2016-17 Chicago Hoops – Week 8 (Dec. 18)

Updated: December 19, 2016

On Sunday Night we finished the first segment of the Regular Season. It is not quite the halfway point (as we took a week off for the World Champion Chicago Cubs) but we have gotten through 8 of the 19 Weeks in the Regular Season. We are basically at the 40% marker and a lot has happened to begin the season.. We’ll get to much of it below but we have to give Team Wong the floor here to start the Week 8 Power Rankings. They have stormed into the #3 spot after dominating former #3 Team Malvin on Sunday Night! They are the real deal gentlemen. Also, make sure to check out the email blast this week as there are a TON of New Year’s Eve options in there for you guys, for those who don’t have plans yet. Links to Info can be found here. 

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Power Rankings

1. Team Lalez (Hakimian Imports) – 7-1

Holding down the #1 spot heading into the Winter Break is Team Lalez after sneaking out the 2pt W over Rivals Team Zimmerman on Sunday Night in the final seconds. Brennan Keller hit the go-ahead 3 to seal the deal. He’d finish with 17 points. Scott Campbell had 34 and 13 boards to lead the way. Brandon Lathon returned after a brief hiatus and also had a double double with 17 and 10 Rebs.  They will open up 2017 against Team Kaplan.


2. Team Maione (Southview Athletics) – 7-1

Team Maione got the double-digit pt Win over Team Deutsch as many expected coming into Sunday Night but the Game was much closer throughout than the score would indicate. This was anyone’s Game with just 6 minutes to play before Team Maione opened up the lead. Bradley Deutsch went for 35 points to help secure the W against his little brother’s squad. Captain Anthony Maione had 28 points as well as they made up for the missing Chris Wroblewski and Chris Ray. They will open up 2017 against the very tough #7 Team UC Booth.


3.  Team Wong (Biaggi’s Purple) – 7-1

As mentioned at the top, Team Wong had hands down the most impressive performance of Week 8. They stormed out to a 20-6 lead against former #3 Team Malvin and never looked back. We’ve mentioned this dynamic duo several times already.. Tim Szatko and Lane Barlow both went for 25 on this night. Brock Massie scored 17 as well.  The truth is.. This group’s best, might just be better than everyone else’s.. It’s something we will certainly watch as 2017 comes. They get last season’s Runners-Up Team Zimmerman when we return from the Winter Break.


4. Team Sternberg (Pear Tree Catering) – 7-1 

Team Sternberg has finally moved up from the #5 spot after spending a few weeks stuck there. They have now won7 of their first 8 Games and are doing so in different fashions from week to week. Captain Sam Sternberg went for 19 points and 7 dimes in his final performance of the season.. We need to give him a big Congrats as he takes up a new job in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. He is going to leave a giant leadership void behind for his stellar squad.. They are tied with Team Wong with the longest active W-streak in the League at 6. We’ll see how they manage coming out of the break.. They get Team Cohen to start 2017.


5. Team Kozin (Peak Properties) – 6-2

Grabbing hold of the final spot in the Top-5 is Team Kozin.  They are on a roll, Winners of 4 straight. Everything started and ended with Josh Davis for these guys on Sunday Night. He went for 41 in Week 8, and that led all scorers. Matt Wolk had another double double as he is a force in the paint. They face-off with the tough (but struggling of late) Team McNichols when 2017 tips-off. Teams need to start defeating them now because if this group comes in with a high-seed in the Playoffs, watch out.


6.  Team Malvin (StudentCity) – 6-2

Team Malvin suffered their first Loss since all the way back in Week 1, when they Lost in OT to Team Cohen. Here’s the deal.. They played the most-physically imposing Player in the League – Tim Szatko along with the rest of the bruising Team Wong squad and did so without Nate Johnson or Peter Szostak. They picked the wrong week to be short-handed. These guys are still clearly among the League’s best and a small setback won’t do anything to shake them. Matt Merrigan went for 23 in the defeat. They will look to bounce right back after the New Year against the ascending Team Schwartz.


