2016 Austin – Playoff Preview (Nov. 9)

Updated: November 14, 2016

We have come along way since September and the Regular Season will now turn to Playoff season. It is the best couple of weeks of the year and one Team is going to go on a run that will cement them in Austin League history, serving as the first set of Champions.  We are going to break down each and every match-up for next week’s Opening Round and Elite8 Games.  10 Teams will enter and only 4 will leave with their Playoff lives in tact. This coming Wednesday we’ll be on the gridiron for Flag Football before moving back indoors to the Hoops court for the Final4 and Championship!

As a reminder on Playoff Format — the Top-10 Teams will qualify for the single-elimination Playoffs.. The Top-6 automatically are in the Elite8 while seeds 7-10 will compete in an extra Opening Round of Flag Football with the Winners comprising the final two spots in the Elite8.  From there the Final4 and Championship will be Hoops!

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Playoff Preview

Opening Round

7. Team ZBT SR (Chipotle) v. 10. Team Fat Sal’s Deli 

Kicking off the Playoffs in the Opening Round will be #7 ZBT SR v. #10 Fat Sal’s who both come into the Playoffs with a chance to win not just one Game but two on the very first night in Austin League Playoff history.. These two groups know each other extremely well and all lived under one roof just a couple years back. There will certainly be an element of a Rivalry added to the “Win or Go Home” contest. They didn’t meet head to head this Season so it will be a first-time match-up as well. The Winner of the Opening Round Flag Football Game will then get to immediately go toe to toe with #2 Kappa sig in the Elite8 round.  This should be a fun one. Good Luck to both Teams!


8. Team Pike (StudentCity) v. 9. Team ZBT SO Levenfeld (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) 

We get an instant Rematch from Week 7, just with a twist… These two Teams met in the Regular Season Final which saw Team Pike earn the Hoops W and jump over Team ZBT SO Levenfeld in the Standings on the League’s final night.. It’s tough to beat the same Team multiple times in one season but it’ll be a completely different arena with this Opening Round Game being played on the gridiron. The Winner here will not have long to celebrate as they will have to instantly get prepared and take the field in the Elite8 against top seeded Team Sammy.  Both Teams will be searching for their first Flag Football W of the season. It’s anyone’s Game. Good Luck!



1. Team Sammy (Biaggi’s) v. 8/9

If there was one story from the Regular Season that deserves everyone’s attention it is what Team Sammy accomplished. They went through the entire season and picked up every point possible.. They went 5-0 in head to head Games including a couple Hoops and Flag Football Games (aka the Playoff sports) and also grabbed 1st place in both their Dodgeball and Volleyball groups.. That is dominance. They have worked too hard and come too far to not have a serious Playoff run so they are not going to mess around in the Elite8, no matter who their opponent is. They face the Winner of #8 Team Pike and #9 Team ZBT SO Levenfeld.  They will be the favorites from here on out.


4. Team ZBT JR (Spikeball) v. 5. Team Sigma Chi (Le Brocq Lawyer)

The 4/5 match-up always provides one of the highlights of the Elite8. It’s two top notch Teams that are usually very equally matched. These two clubs met all the way back in Week 2 which saw Team ZBT JR grab a 9-4 Softball W.  Both Teams also excelled in Flag Football this season, both going 2-0 on the gridiron.  We are looking at what will likely be the StudentCity Game of the Night and only one of them has a spot in the Final4 where they presumably will try to take down #1 Team Sammy.  There is a whole lot at stake in this one!


3. Team SigEp (SLA Insurance) v. 6. Team Fiji (popchips)

Both of these squads had strong regular seasons. Team SigEp flirted with the top spot for much of the year, but just couldn’t keep pace with Team Sammy for #1 overall (who could?).. Coming in at #3 in the first Austin League Regular Season is a very nice feat, but they aren’t done yet.. They will have a tough test with Team Fiji on Wednesday Night. Both of these Teams earned Flag Football Ws during the season and we are likely in for quite a treat here. The Winner will move on to the Final4 where they could have a potential date with #2 Kappa Sig.  Good Luck!


2. Team Kappa Sig (cea Study Abroad Green) v. 7/10

Last but not least, in the Elite8 will be #2 Kappa Sig against the Winner of #7 ZBT SR and #10 Fat Sal’s. Whoever the opponent, Kappa Sig will be the favorite, but they’ll have to withstand an initial momentum surge from their opponent. Winning a Playoff Game in All Sports Series is a tough thing to accomplish.. Only a handful of Teams do so each season and it usually instills a large amount of confidence. If Kappa Sig can weather the initial storm, they should be just fine and Final4 bound. We’ve seen upsets in the past, so they must not take anyone likely.  They seem ready to go!


That’s it for the Playoff Preview. Good Luck to everyone!