2016 Austin – Week 3 (Oct. 5)

Updated: October 11, 2016

As we wrap-up Week 3 in Austin, each and every Team has now played Hoops, Flag Football and Softball. The schedule has been balanced and once again and everyone has the same amount of possible points remaining. We are going to see the 3rd #1 Team in as many Weeks.. Teams Sammy and SigEp left Week 3 as the last Undefeated Teams in Austin. Can they keep up the momentum!?


Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Power Rankings

1. Team Sammy (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 1st with 50 points.

New #1 Team Sammy is the 3rd Team to hold the honor of being the top dawgs in Austin this Season. No Team has been able to keep it for more than a week however.. We’ll see how they fare moving forward.. Through 3 weeks though they have been fantastic.. Earning Wins in Hoops, Flag Football and most recently Softball.. Nick Kreider hit an important Home Run on Wednesday Night which helped propel them past Team Fiji in a close Softball contest.  They, along with the rest of the League, will be off next week before coming back on Wednesday Oct. 19.. They will take on Team Pike on the gridiron then.


2. Team SigEp (SLA Insurance) – Currently tied for 1st with 50 points.

One of the last unbeaten Teams in the League. Targets have officially been planted on their backs. No Team has managed to stay at #1 for more than a week, so maybe they are next in line for the top of the mountain? They have been quite a roll to start the season. Captain Matthew Johnson and co. have looked very strong in just about every sport.. It bodes very well for their Championship aspirations. This past Wednesday Night their Defense led the way by shutting out Team Fat Sal’s in Flag Football. They also put up 22 points on the Offensive side of the ball. When we get back from the week off, they will take on Team ZBT SO Koretz in Flag Football!


3. Team ZBT JR (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 3rd with 35 points.

Two Weeks in a row with big Ws and their Week 1 seems all but a distant memory.. These guys looked great in Flag Football on Wednesday Night as they defeated Team Pike 25-12. Captain Brent Rubin accounted for 3 TDs in Week 3 to help lead the Offense and his group to victory.  They floated a bit under the radar to start the season.. With the #2 Ranking now, that should change. When we return from the break they will take on familiar foes.. #8 Team ZBT SO Levenfeld in what should be a very interesting game on the gridiron.


4. Team ZBT SR (Chipotle) – Currently tied for 3rd with 35 points.

They had one heck of a night on Wednesday Night. They planted their flag as the best Softball unit in the League and shot up the Standings in doing so. These guys were excellent on Wednesday and for great reason they rise up to #3 in the Standings.  Josh Weitzman went 2 for 4 and scored a couple of runs. Wes Shosid also went 2 for 4 with a run scored and knocked one in as well. They were great on Defense and really never let the opposing Offense get going. When we return from the short break they will be part of the StudentCity Game of the Week in Week 4 as they take on #5 Team Sigma Chi!


5. Team Sigma Chi (Le Brocq Lawyer) – Currently tied for 5th with 30 points. 

The best Game of the Night went to Team Sigma Chi. Remember, they were Ranked #1 after Week 1 Hoops. They fell back to #5 after softball last week but looked very impressive once again and this week in Flag Football. They won 21-20 over #8 Team ZBT SO Levenfeld.  Those two sports – flag football and hoops – will be key in determining the Champs, as those are the two sports we play in the Playoffs. Team Sigma Chi seems primed for a great run there.. They have a very big Game with #4 Team ZBT SR, when we return on Oct. 19.  In fact, it is the StudentCity Game of the Week. Should be a great one!


6. Team Kappa Sig (cea Study Abroad Green) – Currently tied for 5th with 30 points.

Team Kappa Sig came out on the losing end for the first time in 2016 and as a result took a tumble down the Rankings from #1 to #6 this week.. It’s a steep drop for a Team with only one Loss, and frankly it is likely too large of one, it is just tough with the Teams so tight at the top.. All of the Teams ranked in the Top-5 this Week got Wins on Wednesday Night and that is just what is required to maintain top spots.. Anyways, great Teams have a way of bouncing back quickly and that’s exactly what we expect from Team Kappa Sig when we return for Flag Football on Oct. 19.


7. Team Fiji (popchips) – Currently tied for 8th with 15 points.

They dropped a closely fought Softball contest with Team Sammy on Wednesday Night by a score of 4-2. They just couldn’t manufacture enough Offense to take the lead late. It was one of the better played Games on the diamond in the past couple of weeks. These guys are going to be just fine moving forward.. They look to grab their second Flag Football Win in as many tries on Wednesday Oct. 19 when they face Team Fat Sal’s!


8. Team ZBT SO Levenfeld (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 7th with 20 points.

They dropped a heartbreaker in the best-played Flag Football Game of the Week.  They lost 21-20 to #5 Team Sigma Chi in a Game that truly was up for grabs.. These guys are sitting a good shape in the Standings, right in the middle of the pack.. They have shown that they can compete with the League’s best however and you can expect them to move up as time goes on.. They will take on familiar foes #3 Team ZBT JR in one of the premier match-ups of the Week 4.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Fat Sal’s Deli – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.

They fell to Undefeated #2 Team SigEp in Flag Football on Wednesday Night. The exit Week 3 still searching for their first points in the Standings but there is plenty of time for them to make up some ground. A Win against Team Fiji in Week 4 means that they will soar up in the Standings and also pass Team Fiji in the Standings for the time-being due to the head to head tiebreaker. It will be no easy feat taking down Team Fiji but this group has what it takes.


Team Pike (StudentCity) – Currently tied for 8th with 15 points.

Nick Sorsby and Ricky Brown connected 2x for Touchdowns in their Flag Football Game on Wednesday Night against #3 Team ZBT JR. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to get the W this week. They are firmly entrenched in the most difficult part of their Schedule right now as they will have to take on Undefeated #1 Team Sammy next Wednesday Night.  That being said, they have enough to get the Win and can really shake things up by doing so.. Opportunity is knocking.


Team (TOW Caps) – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.

Team ZBT SO Koretz (cea Study Abroad Gold) – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.

They fell to their older brothers, the ZBT SR squad in Softball on Wednesday Night. Captain Danny Koretz scored a run in this one but they couldn’t match the Seniors Offensive power at the plate. They are going to be pushed in a tough match-up when we return for Week 4 on Oct. 19.. They will take on Undefeated #2 Team SigEp on the gridiron. Can they snap both their skid and SigEp’s streak? We shall see.


That’s it for Week 3. Enjoy the Week off and see you back on Wed. Oct. 19!