7. Team UC Booth (Biaggi’s Red) – 6-2

A week following their short-handed Loss to Team Wong we saw them once again battling with a short-bench but this Week they were able to grit-out a W against Team Kaplan at the end of the Game. They won 77-75 behind the 3-headed monster of Matthew Schick, Benjamin Hanessian and Michael Mahoney all of whom had at least 18 points on the night. They will head into the break at a fantastic 6-2 mark and will look to make a move up both the Standings and Power Rankings in their first Game back after the break when they take on #2 Team Maione.


8. Team Jones (Chicago Trolley) – 5-3

They hold at #8 this week and have now tallied 4-straight in the Win column.  Captain Gilles Jones was once again the leading scorer for his Team as he went for 26 in the Win over Team James. It was a competitive Game that went up and down the floor quickly. These guys have a ton of size but can still get up and down the court very well. They will try and continue their Winning Streak in 2017 against the Defending Champs who happen to be coming in this week at #9…


9. Team Gutman (Live Clean CHI) – 4-4

We outlined it last week but these guys are starting to round into form and that is very scary for everyone else.. They are now back to the .500 mark for the first time since Week 4 and are looking like the Team we remember from this past Spring who won the whole thing.  Last year, they waited until after the Winter Break to flip the ON switch, but it seems they are aware that the League is deeper and needed to get going earlier this season. Adam Rhum had 26 and Marin Kukoc had 23 including a throw-down in the middle of some traffic (sorry we didn’t get this one on film).. It was something.  They are going to try to get over .500 for the first time this season when we get back to the gym on Jan. 8. They will play #8 Team Jones who has a 4-Game Win streak currently.


10. Team Purimetla (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 5-3

Team Purimetla have won 3 of their last 4 including this past Sunday against Team Cohen. They got the rare 5-man Win with no bench. Derek Reich led with 30 points and Sam Leewood was close behind with 29.Both of these guys are not mentioned as much as some others in the League but they are both excellent. Derek Reich can get a bucket from anywhere on the court as he just shoots over the top of everyone. Him and Tim Szatko will be fun down the road.. Then, Sam Leewood.. When he gets hot there is no one more dangerous from distance in the entire League. Do not let him start.. They will play Team Duetsch to start the 2017 year.


11. Team McNichols (Al’s Beef on WESTERN) – 5-3

Team McNichols was Ranked near the top of the Power Rankings as recently as two weeks back.. They have suffered back to back defeats though and have lost 3 of their last 4.. So what’s changed? Honestly, nothing really. They are still playing good basketball. The talent is just strong all the way around the League and you are going to see good Teams go through some rough patches. That’s all this is. Rodney Metellus had 24 and Josh McGhee had 22 to lead them in scoring. They get the streaking #5 Team Kozin when we return after the holidays.


12. Team Schwartz (SLA Insurance) – 3-5

Team Schwartz got another win on Sunday Night and this one was of the come from behind variety. Their passion on the court has been both their biggest asset and something they continue to battle. When they channel it all, they are among the League’s best. They were down virtually the entire Game to Team Apuli before they hit a few big shots late to swing the momentum. Austin Brown had 20, Greg Gonzalez had 19 and Jason Vismantas had 16 in the Win. We want to give a big Congrats out to Vis as well who will be celebrating for his New Year’s Eve Wedding!  They match-up with #6 Team Malvin when we return in 2017.


