2016 Ann Arbor – Week 2 (Feb. 3)

Updated: February 8, 2016

Dodgeball always provides craziness and Wednesday Night in Ann Arbor for Week 2 did not disappoint. No doubt there are some sore shoulders out there right now… Volleyball is up next for Week 3.  Want to make sure everyone has seen the  Schedule. That and the rest of the Ann Arbor League info (Stats, Standings etc) can be found on allsportsseries.com under Campus Leagues > Ann Arbor.  Also, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (which is solely for the Ann Arbor League this Week!)

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Power Rankings

1. Team ZBT (Schweitzer Title Gray) – Currently in 1st with 33 points.

Week 2 and we already have our 2nd #1 Team of the Season… Team ZBT left Wednesday Night as the only Team still in the running to earn each and every Regular Season point possible in the Standings.. Of the 6 Teams to Win in Week 1 Hoops, Team ZBT was the only group to follow-up with a 1st place in their hour of Dodgeball. Thus, they have clearly earned the #1 spot after Week 2.  Now, with volleyball looming, there’s a chance for several Teams to pass them by but considering what we’ve seen from them early on.. They are going to be tough to knock off from this perch…


2. Team DKE SO1 (Ella Designs Jewelry Navy) – Currently tied for 2nd with 30 points.

They took a touch of a step down this week after being Ranked #1 last Week.. However, they have nothing to be disappointed about. Through 2 weeks they’ve managed to earn 30 points in the Standings and are just a few points back of #1 Team ZBT.  The two of them met in the 8pm hour of Dodgeball on Wednesday Night and faced-off in the final-Game for that pool which Team ZBT pulled out.. This group showed great depth for the 2nd straight week and as we touched on last week.. Get used to seeing them at or near the top.


3. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title Gold) – Currently tied for 2nd with 30 points.

Coming off of a Week 1 W in Hoops, Team Sammy got 2nd in their hour of Dodgeball.. Claiming 15 more points, it’s enough to stay tied for 2nd in the Standings and stay at #3 in the Power Rankings.  They are not a flashy bunch.. They aren’t going to wow you.. But what they do seem keen on is just Winning.  The most important skill of them all.. In Week 1, they got the job done against Team AEPi SR and this past week gritted out enough Ws to get key points.. Winners win.  Team Sammy is looking like a top contender..


4. Team Theta Chi SR (Schweitzer Title White) – Currently tied for 6th with 18 points.

Getting their first points of the season and jumping all the way up to #4 this week is Team Theta Chi SR.  We mentioned last week to always keep an eye out on that Team that dropped one of the Best Games of Week 1 as they are often fueled the rest of the way by it.. That’s exactly what happened here with Captain Kane and co.. They came out firing and never really relented as they took first place of the 6pm Dodgeball hour.. This is a group that has all the potential in the world and it wouldn’t be shocking to see them go on a real run right now..


5. Team DKE FR (Ella Designs Jewelry Red) – Currently tied for 6th with 18 points.

Much of what was said just above in #4 Team Theta Chi SR could have just as easily been written here in #5 Team DKE FR’s section.. They played a tremendously close Week 1 Game that they dropped at the Buzzer to Delta Sig and Captain Lutz’s last second Game-Winner.. Lesser Teams would allow that to creep in and deflate them for a few weeks but this Group is not average. They have all the makings of a true contender and now can look back on that Week 1 L for inspiration. Many Teams may take them lightly as they are just Freshmen but that’s a big mistake.. They won the 7pm hour of Dodgeball and looked very impressive doing so. They are for real.


6. Team DKE SO2 (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 4th with 21 points.

They took a bit of a tumble down the Power Rankings this week following their Week 1 Win.. They clearly showed they are a very good Hoops Team, but they are likely happy that Dodgeball is now in the rear view mirror as they finished 4th in the 7pm hour.. No reason to really dwell, they are still in the top tier of the Standings and remain within striking distance of 1st place.. Through 2 weeks that’s all anyone could ask for.  Their athleticism should shine through this coming Wednesday Night when we turn to Volleyball.


7. Team AEPi FR (cea Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 4th with 21 points.

Similar to Team DKE SO2 above them, they had a great Week 1 Win but couldn’t follow-up in Dodgeball. They’ll be happy to know that Dodgeball is already done for the Season.. So, on to the next one for this group of Freshman, that despite their lack of Ws in Dodgeball on Wednesday Night have shown a ton of talent in their first two weeks of All Sports Series.  This is another young group (and there are a lot of them) that has a chance to really find themselves in the extended Regular Season before wreaking havoc in the Playoffs.  They are currently tied for 4th in the Standings and look to move up from there in Week 3 Volleyball.


8. Team AEPi SR (Mezes Gold) – Currently in 9th with 15 points.

Grabbing the last spot in the Rankings this week and jumping into them for the first time is the AEPi SRs. They earned 2nd place during the 6pm hour and it allowed them to get out of the cellar of the Standings.  Their first 15 points is a great jump start and keeps them well within reaching distance of each and every Team above them in the Standings. This is a group that when they are whole can do a lot of damage..


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi SO (Schweitzer Title Blue) – Currently tied for 10th with 12 points.

They took 3rd during the 6pm hour and in doing so got their first 12 points of the Regular Season.  They are right on the brink of entering the Power Rankings and with a strong showing in Week 3 Volleyball will do just that!  They are a solid bunch that should continue to improve as we go along.. We have it on good authority that they are a good VBall Group.. Wednesday Night we’ll find out!


Team Delta Sig (Mezes Green) – Currently tied for 8th with 18 points.

No matter what result they turned in during Week 2 it would be tough to beat their Week 1 Game-Winner from Captain Ethan.  They had a bit of a letdown, which often happens after an emotional victory, and only got 3 points in Dodgeball. They had a very tough pool as the top 2 Teams in the Rankings – ZBT and DKE SO1 – both rounded out the final group of the night.. Look for them to rebound in Week 3 Volleyball and jump back into the Power Rankings.


Team SIG SR (Mezes Orange) – Currently tied for 10th with 12 points.

This bares repeating.. The “Rest of the Pack” section is in Alphabetical order and in no way does Team SIG SR being listed at or near the bottom signify that’s where they are in the Power Rankings. In fact, if we Ranked a #9 spot, it would likely belong to these guys.. They got their first points of the Season on Wednesday Night in Dodgeball and now will look to add to that in Week 3 Volleyball.  This group’s athleticism should bode well for a strong showing on Wednesday Night and at this time next week, we should be seeing a number associated with their name in the Rankings!


Team Theta Chi SO (StudentCity) – Currently in 12th with 9 points.

Last but certainly not least (again alphabetical) is the Theta Chi SOs (pictured above). They managed to grab 3rd in the final group of Dodgeball on Wednesday Night in what was a stacked pool.  Both #1 Team ZBT and #2 Team DKE SO1 as well as Week 1 Winners Delta Sig were in that group with them.. They managed to earn 9 points however and a weight will now be lifted off their shoulders as we move into Week 3 Volleyball next Wednesday Night.  It may seem like a stretch right now but this group is good enough to be sitting in the top few spots.. Just need a couple weeks to get going..


That’s it for this Week. Good Luck in Week 3 Volleyball!