Teams catching them from behind.. They want to make sure to stay in the Top 3..  Which guarantees them a spot in the Final4.. If they win, they will finish #2 in the Regular Season.. A Loss + a Team Dr. Jacob W means they will play in the ELIMINATION GAME come the Opening Rounds of Hoops.. Big Week coming up for Team Cy Fredrics!

4. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – Currently in 4th with 47 points.

They did remarkably well on Wednesday Night.. Taking the Tourney (with a little help some friends).. With the points they earned on Wednesday they have stayed within striking distance of that #3 spot.. They need a W against Team Karyn Collection and a Team Cy Fredrics Loss to hop into the #3 seed when the Playoffs begin (and an automatic trip to the Final4). Otherwise, they’ll have a rematch with Team Karyn Collection when the Playoffs begin and only one Team will survive that one!


Playing in the Opening Round Elimination Game

5. Team The Karyn Collection – Currently in 5th with 30 points.

There’s a benefit to knowing that they will take part in the ELIMINATION GAME when the Playoffs begin.. They can both play care free this coming week while others will be playing for major stakes.. A great way to build momentum.. Also, they have a long time to mentally prepare for the ELIMINATION GAME, while their opponents will most likely be coming off of a Loss in the final week.  These Guys have made the Championship Game in every season of the Men’s Adult League.. Don’t count them out!


– That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!

– Holden