2016 Ann Arbor – Week 3 (Feb. 10)

Updated: February 15, 2016

Just like that we are through 3 Weeks in Ann Arbor and amazingly the Top 6 Teams in the Standings are all separated by 12 or less points.. It’s extremely crowded at the top as we enter Weeks 4 and 5 which will go back to the Hoops Court. Only for those Games, they will be played at Whitmore Lake High School. Want to make sure everyone has seen the revised  Schedule. That and the rest of the Ann Arbor League info (Stats, Standings etc) can be found on allsportsseries.com under Campus Leagues > Ann Arbor.  Also, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (which is solely for the Ann Arbor League this Week!)

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Power Rankings

1. Team ZBT (Schweitzer Title Gray) – Currently tied for 1st with 45 points

Holding down the top spot for another week is Team ZBT who continue to bring it week in and week out. Through 3 weeks they are averaging 15 points per week in the Standings and if they can manage to keep up that pace, they are the likely #1 seed come Playoff time. Granted #2 Team Sammy is right there with them.. More important than their current place in the Standings is that they’ve managed to earn points in 3 sports now, which is a huge indication of their depth and broad-ranging talent.. They are going to be up here all season long.  In Week 4 Hoops, they will be in the StudentCity Game of the Week and a showdown for next week’s #1 spot as they go toe to toe with #2 Team Sammy…


2. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title Gold) – Currently tied for 1st with 45 points

That’s right ladies and gentlemen.. We have a clash for the #1 spot slated for next week in Week 4 Hoops at Whitmore Lake High School.  Team Sammy has risen each week in both the Standings and Power Rankings. They notched a Week 1 W in Hoops and followed suit with a 2nd in Dodgeball and a 1st in Volleyball. These guys can do it all and that is why they are currently tied for first in the Standings.  As for as Regular Season Games go, they are about to embark on a Game that should have a Playoff atmosphere and one that certainly will have Playoff implications.. This one should be fun.


3. Team Theta Chi SR (Schweitzer Title White) – Currently in 4th with 36 points

Rising once again this week is #3 Team Theta Chi SR who won the 6pm Hour of Volleyball on Wednesday Night and jumped up to fourth in the Standings.  That’s two weeks in a row that they’ve won their group in Dodgeball and Volleyball and while it may not seem like a big deal right now.. Come Playoff time, every single point in the Standings matters.   While it may not be #1 v. #2 big, they too have an important Game this coming Wednesday Night when they will take on #5 DKE SO2 who are just 3 points behind them in the Standings.. A Hoops Win in Week 4 should propel them up to 2nd in the Power Rankings and at least third in the Standings.. Big-time Game coming up…


4. Team DKE SO1 (Ella Designs Jewelry Navy) – Currently in 3rd with 39 points

In what was their “weakest” showing to date, Team DKE SO1 still managed to grab 9 points in the Standings. Not bad for a “down week.” They did slide a bit in the Rankings but that is more of a testament to the slew of talent at the top of the League and nothing that DKE SO1 did wrong.. They are currently in sole possession of 3rd and just 6 points back of the top 2 in the Standings.  They now get to go back to the Hoops Court where they secured a Week 1 Win. This Week they are going to face off with some familiar foes in the form of Team DKE FR!


5. Team DKE SO2 (Spikeball) – Currently in 6th with 30 points 

Up a spot this week is Team DKE SO2 who are nipping at the heels of their DKE SO1 counterparts. They managed to take a 3rd in the 7pm hour of Volleyball. In doing so, they are now tied for 5th in the Standings and with a Win in Week 4 Hoops (remember they notched one in Week 1) they can leapfrog a few Teams ahead of them in the Standings (and Power Rankings).  It will be a tough task as they play #3 Team Theta Chi SR who are on quite a roll the past couple weeks.. That being said, it’s a great opportunity to get back near the top of the heap and show the rest of the League they are among the elite Hoopers around.


6. Team Delta Sig (Mezes Green) – Currently tied for 5th with 33 points

Team Delta Sig had an impressive Volleyball campaign on Wednesday Night and in doing so jumped back into the Rankings after being on the outside looking in a week ago.. Following Week 3, they too are just on the cusp of jumping several Top Teams after Week 4 Hoops… Remember, Hoops Game are worth 15 points in the Standings and Team Delta Sig sit just 12 points back of the two Teams tied for first.. In Week 1, Captain Lutz had some late-game heroics and while they hope they won’t need them this coming week.. It’s nice to know they have someone willing to knock down that big shot.. They will take the Court against a Team appearing in the Rankings for the first time this week.. #7…


7. Team SIG SR (Mezes Orange) – Currently tied for 7th with 27 points

If you’ve been following along in this week’s Rankings you’ll notice a couple of things.. We have a TON of big-time match-ups on the slate for Week 4 Hoops.  The top 2 Teams in the Standings/Rankings will square off. We have a battle of #3 v. #5 as well.. The third Game on that list will be #7 SIG SR trying to leap over #6 Delta Sig.. It’s SIG SR’s first appearance in the Rankings and well-deserved. They had a great Week at Volleyball and won the 7pm hour.  That result boosted them both into the Rankings but more importantly up in the Standings.  They are now firmly entrenched middle of the pack.  Can they keep up the momentum?


8. Team Theta Chi SO (StudentCity) – Currently tied for 8th with 24 points

The last spot in the Rankings this week goes to Team Theta Chi SO who are appearing in the Rankings for the first time this season! They had an impressive Volleyball night last Wednesday as they grabbed 2nd place in the 6pm hour, falling only to their the older Theta Chi SR squad..  As we exit the third week of the Regular Season, they are tied with both the AEPi FR and the DKE FR for 8th in the Standings.. A team just below them is AEPi SO.. Who will be their opponents in Week 4 Hoops as both Teams look to avenge Week 1 Ls.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi FR (cea Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 8th with 24 points

As it turns out Volleyball was likely not their strong suit, but the great thing about that.. Volleyball is now completely done for the season.. Even though they earned just 3 points in the Standings on Wednesday Night they still find themselves right in the thick of things in the Standings.  They will take on the AEPi SR squad on Wednesday Night with the Winners hoping to jump back into the Rankings next week!


Team AEPi SO (Schweitzer Title Blue) – Currently in 12th with 12 points

Team AEPi SR (Mezes Gold) – Currently in 11th with 18 points

They weren’t able to follow up their Dodgeball success with another strong week in Volleyball. They will get back to the Hoops Court in Week 4 where Jordan Liss went for 50+ in Week 1.  They will take on the AEPi FR who are young and hungry.  Winner will get back into the Rankings next week while the Loser will have to really get on a roll to close the season.. Should be a fun one!


Team DKE FR (Ella Designs Jewelry Red) – Currently tied for 7th with 27 points

Again, “Rest of the Pack” section is ALPHABETICAL.. Just want/need to repeat that.. Team DKE FR are right on the brink of being back in the Rankings and they only just missed out on them this week.  It wasn’t their best showing on Wednesday Night, but Volleyball is now totally in the rear view mirror for the Season.. They have been eager to hop back on the Hoops Court since Week 1 and will get a chance to really showcase to the entire League they are the real deal when they play #4 Team DKE SO1!


That’s it for this week. Just another Reminder — Wednesday is at Whitmore Lake! Have fun!