2016-17 Chicago Hoops – Week 10 (Jan. 15)

Updated: January 18, 2017

Week 10 brings forth a shake-up at the top for the second-consecutive week to start 2017.  There were a couple gigantic match-ups in the League on Sunday Night and when the dust settled.. Team Wong was left as the only Team in the League with just 1 Loss…  We also had a few streaks broken.. Team Zimmerman got back in the Winner’s circle and Team Silver also snapped the losing skid.. Both exploded for 20pt Ws.

Weekly Highlight Video! Powered by Dr. Jacob D.D.S. 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Wong (Biaggi’s Purple) – 9-1

Sole ownership of 1st place in the Standings through 10 weeks makes Team Wong a very deserving #1 in the Power Rankings this week.. They have won a lead-leading 8 straight Games and are doing it in impressive fashion week after week.  They are the 3rd highest scoring Team in the League right now (trailing only Teams Maione and Lalez) and for great reason. They have so many weapons out on the court at one time it really seems impossible to slow them down. Their dynamic duo combined for 49 points.. Tim Szatko had 29 and Lane Barlow had 20.  They are going to have a gigantic test this coming Sunday.. Maybe their most difficult Game of the Year.. They will take on a Team that can match their firepower in the Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Game of the Week.. It will be #1 v. #2…


2. Team Maione (Southview Athletics) – 8-2

Moving back up a spot after dropping a bit last week is Team Maione.  They bounced back very nicely after their OT Loss a week ago to Team UC Booth. They were up for the majority of the Game against a sneaky good Team Kaplan and while the Game got close at the end, they did what they needed to do to secure the W.  Bradley Deutsch had 22, Chris Wroblewski had 21 and Andy Timson had 16. They are going to have a gigantic Game of the Week this coming Sunday when it is #1 Team Wong against #2 Team Maione.. The #1 spot in the Power Rankings will be up for grabs but also a very important Game in the Standings when it comes to Playoff tiebreakers later in the year!


3. Team Kozin (Peak Properties) – 8-2

If not for #1 Team Wong’s crazy 8-Game W-streak, Team Kozin’s 6-Gamer would be tied for the League lead and likely the talk of the crowd.. However, they are doing what they have seemingly done all season.. Win and stay somewhat under the radar. Their ascent up the Rankings may do a bit to put them on people’s radar but for whatever reason they aren’t getting the buzz they deserve. We’re going to keep mentioning that and giving them bulletin board material. All eight of their players had 7+ points in a night when they went for 100+. Josh Davis led with 20.  They will take on #7 Team Jones in a big-time Game.  Both Teams are coming in with 6-Game Winning Streaks. Only one of those groups will get to 7.


4. Team Lalez (Hakimian Imports) – 8-2

As the Top-3 all moved up a spot this Week, someone had to take the fall down the Rankings a bit this Week.. That was Team Lalez. They lost a close Game to a very strong #6 Team Malvin squad.. They were without much of their regular depth and then foul-troubled put their backs against the wall early. These guys never stay down for long and will able to shake this one off shortly.. Scott Campbell had 34 to lead all scorers on Sunday Night. Captain Benny had 22 as well. They will take on a bunch of familiar faces in Team Cohen on Sunday Night and try to hop back into the Top-3.


5. Team UC Booth (Biaggi’s Red) – 8-2

These guys hold serve in the Top-5 this Week after their 3rd straight Win. This one wasn’t quite as dramatic as their OT-thriller against #2 Team Maione a week ago but the score doesn’t indicate just how close this Game was basically for its entirety. They always feel like they can Win. Their opponent doesn’t matter to them and they believe in their closer Victor Ojeleye. For great reason. He tied for League-lead in scoring on Sunday Night with 34 points. Captain Doug Sexauer had 26 points as well. They are going to get a Team Zimmerman squad that has had great success over the past few years.. A group that has rebounded and playing with some confidence.. That is a sneaky pick for the most exciting Game of the Night in Week 11.


