2016 Austin – PLAYOFFS (Nov. 16)

Updated: November 22, 2016

On Wednesday Night, the Austin League had its very first set of Playoff Games in League History.  10 Teams qualified for the Playoffs and by night’s end we were left with our Final4 Teams who will vie for the Championship a week after Thanksgiving.  The Opening Round and Elite8 were played on the Flag Football Field and we’ll review all of that action below and setup the final night of Hoops to Crown our first Champs!

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Playoff Preview

Opening Round

7. Team ZBT SR (Chipotle) v. 10. Team Fat Sal’s Deli 

Winner plays #2 Kappa Sig in Elite8

These two were meeting for the very first time this season, but as we mentioned in the Playoff Preview last week, they are very familiar foes.. Both at one point in time resided in the ZBT house and both desperately wanted to be able to grab hold of a Playoff W in their debut All Sports Series campaign.

The Game was well played on both sides. The Defenses flew around for much of this Game and kept the Offenses at bay.. We didn’t see the crazy numbers put up in this Game that we saw at other times in Football this year.. When all was said and done #7 ZBT SR would advance by the score of 21-13. They would have little time to celebrate as they had to get ready for an Elite8 matchup with #2 Kappa Sig immediately following..

As for Team Fat Sal’s.. They leave with out the desired Playoff W but they still had success this Fall. This was a group who had a good time week in and week out and they were a pleasure to have in the League. We hope to see them again as soon as this Spring in Austin. Also, everyone should go treat themselves to a phenomenal sandwich at Fat Sal’s while prepping for finals! Thanks for playing!


8. Team Pike (StudentCity) v. 9. Team ZBT SO Levenfeld (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) 

Winner plays #1 Sammy in Elite8

We mentioned it in last week’s Playoff Preview.. These two clashed in the Regular Season Finale which saw Team Pike grab the big Hoops W. It really is difficult to defeat the same team twice in a season.. ZBT SO was hungry for retribution here in this crucial “Win or Go Home” Opening Round Game. Ricky Brown helped lead the charge for Team Pike as he connected for 4 TDs with various WRs on the night.. Two of them went to Devin Stefan.  Pike would account for 26 points in this Game.  As for Team ZBT SO, they had some firepower of their own in this one.. Grayson Sheena was electric on this night and helped lead his Team to a 1pt W.. 27-26 and #9 ZBT SO would advance to take on #1 Sammy in the Elite8.  This proved to be one of the best Games of the Night!

For Team Pike, they didn’t come away with the much sought after Playoff W but they need to hold their heads up high as they gave it their all in this final Game.  It was an instant classic and a shame that either Team needed to lose.. They will be back the next time All Sports Series is in Austin and this Loss may propel them to even more success in the future. Thanks for playing!



1. Team Sammy (Biaggi’s) v. 9. Team ZBT SO Levenfeld (Dr. Jacob D.D.S) 

Team Sammy has been at the top of the Standings and Power Rankings all season long.. They have earned the right to be the #1 seed and the favorites entering the Playoffs. However, no one is just going to hand them the Crown.. #9 ZBT SO entered this Game just moments after their thrilling Opening Round W over Team Pike.  They were feeling as good as they have at any point this season.. Could Sammy whether that initial momentum surge? The answer, would be yes.. But this Game had it all… Jack Settleman would account for SEVEN TDs for Sammy in this Game. Nick Kreider scored 3 and Adam Schor got 2 for himself.. Team Sammy’s offense was incredible.. Team ZBT SO put a fight as Grayson Sheena had another incredible performance, but this time it was just not enough. #1 Sammy would advance to the Final4 off the heels of the 48-37 W.

For ZBT SO Levenfeld, they will leave this season feeling proud, as they should.. They picked up a Playoff W, which many Teams won’t be able to say this Fall and they hung with the top Team in the land in their final Game.. As sophomores, they will come back even stronger in 2017 with a legit chance to win the Crown. Captain Eli Levenfeld will tweak the roster a touch and they will be ready to go! Thanks for playing!


4. Team ZBT JR (Spikeball) v. 5. Team Sigma Chi (Le Brocq Lawyer)

The 4/5 match-up is always a highlight of the Elite8.. We get two top-5 Teams together in what should be an even battle among top contenders. Both Teams had a tremendous amount of success this season, as evidenced by their Top-5 finishes in a really strong Austin League.. Only one of these Teams could move on and get a shot at #1 Sammy in the Final4 though..

Captain Brent Rubin of ZBT JR did everything in his power to assure it would be his Team moving on.. He accounted for FIVE TDs in this one and hit 4 different WRs in doing so.  These guys can hit you in so many different ways and on this night they showed off the entire arsenal. Sigma Chi would answer a couple of times but it just wasn’t enough.. #4 ZBT JR would advance to the Final4 and they’ll take on #1 Sammy next week with a spot in the Championship Game up for grabs!

As for Team Sigma Chi,


3. Team SigEp (SLA Insurance) v. 6. Team Fiji (popchips)

When the Bracket came out, this match-up jumped off the page as a potential show-stealer for Opening Night of the Playoffs.  As we mentioned in the Playoff Preview, both Teams had very strong regular seasons.. Both groups had Flag Football success this season, and showed again why they did this past Wednesday Night with everything at stake.

Connor Howden would run for a score and hit Will Deer for another to give Team Fiji their Offense for the evening. For SigEp, Mason Brown and Jason Goolsby would connect twice for TDs and Sam Ketchmark would also find himself in the end zone and at the final whistle it was Team SigEp 18-14. #3 SigEp would advance to next week’s Final4 where they will attempt to win 2 Games in one night and become the first ever Austin League Champs!

For Team Fiji, it was a great run this season. They had one of the best Teams in the League on the ropes here and while they didn’t finish them off, they have built a foundation for a very successful future. We will see Captain Will and co. in 2017 for sure. Thanks for playing!


2. Team Kappa Sig (cea Study Abroad Green) v. 7. Team ZBT SR (Chipotle)

Fresh off their first Playoff Win in Franchise history, Team ZBT SR was attempting to pull the upset against #2 Kappa Sig here in the Elite8. The Winner would move on to the Final4.. Momentum here was going to be key.. If ZBT SR could score first and keep their momentum from their earlier victory running, then they’d have a real shot!  Unfortunately for them, Kappa Sig had other plans.. Kappa Sig got the first score of the Game.. And the second.. Brett Harbin tallied 3 scores, with two of them going to Chris Rohrbach. The route was on. #2 Kappa Sig would advance to next week’s Final4 and take on #3 SigEp!

For ZBT SR, they have to be pleased with themselves for the season they just had. Only a handful of Teams win Playoff Games each season in All Sports Series and they can lay claim to doing that in the first ever Austin League. Max Shiner and Cobey Koretz put together a very good squad that may have one last chance at a Crown this coming Spring.. More details to come. Thanks for playing!


Thanks again to everyone for playing, have a great holiday and Good Luck to our Final4!