2015 Suburbs Men’s Adult – PLAYOFFS Opening RDs (August 12)

Updated: August 13, 2015

OK Gentlemen.. It’s officially GO Time.  As we exit the Opening Rounds we are left with 4 Teams, all now just 2 wins away from the Crown!  Can the Alley get the very first 3peat in All Sports Series history?  Can Team BBQ Pit get their 2nd Crown, equalling the Alley’s total and also achieving history of their own.. It would be the longest length between titles in All Sports Series history.. Can Team Cy Fredrics finally breakthrough and claim their first!? Or the dark horse Team The Karyn Collection.. The crew that has competed in each and every Championship Game this League has ever had, yet are still searching for their first crown.. One of these 4 will take it all next Wednesday Night!  We’re going to quickly recap this past week and then preview the Final4 that is all set for next week.  First, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with extended Playoff clips..

Just FYI — Next Week’s Final4 and Championship Games are to take place at West Ridge Park (not Sunset Park).


Opening Round Hoops – Recap

Entering the night we knew that the following 3 Teams were already qualified for the Playoffs: 1. Team The Alley, 2. Team BBQ Pit and 3. Team Cy Fredrics.. Then, shortly into the evening The Karyn Collection would advance as the #4 Seed and claim the final spot in the Final4.  The remaining question was who was going to earn the right to choose their Final4 opponent..

2. Team BBQ Pit and 3. Team Cy Fredrics took to the Hoops court with the Winner moving on to play 1. Team The Alley right afterwards.. This Game was so close.. Tied at half.. Could have gone either way.. In the end Team BBQ Pit just got a few more buckets to stay down as Connor Nass and Nick Rosa came up big time.. So they were moving on to play the Alley.. Team Cy Fredrics would now need to wait and see how the rest of night would play out..

As the second seeding game got underway, you could tell how gassed Team BBQ Pit was after playing in their first Game.. That didn’t stop them from giving everything they had. Connor Nass was once again spectacular in this one.. The Alley had just a 2pt lead at halftime and for much of the second half it was within a couple scores.. As the clock ticked down though Team BBQ Pit couldn’t make one last run.. Team The Alley kept their W-streak alive and with it, won the opportunity to select their Final4 opponent next week.

1. Team The Alley in Highwood selects 4. Team Karyn Collection


Final4 Softball – Preview

1. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 4. Team Karyn Collection

So we meet again.. These 2 squads have met in the past 2 Championship Games and their paths will cross once again next week, only this time, just one can make it back to the Championship Game.  1. The Alley chose 4. TKC so you have to know Captain Eric and co. will be playing with a little extra chip on their shoulders. This match-up has as storied of a past as any in the Men’s Adult League and it’s fitting that they’ll meet again with so much on the line.. The Alley has of course seen the better side of the Rivalry in the last couple of seasons, but all it takes is just 1 W from TKC to turn it all around. Winner goes to the ‘ship. Good Luck!

2. Team BBQ Pit v. 3. Team Cy Fredrics 

These two squads are more than familiar with each other at this point.. They met as recently as this past week in the Seeding Games and actually met in Flag Football during the Regular Season finale.. It’s always a tough contest when they get together and their Final4 contest should be no different. 2. Team BBQ Pit has come out on top of their last two meetings and you have to know that 3. Team Cy Fredrics is eager to get a W back against them.. The CyF crew has been great on the softball diamond this Season as they are 2-0 there. This really should be an epic battle.. One of these Teams will get to the Championship Game and the other will head home thinking “what if.”  Can’t wait for this one.. Good Luck!


The Winners will compete in the Championship Game at the conclusion of the second Final4 Game.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and see you next Wednesday Night!

– Holden