2016 Ann Arbor – Week 6 (Mar. 9)

Updated: March 10, 2016

.. and were back! Finally!  It’s seemingly been forever following the Snow-Out and Spring Break and on Wednesday Night we got back to action with the first set of Flag Football Games of the year.. Everyone seemed rested up and raring to go on the turf at Mitchell Field.  What’s even crazier is following Wednesday there is just 1 full week left of the Regular Season.. Now, that does include TWO sets of Games.. Just a Reminder, we will be making up the Snow-Out Games THIS SUNDAY March 13 at Whitmore Lake. The Schedule has been posted.  Then we will wrap-up the Regular Season for Week 7 Flag Football on Wednesday March 16.. The Playoffs will begin on Wednesday March 23 and conclude on March 30!  Here’s a glance at the Playoff Bracket. We’ll break down the Bracket in more detail next week.

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Power Rankings

1. Team ZBT (Schweitzer Title Gray) – Currently in 1st with 80 points

Well, it’s official, Team ZBT can play everything.  Even after a two week break to cool off, they were able to sustain their momentum and left Week 6’s Flag Football Games with a firm grip on the #1 Seed. They have been dominant thus far and are the clear cut favorite for the Crown at this point. Sam Martorella had a big night as QB as he accounted for 3 TDs including throws to Marc Godlis and Michael Shenfeld.  As we move into the final week of the Regular Season they are 2 more wins away from clinching the #1 Seed.  On SUNDAY, they will have Hoops against Team DKE SO2 and then finish the Regular Season on Wednesday Night against SIG SR.  Can they close out a near perfect Regular Season?


2. Team DKE SO1 (Ella Designs Jewelry Navy) – Currently in 2nd with 74 points

DKE SO1 followed up their Week 4 Hoops W with a Flag Football W on Wednesday Night. They did so in impressive fashion against Team Theta Chi SO.  QB Ryan Walker was a big reason why with a couple TD passes to Dylan Deitch and Justin Bergman.   David Greenbaum also had a pick-6 in this one.   They now find themselves in sole possession of second in the Standings with several Teams right behind them.. They are also within striking distance of #1 ZBT, should they have a hiccup. To close the season, they will have Hoops on SUNDAY against #4 Theta Chi SR and then finish the Regular Season on Wednesday with Football against #5 Team AEPi SR.  It will be a tough finish to the season but they are right where they want to be.


3. Team Sammy (Schweitzer Title Gold) – Currently in 3rd with 65 points

Team Sammy took the break and came back to regain their early season form.. They had a couple weeks to think about their Loss to Team ZBT in Hoops but that must have fueled them in the weeks off.. They were extremely determined on Wednesday Night and especially on the Defensive end as they won a Defensive battle with former #2 Team Theta Chi SR.  Josh Ehrlich scampered in a TD run and that was enough for Sammy to get a HUGE W as we head toward the Playoffs. In the final full week of the Regular Season they will have their Hoops make-up Game on SUNDAY against SIG SR and then close the season on Wednesday with Football against Team AEPi SO.


4. Team Theta Chi SR (Schweitzer Title White) – Currently in 5th with 51 points

Dropped a nail-biter against Team Sammy on Wednesday and with the L they drop a bit from #2 to #4 this week. They are still among the top tier and for great reason. They have proven they can bounce back before as they had a Week 1 L before storming through the League in the weeks that followed.. The Break might have broken their momentum a bit but they have a couple more opportunities to get it back before the Playoffs begin.. To close the season they will have Hoops on SUNDAY v. #2 DKE SO1, in a big one, and then close the Season with Football v. AEPi FR next Wednesday.  They are still within striking distance of top seeds.. Should be interesting.


5. Team AEPi SR (Mezes Gold) – Currently in 4th with 53 points

This might go down as the biggest W of their Regular Season.  They won a close battle with SIG SR on Wednesday Night thanks in large part to 2 TDs from Jordan Liss.  The 20 points in the Standings is enough to leapfrog 3 different Teams and land them in 4th in the Standings as we head into the final stretch of the Regular Season. On SUNDAY they will have make-up Hoops against Theta Chi SO and then they have the regular season finale on Wednesday when they play #2 DKE SO1 in one that could have significant seeding ramifications.


