2016-17 Chicago Hoops – Week 16 (March 5)

Updated: March 9, 2017

We are really getting close gentlemen.. Just 3 Weeks of the Regular Season remain and there is still a ton left to be decided! Here’s a Link to VOTE. Voting will only be open for a couple more weeks.. The leading vote getter will become League MVP and he along with the rest of the All Stars will get the right to play in the All Star Game and 3pt Contest on Championship Sunday! More on that later.. Here’s a Link to the Playoff Bracket once again!

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Power Rankings

1. Team Kozin (Peak Properties) – 14-2

12 in a row. Team Kozin is playing incredibly well and even when they don’t have their full team in tow.. They were without several All Star candidates on Sunday Night but they still found a way to Win.. Josh Davis led with 27 and Rashad Singleton had 15 in the W.  They are really closing in on at that #1 seed.. Another couple of wins should lock it up for them.. They completely control their own fate for it.. One of the Games they circled in the pre-season is coming up this Sunday Night however.. They will take on 2x Champs and current #3 Team Lalez in a Rematch of the 2015-16 Chicago Hoops League Championship Game. Game of the Week, for sure…


2. Team Wong (Biaggi’s Purple) – 13-3

Team Wong got their second straight Win on Sunday as they begin to build a new streak for themselves. They got the W over Team Jones in what was a really well played Game from both sides. Lane Barlow had 20 and Tim Szatko had 19 as both continue to build their All Star resume. Down the stretch it was Brock Massie who made a few big time plays on both ends of the floor to help secure the Win. They are currently tied with Team Lalez, a Game Back of Team Kozin, for first place..  That means, if Team Lalez can snap Team Kozin’s streak on we’d have a 3way tie for first, assuming Team Wong can get past Team Sternberg on Sunday Night.


3. Team Lalez (Hakimian Imports) – 13-3

Team Lalez is about to take part in the biggest Regular Season Game of the Season.. For most Teams that would increase the heart-rate a touch but this is Team Lalez we are talking about. The Team that won the first two seasons of the Chicago Hoops League. They thrive on pressure.. They also have the potential to turn the Standings into a huge mess come next week should they win.. Anyways, this past Sunday they faced off with Team Purimetla and got a nice Win. David Gershenzon looked like his normal self once again going for 29 points while Scott Campbell had 22 and Brennan Keller added 21.  They will need those performances again when they go up against the 12-Game Winning streak of Tea Kozin.


4. Team Zimmerman (MB Financial) – 10-6

Team Zimmerman is flat out rolling.. Everyone else’s fears that they would turn around and enter the elite tier have been realized. They have won 7 in a row since they were 3-6 way back in 2016 and this group looks like they have enough to Win the whole thing.. Again, not what the others in the League want to see or hear, but its the truth. This past Sunday they got past Team Kaplan behind 32 from  David Altman and a gigantic 23 points from Dan Lehtman who got it done on both sides of the floor. He channeled his inner-Thursday self to get it done.. They look to make it 8 straight on Sunday against Team Silver.


5. Team Maione (Southview Athletics) – 11-5

Team Maione got back in the Winner’s circle on Sunday Night when they defeated Team Cohen. Bradley Deutsch had 34 and Andy Timson had 22 points in this one. They are going to get a very strong Team Harris squad on Sunday Night.. If they can get past them, they are another Team in a position to potentially benefit from the Kozin/Lalez battle on Sunday.. They will have to gain ground one of them.. Harris/Maione could end up stealing the show on Sunday Night.


6. Team UC Booth (Biaggi’s Red) – 11-5

Team UC Booth fell to Team McNichols on Sunday Night. They are still tied with several Teams for 4th place at 11-5. They are tied with Team Maione and Team Malvin.. There are basically 6 Teams and only four spots for receiving the shortest road to the Championship.. The Top-4 seeds start a round ahead of the Teams seeded 5-7.. Benjamin Hanessian led the way with 14 on Sunday. They look to rebound in Week 17 against Team James.


7. Team Malvin (StudentCity) – 11-5

Winners of a couple in a row now, Team Malvin can take a breathe.. They struggled a bit in February as they were playing uncharacteristically.. That seems to be behind them however.. Matt Merrigan had 23 points and Captain Michael Malvin had 15 to guide them to the Win over Team Deutsch. Like we mentioned above in the #6 UC Booth section, they are knotted with Team Maione and Team UC Booth at 11-5 for the key 4th place in the Standings.. It’s going to be a race over the last few weeks for who can slot into that 4th spot. They look to stay hot against #8 Team McNichols in what should be one of the better Games of the night.


8. Team McNichols (Al’s Beef on WESTERN) – 10-6

Captain Chris was the high scorer on Sunday with 17 points. Team McNichols is in the the thick of a very tough stretch to close out the season. They were able to get off to a 1-0 start in what is an incredibly difficult 4-Game stretch to finish the Season. They defeated #6 UC Booth last Sunday and now will go against #7 Team Malvin next Sunday before finishing the season with #2 Team Wong and #5 Team Maione.  You can look at this one of two ways.. 1) They may fall in the Standings down the stretch or 2) they have the opportunity to really jump Teams that are within striking distance if they play their best. They are capable of beating every one of those Teams. Again, first up is Team Malvin.


9. Team Jones (Chicago Trolley) – 9-7

They had a tough battle with #2 Team Wong on Sunday and just came up a touch short. Captain Gilles Jones had 25 points and Darek Wojewnik added 15. These guys went down to the wire in what was a back and forth Game with one of the League’s best.. These guys are sleepers to repeat what Team Gutman and Team Kozin did a year ago.. Go from the middle of the pack to Championship Sunday. They get Team Kaplan in Week 17.


