2016 Ann Arbor – Week 1 (Jan. 27)

Updated: February 2, 2016

On Wednesday Night, All Sports Series held it’s first ever Games in Ann Arbor, MI!  The Ann Arbor Campus League has a stacked group of 12 Teams who will be vying for the inaugural Crown later this Spring.. Week 1 was surely interesting as each Team had to endure cramped quarters which made the opening games feel as if they were being played as a steel cage match.. The Schedule has been updated to reflect a couple tweaks.. Dodgeball will be up next on Wednesday Feb. 3 at 1 on 1 (and Hoops has been rescheduled for Feb. 17).

For those playing in their first All Sports Series League, this is what you can expect from the weekly Power Rankings article.. Each week we’ll take a statistical look at the Teams and Rank them 1-8 with the 4 UnRanked Teams listed alphabetically.. You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (<– Click right there!)   Also, if you have ever want to find any info on the League.. Go to Campus League > Ann Arbor.. Everything you’d need from Stats to Schedules to Standings etc. will be found there..

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Power Rankings

1. Team DKE SO1 (Ella Designs Jewelry Navy) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

In most All Sports Series Leagues the post-Week 1 #1 spot is reserved for the Defending Champs.. However, since this is the Launch Year here in Ann Arbor, the #1 spot in the Rankings is totally up for grabs.. Without too much to go on and a host of Rookie debuts all across the League, the easiest distinction was to look at margin of victory to determine who should lay claim to being the first ever #1 Team.. Team DKE SO1 led by All Sports Series vet Nate Wellek had the biggest W of the night, by taking down the SIG SRs by a whopping 26 points.  It was the one of only two Games to finish with a double digit margin and easily the highest.. It’s no mistake that Captain Wellek and Co. are off to a hot start.. Experience is a huge thing in All Sports Series and having a Captain who has been through the rigors many times certainly helps.. It also doesn’t hurt that Dylan Deitch turned in 22 points in Week 1.  Congrats on starting #1, now can they hold it for another week?


2. Team DKE SO2 (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

Following the same margin of victory formula leads us to another DKE SO group.. This one is Captained by Mat Lefkofsky and they started the night off strong with a big W over the AEPi SO crew.. Both Teams seem to have a bunch of Hoops talent on the roster and it will be fun to watch them get more cohesive as a unit down the line with a few Hoops week left on the schedule.. Mitchell August led the way with 20 points for the DKE SO2 crew in their debut. They showed a lot of depth on Wednesday Night and this is a group that should stay near the top all season long…


3. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title Gold) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

It’s not too often that a Team can give up 50 points to a single player and walk away with the W but that is exactly what Team Sammy accomplished in Week 1..  Jordan Liss was a true force for Team AEPi SR but just wasn’t enough as the well-balanced Sammy attack kept the pressure on from multiple people.. Jeremy Goodman was the leading scorer with 21 and Ben Savitch added 15 as well for Captain Brodsky’s squad. While it’s obviously still tremendously early and it was just one Game.. These guys have to be really encouraged with their Week 1 showing.. Their athleticism across the board bodes well for them in other sports as well.  On to Dodgeball for Week 2.


4. Team AEPi FR (cea Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

Of the multiple AEPi Teams in the Ann Arbor field, only the Freshmen left Week 1 with a much heralded W.  Their Week 1 contest was not what anyone would describe as pretty but at the end of the day they scored more than the Theta Chi SOs and left Week 1 tied for 1st.. Their Game was certainly a Defensive battle and as the night went on the scoring grew.. They led off the night and didn’t have the luxury of watching other Teams adapt to the playing grounds..  It would be a big mistake by the rest of the League to sleep on both the AEPi and DKE Freshmen as in past Campus Leagues, young squads have had tons of success.  They should see more improvement in the chemistry department as the season wages on than most, as they are still just learning each other’s Games.


5. Team ZBT (Schweitzer Title Gray) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

In what was one of the Games of the Night, Team ZBT did just enough to edge out the Theta Chi SRs in Week 1.  They also managed to do so without a large portion of their Team and as a result was without any semblance of a bench on Wednesday Night. It’s very rare to see a Team with just 5 guys pick up a Win in what is a grueling 44-minute Game.. It’s a testament to Team ZBT that they were able to defy the odds there.. They may have won the best played Game of the Night, which certainly makes them a Team to keep an eye on as we move forward.


