2016-17 Chicago Hoops – Week 18 – Seeding Scenarios (March 19)

Updated: March 22, 2017

Another wild Sunday evening got us one step closer to the Playoffs.. Just one week left!  Team Zimmerman continued their crazy 2nd half run by defeating #1 Team Kozin (their first Loss in 14 Games) and as a result, Team Zimmerman makes the top tier even murkier as we head into the final Sunday of the Regular Season. We are shifting from a Power Rankings article to a Playoff Seeding breakdown below with all of the scenarios.. All Star Ballot is up and not much time left to VOTE! Here’s a Link to VOTE.  The leading vote getter will become League MVP and he along with the rest of the All Stars will get the right to play in the All Star Game and 3pt Contest on Championship Sunday! More on that later.. Here’s a Link to the Playoff Bracket once again!

Just as a reminder.. The Playoffs are a Double Elimination Tournament.

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Playoff Seeding Scenarios

Top 4 Seeds – Extra BYE – LOCKED


1. Team Kozin (Peak Properties) – 15-3 – LOCKED #1

Classic Good News/Bad News situation for Team Kozin on Sunday Night. Their 13-Game Win Streak was snapped by the streaking Team Zimmerman (bad news), however, based on Team Wong’s Loss, Team Kozin locked up the #1 Seed in the Playoffs. They can now just look to fine tune this coming Sunday Night against Team UC Booth who has a lot to play for.. They will have a BYE on April 2 and return on April 9 to set out on their quest for the Crown.


2. Team Lalez (Hakimian Imports) – 14-4 – LOCKED TOP-4

With their big Win over Team Silver on Sunday Night (Scott Campbell had 32 and David Gershenzon had 28) and Losses from Teams Wong and Malvin, they have secured a Top-4 seed. We aren’t exactly sure where they will finish between 2-4 but we know that they will receive the maximum amount of BYES (they’ll be off on April 2 and return on April 9). The two Teams they will be watching will be Teams Maione and Wong (who they lead by a Game in the Standings). They Lost to Team Maione and Defeated Team Wong.  If all 3 Teams end up tied at 14-5, it will result in a crazy tiebreaker since all 3 went 1-1 against the others.. Team Lalez can clinch the #2 seed with a Win over Team Schwartz on Sunday.


t-3. Team Maione (Southview Athletics) & Team Wong (Biaggi’s Purple) – 13-5 – LOCKED TOP-4

As we get further down the Standings, the scenarios begin to get murkier.. Here’s what we do know.. Following Team Maione’s Win and Team Wong’s Loss in Week 18, they are now tied at 13-5. Team Maione got a big Win thanks in large part to 34 from Chris Wroblewski. Team Wong Lost to Team McNichols. Both are still in control of their destiny for a Top-4 seed.. All they need to do is Win in Week 19. Team Maione will take on the tough Team McNichols and Team Wong gets the defending Champs Team Gutman.  Again, if they both Win, they finish Top-4 and the seeding will come down to what Team Lalez does.. If Team Lalez Wins on Sunday, they are #2 no matter what. If they Lose, then these 3 Teams could end up tied for 2nd.  Team Wong beat Team Maione head to head, so if all 3 Teams Win on Sunday. Then Team Wong finishes 3rd and Team Maione finishes 4th.

Now, if one of these Teams Lose they leave themselves open to be caught from behind from Teams Malvin and Zimmerman. However, when you dig deeper you will see that both Team Maione and Team Wong went 2-0 head to head against Teams Malvin and Zimmerman.. That means they will win whatever tiebreaker scenarios come up…

Teams Maione and Wong round out the Top-4.

Race for Top 7 Seeds – Opening Round BYE

t-5. Team Malvin (StudentCity) & Team Zimmerman (MB Financial) – 12-6

Team Zimmerman has certainly become the story of the 2nd half. They now have 9 straight Wins with their most recent victory coming against #1 Team Kozin – and their former 13 Game Win Streak. It’s incredible to think they were 3-6 at one point.. Team Malvin lost a close one to Team Sternberg on Sunday Night. Technically, Team Malvin and Team Zimmerman can pull into a tie for 3rd/4th with Teams Maione and Wong by the end of next Week. However, both of these Teams went 0-2 respectively against Teams Maione and Wong.. Therefore, they’d lose any tiebreakers that would exist..

So the focus for them has to be keeping hold a Top-7 seed.. For a few reasons.. 1) They’d get a BYE and with all the talent in the League, you want to put your Playoff lives at stake as few times as possible and 2) the Teams that wind up 8/9 will end up staring down a Game with #1 Team Kozin earlier than they’d like..  The math is simple for them.. Wins in Week 19 and they are locked in at #5 and #6.  For the record, if both Teams Win.. Team Zimmerman defeated by Team Malvin by a point in Week 13 and, thus, would get the 5 seed and Team Malvin gets the 6. Looking past to next week  Team Malvin plays the tough Team Purimetla, a Team that sits just a Game back of these two clubs. Team Zimmerman looks to stretch their Win streak to 10 Games against Team Jones, who also are just a Game back of both of these clubs. In a way, these two Teams will be rooting for other to Win so that they don’t have to worry about so many Teams coming up and catching them.. There are 4 Teams that sit just a Game Back.. Lots of scoreboard watching will take place (and tiebreakers) should either of these Teams fall on Sunday Night.


t-7. Team Jones (Chicago Trolley), Team McNichols (Al’s Beef on WESTERN), Team Purimetla (Wrigley View Rooftop) &  Team UC Booth (Biaggi’s Red) – 11-7

These 4 Teams have been leapfrogging each other in the Power Rankings all season and its fitting that they wind up all knotted up at 11-7 heading into the Final Week of the Season.  At least one of them will wind up in the Top-7 (assuming at least one of the 4 can win on Sunday, if not, then Team Sternberg could enter the fray as well).  With 4 Teams tied the scenarios are plentiful..