6. Team DKE SO2 (Spikeball) – Currently in 6th with 50 points

Most decisive W of the night for Flag Football came from DKE SO2.  They were fantastic on both sides of the ball as they put up 27 on Offense and pitched a shutout as well. Lee Reiver was great at QB with a sneak and a pass for a score.  The win jolts them up 3 spots in the Standings and a couple spots in the Rankings and it comes at the perfect time.. As we enter the final week of the Season they will have their Hoops make-up against #1 Team ZBT on SUNDAY in a Game that could really turn the League upside down should DKE SO2 pull the upset. Then, they close the regular season on Wednesday Night with another Football game vs. familiar foes DKE FR, who just happens to be #7…


7. Team DKE FR (Ella Designs Jewelry Red) – Currently in 7th with 47 points

While the DKE FR had excelled in dodgeball and also earned points in Volleyball before Wednesday Night they were still searching for their first Head to Head W of the Season. In Week 6 Flag Football, they broke through and got it.  They defeated the AEPi SO crew 25-7.  Jack Goldman had himself a day as QB accounting for 3 TDs on the night.  The win came just at the right time as the FR crew plan to gain some real momentum before embarking on their first Playoff journey. To close the season they will have Hoops make-ups on SUNDAY vs. the other FR, from AEPi, and then their last Game will be Football against #6 DKE SO2.    That final Game could be the difference between entering the Playoffs as “favorites” or “underdogs” — seeding is so important in Playoff runs.


8. Team SIG SR (Mezes Orange) – Currently in 8th with 42 points

Dropped one that they surely would have liked to have against Team AEPi SR on Wednesday Night. It was a well played Game though and it bodes well for both Teams moving forward as Flag Football will certainly be a large part of crowning our Champion.  They are still right in the thick of things for top seeds.. The difference between 4th and 9th right now is just 14 points.. Considering each Team has 35 potential points to earn in the final week of the Regular Season, there’s still a ton to be decided.. They will close the season against #3 Team Sammy on SUNDAY in their Hoops make-up and then Wednesday Night v. #1 Team ZBT in Football. Their final stretch is the hardest in the League but they will certainly be Playoff tested when those tip-off in a couple weeks.



Team AEPi FR (cea Study Abroad) – Currently in 11th with 24 points

Ran into a buzzsaw on Wednesday known as DKE SO2 on the gridiron. It happens.. They have more than enough time to get that out of their minds before the Playoffs start on March 23.  They will take on fellow Freshman and of the DKE variety on SUNDAY for the Hoops make-up.. Then they will have their Regular Season finale against Theta Chi SR next Wednesday for Week 7.  Even going 1-1 will be big for them both from a momentum standpoint and from a seeding standpoint come Playoff time.


Team AEPi SO (Schweitzer Title Blue) – Currently in 12th with 12 points

Dropped one to DKE FR on Wednesday Night. As we’ve stated in a few above sections.. With two Games left there’s still plenty of time to grab some MO before the Playoffs commence on March 23.  To close out the Season they will have Hoops on SUNDAY against a Team they can still catch in the Standings – Delta Sig – then they finish in Week 7 Flag Football vs. #3 Team Sammy.  We’ve seen Teams struggle early, get hot late, and go on a tear.. The time is now.


Team Delta Sig (Mezes Green) – Currently in 10th with 33 points

Fell victim to Team ZBT as so many others have done thus far in 2016.   With 33 points in the Standings they are still very much capable of leaping into the Top 4 or so come Playoff time. They just need to do well in this final stretch.. On SUNDAY they will have Hoops make-up vs. Team AEPi SO and then they will close out the season with Flag Football on Wednesday Night against Team Theta Chi SO.. They won’t face a Team that is currently Ranked and that is very favorable compared to other Teams who are just ahead of them in the Standings.. Delta Sig can really make some moves in the final days here..


Team Theta Chi SO (StudentCity) – Currently in 9th with 39 points

Fell to DKE SO1 on Wednesday Night and as a result fell out of the Rankings this week. They still have plenty of opportunity to make up for that however.  They have two Games left to jump several Teams who are right there for the taking.  The difference between #4 and #9 in terms of Playoffs is gigantic and they are just 14 points back of 4th right now.  The last couple of weeks are going to dictate so much. On SUNDAY they have Hoops with that very Team.. #4 AEPi SR who they would actually pass with a W and then they close the Regular Season against Team Delta Sig on the gridiron Next Wednesday Night!


That’s it for this Week. Gear up for TWO GAMES this coming Week!