6. Team Malvin (StudentCity) – 8-2

They didn’t have anywhere to go in terms of rising in the Rankings this Week.. However, with their Win over Team Lalez on Sunday Night, they get another signature win in a season of full of them.. Matt Merrigan had 27 and Nate Johnson had 18 in the W. For those keeping score at home (we are..), Team Malvin is 3-1 against the Top-5 Teams in the League right now.. They hold Wins over Teams Kozin, Lalez and UC Booth.. Their lone Loss coming to #1 Team Wong.. That tells us a couple of things.. 1) Their schedule will be easier in the second half of the season than it was in the first half (and they are 8-2) AND 2) They are going to be able to play with the big boys come Playoff time.  They have a legit gripe with coming at #6 it’s just hard to bump any of the current Top-5 right now.. They look to get to 9-2 on Sunday Night against Team Apuli.


7. Team Jones (Chicago Trolley) – 7-3

They move up another spot after their 6th straight W.  They are playing lights-out right now. The way they are shooting means that they can play with each and every Team in the League.. In some cases, as we’ve seen recently.. They are going to shoot Teams out of the building. They started this season (their first with All Sports Series) at 1-3 while they adjusted to the League.. Since then they are 6-0. Captain Gilles returned after for his first Game of 2017 and led his Team in scoring with 27. Ron Nandi had 22 as well. They will get a chance to really put the League on notice when they battle with #3 Team Kozin.. Another group that holds a 6-Game Win-Streak.. Who get’s to lucky #7?


8. Team Sternberg (Pear Tree Catering) – 7-3 

What we got on Sunday Night was a prime example of how good the League actually is.. Allow for explanation.. Team Sternberg was 7-1 and tied atop the Standings coming into 2017. However, they have been without 50% of their line-up to start the new year and have lost both Games to Teams with losing records.. Here’s the deal.. Everyone has talent. The League is as good as it’s been. This is not an indictment on Team Sternberg.. It’s no fluke they started 7-1. They like everyone else in the League just need their full crew to get Wins on Sunday Night. Jonathon Gac had 28 points as the high-point man. They look to bounce back and get back on track with #10 Team Purimetla on Sunday Night.


9. Team Gutman (Live Clean CHI) – 5-5

Champs are at .500 one again and got there without a decent part of their starting line-up. They got a double-digit W over Team James on Sunday Night and again moved up a spot in the Rankings. That means they’ve won 3 of 4 now and are on an eerily similar path as they were on a year ago when they went all the way. Marin Kukoc poured in 32 points and Andy Marks contributed 16. They will go toe to toe with #10 Team McNichols on Sunday Night. While they are ahead of them in the Rankings by a spot right now it’s a key Game for them in the Standings as they trail them by a Game currently heading into Week 11.


10. Team McNichols (Al’s Beef on WESTERN) – 6-4

They get off the schnide on Sunday Night. They had brought in a 3-Game Losing-Streak into their Game with Team Purimetla.. They got off to a great start in the first half.. That big lead dwindled early in the second half.. They trailed for most of the second half.. They were then able to force OT at the end of the Game and rode the momentum into a Win in OT. Dante Logan had impactful debut with 27 and he’s someone they definitely want to stick around in the League’s second half. Rodney Metellus had 23 and Joe Kozak also went for 20+ again. They will take on Defending Champs Team Gutman in another important Game on Sunday Night. They hold a potential tiebreaker with Team Purimetla.. The Game with Teams surrounding you in the Standings are so crucial come Playoff time.


11. Team Purimetla (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 6-4

They fell in OT to Team McNichols. It was a Game that they could have and maybe should have won. They were down big but bounced back early in the second half to grab the lead and they actually controlled the majority of the final fifteen minutes. They missed a couple Free Throws and allowed Team McNichols to force OT as a result… Sam Leewood had 23, Derek Reich had 20 and Josh Blackwell had 19.  They look ahead to a Team Sternberg crew that is 1 Game up on them in the Standings and losers of two straight. This is a big one for them.


12. Team Zimmerman (MB Financial) – 4-6

Back in the Winner’s Circle. Back in the Rankings and back to feeling just a bit of confidence for Team Zimmerman. Sometimes you just need to see one break your way before getting back to normal. Team Zimmerman has a very “packerish” vibe to them.. Yes, it’s just one win but they looked very good on Sunday Night. No surprise that it aligns with the Return (to the Bench.. for now) for Jack Zimmerman who was able to coach his Team to the Win. Nate Bateman had 22 and Dave Altman contributed 18 to help turn their season around.  They can really put everyone on blast when they take on #5 Team UC Booth in Week 11.


