2015 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 1 (June 24)

Updated: June 26, 2015

And we’re back! Welcome to the first Men’s Adult League Power Rankings of the Summer! For those who are checking out their first Power Rankings article.. Here’s what you can expect each and every week.. A Link to the Weekly Highlight Video.  As well, you can count on a wrap-up of the week that was and a glance at the week ahead. Just keep in mind most of the Rankings are done based on a statistical analysis, I (Holden) don’t see nearly enough of each Game for these Rankings to be anything more than that.. They also have no barring on the actual Standings.

Now that the intro is out of the way.. The Men’s Adult League powered by CEA Study Abroad is full of veteran squads all of whom have made key off-season acquisitions.. We have a built-in, must-see storyline to track all Summer long.. Can one of the mainstays in the Men’s Adult League topple Team The Alley from becoming the first Team to ever 3Peat in All Sports Series History!? OK let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently tied for 1st with 20 points.

Mentioned it quickly above but it needs further discussion.. Team The Alley in Highwood became the first Men’s Team (in any League) to ever go Back2Back last Summer.  Entering the 2015 season they have tremendous expectations put upon them and a giant target placed on their backs.. No Team in All Sports Series history has ever completed a 3Peat.  The off-season brought with it a few changes from top to bottom with The Alley crew.. Former Captain John Whitehead has given the reigns over to Trevor Kahn.  Captain Trevor of course is feeling the pressure of keeping the success going.. He also brought in a few new Players to keep the Team fresh and if Wednesday is any indication they are going to be in great shape moving forward.. They won 15-10 in Softball on Wednesday against the BBQ Pit squad that also seemed strong.. Get used to seeing these guys on top.

2. Team Cy Fredrics – Currently tied for 1st with 20 points.

Like the other Teams from 2014, Team Cy Fredrics is back once again this Summer, and they seem primed to hoist the Crown. Captain Lemick and co. looked fantastic on the diamond this past Wednesday Night against The Karyn Collection.. The CEA Study Abroad Performance of the Night certainly went to Garrison Sanipass who was 4 for 4 and hit THREE Home Runs (and drove in 7). Wow.

3. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – Currently tied for 1st with 20 points.

A win is a win is a win as they say. Our favorite Navy men are back again in 2015 and they’ve already amassed more softball Ws in 2015 than they did in 2014.  Next week they’ll step out on the Hoops court which has always been their strong suit!

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team BBQ Pit – Currently tied for 4th with 0 points.

Captain Dan Wolf is heading up Team BBQ Pit once again this Summer. Remember, he captained the first ever Champions of the Men’s Adult League.. This was prior to the Alley’s budding Dynasty in 2012. He has brought with a few Players from 2014 but they’ve added some fresh legs and in the coming weeks you can expect them to really gel. They just might have the most talent in the League this Summer, just need a few weeks to get everyone on the same page.. Expecting a lot from this Group.

Team The Karyn Collection – Currently tied for 4th with 0 points.

Captain Eric Hernandez has his crew of HP Fire and Police back at it.. They’ve come so close to a Championship that you find yourself almost rooting for them to finally break through.  This is their 4th season in the Men’s Adult League (they were apart of the original League back in 2012) and in every year since it’s inception these Guys have finished as the Runners-Up.  They surely know how to compile Playoff Ws.. Is this the year they finally win the Big One?

Team SLA Insurance – Currently tied for 4th with 0 points.

More on them next week!


That’s it for the Power Rankings this week. Have a great weekend and see everyone Wednesday Night!