2016 Austin – CHAMPIONSHIP Wednesday (Nov. 30)

Updated: December 6, 2016

On Wednesday Night we #CROWNED the first ever Champs in Austin League history! The Championship Game will surely go down as one to remember as we landed in Overtime before the Game was decided. We’ll break down all of the Final4 and Championship action below.. A couple quick things.. 1) We want to Thank Everyone again for playing this Fall.. It was a great first season! 2) We are going to be BACK in the Spring with another League.. More details to come!

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Playoff Preview


2. Team Kappa Sig (cea Study Abroad Green) v. 3. Team SigEp (SLA Insurance)

Can’t ask for much bigger stakes than this.. A spot in the first ever Austin League Championship Game was on the line between two of the League’s top combatants.. Both Teams had tremendous Regular Seasons as they closely followed Team Sammy for the top seeds in the Playoffs. They did not meet during the Regular Season.

The Game was dominated by Defense. Both groups were giving everything they had on both ends of the floor and what resulted was a contest where each basket was a struggle to come by. Rebounding was key here as there were several loose balls available in this one.. Kevin Fisher had a Game-high 13 points in this one for SigEp. Chris Rohrbach led the way for Kappa Sig in scoring. When it was all said and done, SigEp’s Defense just made a few more big time stops in the second half and secured the 33-28 W down the stretch. 3. Team SigEp would advance and await the Winner of the other Final4 game.

For Team Kappa Sig, what a first season in All Sports Series. Captain Drake Stacey and co. had a phenomenal 2016 campaign and they should leave with their heads held high. They have a Championship caliber roster here and with a few breaks could have been the Team left standing at the end. They will be back in the Spring and coming for the Crown. Thanks for playing!


1. Team Sammy (Biaggi’s) v. 4. Team ZBT JR (Spikeball)

Similar to the other Final4 match-up, these two Teams did not meet during the Regular Season.  Both Teams knew the incredible stakes here.. They had seen Team SigEp clinch the first of two spots in the Championship Game just moments before and were eager to earn the right to play them for the first ever Austin League Championship.  Team Sammy entered the Playoffs as overwhelming favorites coming off their magical Regular Season.. Team ZBT JR had a fantastic second half of the season to storm up to the #4 seed.. We knew this one was going to be a great Game.

Another similarity to the first Final4 Game.. This contest was decided on the Defensive end.  Both Teams really got after it and neither group was going to give an inch.. Points were extremely hard to come by here. Sam Breslow would score 17 points for ZBT JR but that would be the bulk of their Offense in this one.. Adam Schor and Jack Settleman were both in double figures for the top seeded Sammy squad and it was enough to get them this hard-fought W! 1. Team Sammy would advance to the Championship and will face #3 SigEp in the Championship!

For Team ZBT JR, there is nothing to be ashamed of here. They made it to the Final4 in their first dance with All Sports Series. They lost to the dominant #1 seed and gave them everything they could.. This group led by Brent Rubin has more than enough to finish in the Winner’s Circle in a future All Sports Series League.  Whether it’s next Spring (as Juniors they may be abroad) or back here next Fall, they are going to be among the favorites to take the whole thing.. Thanks for playing!



1. Team Sammy (Biaggi’s) v. 3. Team SigEp (SLA Insurance)

.. and then there were two.. Both Sammy and SigEp were among the favorites to land in these spots. As the season wore on it was clear there was a top tier and while Sammy was clearly leading the charge, SigEp was not far behind.. While there were no cinderella stories in the first season in Austin, we were left with two titans to battle it out for the first ever Austin League Crown. Like the Final4 match-ups, these two Teams didn’t play head to head during the season so we’d get another first time pairing here..

Both Final4 Games were low-scoring.. Dominated by Defense.. You’d think that with both Teams gassed from huge Wins in the Semis that it would be another low-scoring affair.. However, these Teams were determined to put on a show and make sure the first Austin League Championship would be a Game to be remembered.. SigEp and Sammy would trade the lead throughout this one.. SigEp utilized nice outside shooting and Sammy wanted to get to the rim whenever they could. Austin King went for 18 and Mason Brown sent in 14 for SigEp. Sammy was led by Brett Silvers with 16 and Captain Max Caputo who had 14. Jack Settleman and Kevin Fisher were both in double figures as well for their respective teams.

As the Game was coming to a close it was still tight and both Teams could taste the Crown.. SigEp would find themselves up 3 with a a few ticks remaining but Sammy had possession and the overall top seed wasn’t going to go down easily.. They would tie it up before the end of regulation! OVERTIME! Yes, we needed an extra session to produce the first Champs in Austin League history.. To start OT, Sammy would convert an And-1 to take a 3pt lead.. SigEp would answer with a 3 of their own and we’d eventually wind up tied at 55 with just 10 seconds remaining. SigEp with the ball.. They would pound the rock for a few seconds in an attempt to get the last shot in OT.. Dribble drive to the  lane where they kicked it out to a wide-open shooter behind the 3pt line at the right wing.. SPLASH! Team SigEp would win the Crown in Overtime on a virtual buzzer-beater! Just amazing!  More on the Champs shortly..

For Team Sammy, this one will hurt.. They went through the entire Regular Season and Playoffs without suffering a defeat. They picked up every point possible in the Regular Season. Something that does not happen too often in All Sports Series. They stormed their way into the Championship.. Then managed to force OT despite staring at their first Loss.. They even grabbed the lead in OT.. They just couldn’t put SigEp away… This group has been incredible since the League started in September and they have so much to be proud of. While they won’t hold the first Crown, they will be remembered for setting the pace and being the top Team all season long in our first run in Austin. When we return in the Spring they will be out to get what they feel is truly theirs and they will enter as front-runners. Congrats on a great ride and thanks for playing!

For the Champs, Team SigEp.. What an incredible journey for them this season and especially over these past few weeks. They managed to get by a very strong Fiji squad in the Elite8.. Winning a one score game there in Flag Football before entering Championship Wednesday where they defeated Kappa Sig by just 5 points in a thrilling Final4 Game and then claimed the ultimate prize in Overtime in the Championship. Captain Matthew Johnson and co. have to be extremely proud of themselves. They will certainly go down in history as the first ever Champs in Austin!  What’s more impressive.. These guys are just sophomores.. They have YEARS to build up a true legacy.. They will look to make it Back2Back Crowns this coming Spring. Congrats to the Champs!

That’s it for All Sports Series in Austin for 2016. We’ll be back in the Spring. Thanks for playing and good luck on finals!