Here’s what you need to know.. Team Jones will play Team Zimmerman, who they trail by just a Game. Team Purimetla will play Team Malvin, who they trail by just a Game. If either of those Teams win, then we really will have some craziness. Team UC Booth will play #1 Team Kozin in the final week and Team McNichols draws Team Maione. All 4 of these Teams play a group that is currently sitting somewhere in the Top-6 seeds, meaning all of these Teams will have to really earn their potential spot in the Top-7.

In terms of tiebreakers here within these 4 Teams:

Team Jones – 2-1 (w/ Win over Team McNichols)

Team McNichols – 2-1

Team UC Booth – 1-2 (/ Win over Team Purimetla)

Team Purimetla – 1-2

Now, these tiebreakers will change as some of these Teams Win/Lose on Sunday.. Team Sternberg again looms as well…


11. Team Sternberg (Pear Tree Catering) – 10-8 

Team Sternberg got the Week 18 Win. Tyler Max had 31, Jonathan Gac had 25 and Max Shulruff scored 24 in the Win. At 10-8  we know that Team Sternberg, currently sitting in 11th in the Standings, can finish no lower than their current spot. Even with a Loss on Sunday, they have a 2-Game lead over the 3 Teams tied for 11th.. So it’s 11th or better for them entering the Playoffs.. Not bad considering that bad skid they had to start 2017. They have won a couple in a row now as they’ve seen some Players return.. They look to finish on a 3-Game Win Streak and pull even with 1-4 Teams currently tied for 7th. All 4 of those clubs play Top-6 Teams this Sunday.. Team Sternberg was 2-2 head to head with those 4 teams.. That would unleash a ton of tiebreakers.. They finish against Team Apuli.


Middle of the Pack

t-12. Team Gutman (Live Clean CHI), Team Harris (Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap) & Team James (Chipotle)  – 8-10

So here’s the deal.. These Teams are all knotted at 8-10 and there is a 2 Game buffer between them and 11. Team Sternberg (so they can’t move up from 12) and a two Game buffer between them and t-15. Teams Cohen and Schwartz (so they can’t move down past 14).. So all of them will finish between 12 and 14. They’ll start in the Opening Round. No Byes, but they avoid the Bottom-6 play in Round as well… Last season 2 Teams seeded in this range went on to the Elite8 (groups that are now known as Team Wong and Team Malvin — those Playoff runs helped propel them to great things this season).. When looking at this clump of Teams – obviously the Defending Champs Team Gutman stick out but both Teams Harris and James are capable of extended runs as well. Very dangerous Teams here.


Bottom 6 – Extra Play-In Round

t-15. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) & Team Schwartz (SLA Insurance)  – 6-12

Fitting these two Teams are tied after their non-Game on Sunday.. They were slated to play each other and there was a scheduling-snafu w/ Team Cohen that led to Team Schwartz getting the Win and the inside track now at the 15 seed.. The key here is whoever finishes 15 gets the Team that finishes in last place in the Standings as we enter the Playoffs. While there are a few Teams tied with just two wins, they are not created equal.. Team Silver has looked good lately and neither of these Teams wants to see them.. Team Cohen finishes up against the aforementioned Team Silver. They’ll need a Win and a Loss from Team Schwartz v. Team Lalez to finish in 15th.


17. Team Apuli (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 5-13 – LOCKED

They are a Game back of Teams Cohen and Schwartz, who are currently tied for 15th, but they lost head to head against both of those Teams so they can’t move up, even if they manage to tie them in the Standings this Sunday.  They also are multiple Games up on the Teams ahead of them, so they are locked into the #17 spot. They had a similar seed a season ago and won Playoff Games. This is a group that has some fight left in it.. They will be scoreboard watching to see who finishes in #18 as they will face the leader of the 3 Teams (Deutsch, Kaplan and Silver) who are currently tied with 2 Wins each. In the Extra Bottom-6 Round to start the Playoffs.


t-18. Team Deutsch (Meli Cafe), Team Kaplan (Camp Ojibwa) & Team Silver (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) 

These 3 Teams still have a lot to play for.. A) They’ll want and try to get some momentum before the Playoffs start and B) where they finish between 18-20 will dictate a lot of their future Playoff run. Each Team is capable of pulling off a shocker or two come April, but the way the bracket shakes down will be important. Team Silver finishes against Team Cohen. Team Kaplan finishes against Team Harris and Team Deutsch gets Team James.  In terms of tiebreakers among these 3.. Kaplan beat Silver, Silver beat Deutsch and Deutsch beat Kaplan.. So they are all 1-1 against each other.. Can one of these Teams grab a Win in Week 19 and snag some MO?


That is it for Week 18. Good Luck to everyone in the Regular Season Finale!