13. Team Zimmerman (MB Financial) – 3-5

They were 40 seconds away from defeating #1 Team Lalez and wiping away any doubt that those in the League had about them.. Brennan Keller would hit a huge shot though for Team Lalez and Team Zimmerman would fall 79-77 to one of their Rivals.  Forgetting the Win/Loss record for a moment.. This was a very good showing for them here. They played team ball and despite losing Captain Jack early in this one to a bad ankle (feel better soon!), they kept their composure and went for punch for punch with the current top team in the League.  It was a good sign but this is a group that has multiple Summer League crowns to their name.. They are going to be fixated on the fact they’ve lost 3 in a row and the last two by a combined 5 points.  They really will be fine but the break does come at a good time for them. They will have another tough test with #3 Team Wong to start 2017.


14. Team Harris (Stanley’s Kitchen and Tap) – 2-6

They have been undermanned for the majority of the season and this Sunday was a prime example.. They hung tough with the Defending Champs Team Gutman but just couldn’t come home with the Win in their final Game of 2016. Eric Handrich had 26 and Max Unger had 25 to shoulder much of the scoring for these guys. They will take on Team Apuli who sits just a Game back of them to start up 2017 after the break.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Apuli (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-7

They just missed out on their second Win of the Season. They had the lead through much of the second half with Team Schwartz but couldn’t close it out in the final minutes of the Game.. Even though they did not finish with the Win, this may have been the most encouraging Game of the Season for them.. They saw the debuts of both Evan Zahniser and Connor Harlander – both of whom helped Team Zahniser claim the #1 seed in this past Chicago Summer Hoops League – two great additions for them. This past Sunday Robert Kamentsev led with 28 points. They will get Team Harris after the New Year comes and goes.


Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 2-6

They battled tough with Team Purimetla who has proven to be one of the better Teams in the League to start the Season but they came up just short.. They had 4 guys really contribute Offensively.. Jake Lerman had 24, Oren Schwartz had 22, David Zale had 17 and Jake Shlofrock had 16 in this one. It was a tough stretch to close 2016 but these guys do have a bunch of talent and it would not be surprising to be one of those Teams that really fly up the Standings when the calendar slips to 2017.. They have a similar feeling to last year’s champs Team Gutman actually.. This group is long, athletic, and has many people who can make you pay. It’s just not translating to wins.. yet.. They’ll be fine.


Team Deutsch (Meli Cafe) – 1-7

Team Deutsch played their best Game since all the way back in Week 1 when they got the Win. That likely has to do with Ryan Hess making his 2nd start of the season for them. He had 23 and what’s really encouraging is that with just 6 minutes to go they were right there with #2 Team Maione who has long been at or near the top of this League. These guys have a good base, they are just missing that go-to guy on a weekly basis and if they can get Ryan back in the gym more often they are going to beat Teams.  They take on Team Purimetla to start 2017.


Team James (Chipotle) – 1-7

A week after they got their first Win of the season they fell to Team Jones in a competitive Game. This group has been right there with many top Teams in the League but just haven’t closed them out for Wins. Scott Sangster once again led them in scoring with 29 and Christian James had 18 as well. There are going to be Teams who shake their heads after losing them in 2017, especially those who take them lightly.. This group is much better than 1-7. They get Team Silver after the holidays.


Team Kaplan (Camp Ojibwa) – 2-6

They pushed #7 Team UC Booth to the brink but came away two points short.  Axel Playner led the way with 23 points on Sunday Night in a really strong effort. Tred Dean had 20 and Bret Darcy had 15 points in the Game as well. They face a tall order coming out of the Winter Break with #1 Team Lalez. Even though it’s not showing yet in the W/L Columns these guys are improving as a Team. Just need more reps.


Team Silver (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – 0-8

They ended up falling by 10 point s but they stuck right with #5 Team Kozin for the entirety of the Game on Sunday Night. Gage Coleman had 26 and Captain EJ had a dozen. These guys are getting better. Again, throw the record out.. This is the first run for most of them together as a unit. This is an extremely tough League and trying to learn each other’s Games usually doesn’t result in too many Ws right away.. They will get some Wins in 2017. Book it.


So that’s it for 2016. Everyone please have a Happy and Healthy New Year! See you in 2017.