10. Team Purimetla (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 9-7

Team Purimetla took on 2x Champs Team Lalez on Sunday Night and came up on the losing end. This group, like #9 Team Jones, is another squad capable of making a very deep run in April and potentially with a double digit seed attached to their name. Chris Adams hd 25 on Sunday Night and Kevin Matos added 16. They take on the feisty Team Schwartz on Sunday Night.


11. Team Harris (Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap) – 7-9

Team Harris has won 4 of 5 all of a sudden and look as strong as they have all season long. Zack Novak has 7 Games played.. Team Harris has 7 wins.. They can beat anyone at full strength.. He had 27 on Sunday and Mike Goldstein had 19 as well. If they can stay hot they could actually finish over .500 if they win out.. That’s a far way to come from 2-6.. They get #5 Team Maione in Week 17 which what could be the sneaky candidate for Game of the Week!


12. Team Gutman (Live Clean CHI) – 7-9

Defending Champs earn their way back into the Rankings this week with a Win over Team Schwartz on Sunday Night. Andy Marks was their lone scorer in double figures – with 17 – in what was a defensive battle. They will take on Team Deutsch who they are going to be heavy favorites against on Sunday Night before a brutal finish to the schedule with #5 Team Maione and #2 Team Wong. If they can go 2-1 and finish at 9-10, they will be a lower seed than they were last year but still one that can get back to the Championship.


13. Team Sternberg (Pear Tree Catering) – 8-8

A week after their first Win of 2017, they fell back a bit against Team Harris. Max Shulruff had 27 points including a flurry down the stretch in a comeback attempt but they were just too undermanned. Mack Watts had 24 points on the night and proved to be a big boost for them. These guys were among the favorites at full strength.. They have 3 weeks to get the roster in order.. It’s go time. #2 Team Wong awaits on Sunday.


14. Team Apuli (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 5-11

Team Apuli got a much needed victory on Sunday Night against Team Silver. Robert Kamentsev had 23 and Evan Zahniser had 22 in the Win. They are tied with Team Cohen and Team Schwartz at 5-11.. All of them are a Game Back of Team James right now at 6-10.. The spot that Team James currently occupies is the #14 seed, and that is a key one! Teams seeded 15-20 have to play in an extra Opening Round Game to start the Playoffs. The 14 seed won’t have to deal with that.. The final 3 weeks will be crucial.. They get Team Cohen in a HUGE Game between former Teammates in Week 17.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 5-11

Team Cohen faced Team Maione and like many before them, came out on the losing end. Matt Maloney had 20 points in this one and continues to impress in an extremely stellar Rookie campaign. This is virtually copied from the Team Apuli section above.. They are tied with Team Apuli and Team Schwartz at 5-11.. All of them are a Game Back of Team James right now at 6-10.. The spot that Team James currently occupies is the #14 seed, and that is a key one! Teams seeded 15-20 have to play in an extra Opening Round Game to start the Playoffs. The 14 seed won’t have to deal with that.. The final 3 weeks will be crucial.. They get Team Apuli in a HUGE Game between former Teammates in Week 17.


Team Deutsch (Meli Cafe) – 2-14

Team Detusch fell on Sunday Night against Team Malvin but kept what many thought would be an overwhelming route to a modestly close contest. Jeff Shukis returned and scored 16 for his crew. They sorely missed his energy on the glass. They get Defending Champs Team Gutman in Week 17. Just 3 weeks left for them to get everything right and begin their quest to shock some Teams in the Playoffs. Also, Happy Birthday goes out to Ari Nemetz who was celebrating on Sunday and his broadcasting was notably absent from the League on Sunday!


Team James (Chipotle) – 6-10

A couple weeks ago, Team James was among the hottest Teams in the League.. There is a ton of talent in this League though and it doesn’t take a lot to find yourselves in a losing skid again.. They’ve dropped a couple in a row.. Most recently on Sunday to #1 Team Kozin. Scott Sangster had 20. As we mentioned above in the Apuli/Cohen sections.. They hold on to the #14 spot which is of mass important. #15 has to play an extra Game in the Playoffs.. They have 3 Teams just a Game Back of them.. They need to win.. They get the strong #6 UC Booth on Sunday Night.


Team Kaplan (Camp Ojibwa) – 2-14

They were without much of their Roster here.. Not a ton to report on because of it..  Axel Playner had 22 on the Night which is was fresh off his 35 points on Thursday Night in the Chicago Spring Hoops League. Darren Angell added a baker’s dozen. They will take on Team Jones in Week 17.


Team Schwartz (SLA Insurance) – 5-11

They were locked in a defensive war with Defending Champs Team Gutman on Sunday Night. There were no freebies on this night.. They came up a bit short.. They have lost a few in a row.. All to high caliber Teams and all Games they could have won. Austin Brown added 20 and Jason Vismantas had 19. Going to use a couple lines from the Cohen/Apuli section above.. They are tied with Team Apuli and Team Cohen at 5-11.. All of them are a Game Back of Team James right now at 6-10.. The spot that Team James currently occupies is the #14 seed, and that is a key one! Teams seeded 15-20 have to play in an extra Opening Round Game to start the Playoffs. The 14 seed won’t have to deal with that.. The final 3 weeks will be crucial.. They have Team Purimetla in Week 17.


Team Silver (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – 2-14

Team Silver struggled against Team Apuli on Sunday Night without much of their line-up.. It happens. They have 3 weeks to continue the progress they’ve made this Spring before stunning a few people early. You can take this to the bank.. They have a Playoff Win in them. At least one and honestly more than that seems likely. Captain EJ Silver had 19 on Sunday Night. They take on Team Zimmerman in Week 17.