6. Team Delta Sig (Mezes Green) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

Final Team to come in to the Week 1 Rankings with a Win is #6 Team Delta Sig.  Similar to #1 Team DKE SO1, this group is led by an All Sports Series vet.. Captain Ethan Lutz has manned a Summer League Team for many years in the College/Prep League (Highland Park, IL) and his Teams are always in the Championship discussion.. To close the night, Captain Ethan made a runner with 2 seconds left to put his Team ahead by 1 point and get the W over Team DKE FR.  It was certainly the most exciting part of the night. He had 20 in the Game and Ian Cosgrove had 19.. They’d need every single one of those points to outlast the DKE FR..  We’d love to see a post-season rematch should the stars align that way at the end of March..


7. Team DKE FR (Ella Designs Jewelry Red) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points

As mentioned just above, the DKE FR suffered a heartbreaking Loss to begin the season.. Captain Ethan Lutz for Team Delta Sig hit a Game-Winning runner with just seconds left.. That being said, this group has many Wins ahead of them this Season. Josh Bender and Zachary Blitz combined for 46 points in Week 1. Players that have participated in All Sports Series know that we always like to highlight the Team/s that suffer Losses in the best Games of Week 1.. The reason being is, most Teams will grow and learn much more from an early season Loss than a Win.. This group is clearly talented and now have an early Loss to help fuel them as the season moves along.. That on top of the fact that they are one of the youngest Teams in the field bodes extremely well for their prospective Playoff run later in the Spring. Just something to keep in mind.


8. Team Theta Chi SR (Schweitzer Title White) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points

Much of what was just said above about #7 Team DKE FR, can be echoed here.. Team Theta Chi SR presented a ton in Week 1 and while they don’t have anything to show for it in the Standings, they have plenty time to make up for it.. Something that really stood out last Wednesday Night was Team Theta Chi SRs seemingly big size advantage over the rest of the League. We didn’t get a chance to see 100% of each roster in Week 1, but this group is going to be among the biggest in the League.  Can’t teach size as the say.. Max Chason led the way in scoring with 18 points in Week 1.  Captain Kane Herrick is obviously one of the more respected leaders in the League and his group of Seniors know that this is their only go-around as a unit in Ann Arbor. They know they need to make it count..


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) – All Currently tied for 7th with 0 points

Team AEPi SO (Schweitzer Title Blue)

While they didn’t get a Week 1 W (in what was wacky conditions), this young group actually has as much if not more All Sports Series experience than any Team in the League.. Earlier it was noted that the Captain of Delta Sig – Ethan Lutz – has his own Summer League Team.. Well many of his running-mates call AEPi home in Ann Arbor and are running on the AEPi SO squad.. They are in great hands as well, as Captain Mac Levin, knows how to pace a Team. David Katz had 26 points on the night.   This is a group that is going to jump into the Power Rankings in no time at all.


Team AEPi SR (Mezes Gold) 

Mr. 50 has done it again.. Yes, Jordan Liss went for FIFTY points on Wednesday Night and it was not his first time doing so in All Sports Series.  Like many others, he Jordan has played for years in the College/Prep League over the Summer in Highland Park, IL and his scoring prowess is well documented.  He’d surely trade a bunch of baskets back for a W however.. They just didn’t have enough fire-power and ran out of gas as they were a Team with no bench on Wednesday Night against a deep Sammy Team.  They’ll look forward to getting Captain Spellman and a host others back next Wednesday Night for dodgeball.


Team SIG SR (Mezes Orange)

They had the pleasure of meeting #1 Team DKE SO1 in Week 1.. Never a fun task.. Here’s the deal though, Captain Shapiro knows the ins and outs of All Sports Series.. This group is going to have a ton of success in future weeks and as Seniors they aren’t going to let a Week 1 L get them down.. Alec Bernstein was the 2nd highest scorer of Week 1 getting a cool 30 points.  It would be genuinely surprising to not see them rise up in the Power Rankings and Standings and soon..


Team Theta Chi SO (StudentCity)

Final Team to get their wrap-up this week (again, alphabetical order) is Team Theta Chi SO.  They lost a defensive battle with the AEPi FR to start the night in what was a Game that everyone will gladly forget about (or has already).. Captain Jeremy Levin is another leader with significant All Sports Series experience. He, Nate Wellek and co. have had numerous successful Summers in All Sports Series.. Although he is still searching for that first Crown and hopes Ann Arbor is just the place to get it.. Along with Adam Nadler this group is going to be prepared well for many Ws down the line.. What was clear on Wednesday Night is that they have tons of depth and athleticism. Two things that help win Championships here.


That’s it for Week 1. Another Reminder that it will be Dodgeball in Week 2. Have a great week!