2015 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 3 (July 8)

Updated: July 10, 2015

After 3 weeks we are firmly entrenched in the Regular Season and we can soon begin forecasting what’s to come when the Playoffs roll around in August. Next week, we’ll have Bowling at The Alley in Highwood!  Before we move on to the Rankings, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently in 1st with 50 points.

3-0 out of the gate once again.. Josh Funke had 19 and Mike Berger had 18 in the W. There’s not much left to say.. This Team has one goal and it’s to become the first Team in All Sports Series history to get a 3peat.  Championship or bust for them and that’s just the way they want it.

2. Team BBQ Pit – Currently in 3rd with 30 points.

Another Hoops W for Team BBQ Pit and co. on Wednesday Night.  They are really coming together as a unit and it’s exciting to see what the next few weeks can bring them.. Jordan Schmidt had 21 and Josh Schwartz had 19. Based on the first few weeks of the Season they seem like they can play Hoops with anyone in the League which bodes very well for their Championship aspirations.

3. Team Cy Fredrics – Currently in 2nd with 35 points.

Got their first glimpse of the 2x Defending Champs The Alley on Wednesday Night.. They didn’t get the sought after W, but they left the gym knowing that they truly belong with the elite in the League.  It’s difficult for any Team to get multiple Ws over the same Team in a given season.. Let’s see how Cy Fredrics can learn from Wednesday Night and use it to propel them to success in August.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – Currently in 4th with 20 points.

They definitely had improvement from Week 2 to Week 3. That’s all we can ask for week to week.. Just keep getting better. Captain Blake had 24 points on Wednesday Night. They are still in a good spot and if memory serves, they’ve faired well in bowling so expect them to gain some points in the Standings next week!

Team The Karyn Collection – Currently in 5th with 15 points.

First W in the books. Now, everyone can exhale.  They are still within striking distance of every Team in the League and if they can get some momentum going, it’s not inconceivable to see them climbing as high as #2 in the next few weeks! George Soria was big time with 17 points on Wednesday Night. More weeks like that will certainly help their ascension!

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and see you at the Alley on Wednesday Night!

– Holden