13. Team Schwartz (SLA Insurance) – 3-7

They battled with #5 Team UC Booth to the very end of this one. They were right there and had the lead at parts of the second half. They played very well, just in the end UC Booth made a couple more clutch shots. Greg Gonzalez had 27 and Austin Brown had 21 in a great effort. This group is SO much better than 3-7. They have multiple Playoff Wins in them this season.. Book it. Team Schwartz will take on a better than advertised Team Silver in Week 11.


14. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 3-7

A week after getting a big Win over Team Sternberg they fell backwards again and hold on to the final spot in the Rankings. They fell victim to the unbelievable shoot display that Team Jones put out there on Sunday Night. Honesty, Team Jones would have beaten just about anyone in the League on Sunday Night with the way they were shooting the ball. In his first Game of 2017, Matt Maloney had 27 and Justin Bowen had 23 points on the Night. They get old Rivals #4 Team Lalez in Week 11. It would be a very sweet victory if Team Cohen can dish them their second straight Loss.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Apuli (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-9

We’ve mentioned it before but their record doesn’t tell the whole story here.. These guys are playing good basketball. A Loss to #1 Team Wong, especially a Game which they were in until the very late stages, is a good sign. They are still working in some new pieces… Eddie Tellez led the way with 18 points. They will have another very tough test with #6 Team Malvin on Sunday Night. Right now, their record isn’t the concern.. They just want to continue growing together.. The wins will eventually follow.


Team Deutsch (Meli Cafe) – 1-9

Team Kozin had their full-compliment of Players on Sunday Night. When that is the case they are just about the toughest Team in the League to beat.. Team Deutsch had the unenviable task of taking them on.. It didn’t go well.. Captain Justin had 14 in this one. On to the next one.. Which is with Team Kaplan.. A squad that sits just a Game ahead of them in the Standings.


Team Harris (Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap) – 3-7

Team Harris didn’t play their best Game and ran into a very hungry Team Zimmerman on Sunday Night. It was a recipe for disaster really.  They know what they are capable of when they are at full-strength.. They will be fine. Mike Goldstein had 19 and Eric Handrich had 18. They will take on the 2-8 Team James squad on Sunday Night. A Game that they want/need for the Standings right now.. As they try to ascend up the ladder in the second half of the season they can’t afford to let Teams from behind pass them.


Team James (Chipotle) – 2-8

Team James fell to Defending Champs Team Gutman on Sunday Night. No shame in that. They have enough talent to go on a serious run.. It just has to come on the Defensive end. If they dig down deep and give 100% on D they are going to get Wins. Plain and simple. They had multiple guys in double digits, including Captain Christian James who had a dozen. They will get Team Harris on Sunday Night. They are just a Game Back of them in the Standings.. That’s one they definitely want.


Team Kaplan (Camp Ojibwa) – 2-8

Team Kaplan went shot for shot for the most part with #2 Team Maione. Both Teams only had 5 Guys and it had an old-school feel to the Game as a result. Everyone on the floor was gassed but in rhythm at the same time.. Team Maione made a few key plays late to get the Win but you can see that Team Kaplan is finding their stride. They are another group playing better than their record shows.. Axel Playner had 26 points and Tred Dean had 19. They get Team Deutsch on Sunday Night.


Team Silver (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – 1-9

Last but not least.. Team Silver! Into the Winner’s Circle!  They not only won.. They decimated #8 Team Sternberg by 20 points. This is a group that could/should have won a week ago and it seems they have really turned the corner. Their roster has been upgraded in 2017 and they are playing really solid basketball.. We aren’t going to congratulate them just yet.. This is a group now capable of a lot more..  Gage Coleman had 28 points and Jonathan Johnson (one of the upgrades we spoke of) had 15 in the W. They look to make it two in a row against #13 Team Schwartz on Sunday Night!


That’s it for Week 10! Just over the halfway point of the Regular Season! Good Luck on Sunday.