2016 Bloomington – CHAMPIONSHIP Wednesday (Nov. 16)

Updated: November 22, 2016

On Wednesday Night we #CROWNED the second ever Bloomington League Champs.  We knew entering the League’s final night of 2016 that we’d have New Champions as #8 ZBT avenged their Championship Game Loss from a year ago during the Opening Round to oust 2015 Champs AEPi from the 2016 Playoffs. We are going to break down the action below, but since you can see the picture above, let’s just go ahead and give a gigantic Congratulations to the 2016 Bloomington League Champs #2 Delts JR/SR! Again, we’ll get into how they did it below.

Also, in very exciting news.. All Sports Series is going to return to Bloomington this Spring for a Hoops League on Sunday Nights!

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Playoff Review


4. Team ATO SR (The Gourmet Cafe Blue) v. 8. Team ZBT (Classic Lanes Gray)

So who would meet #2 Delts JR/SR in the Championship!?  These two Teams met all the way back in Week 1, which was also Hoops, and we saw Team ATO SR grab a 45-43 W in what was easily the Game of the Night. Since then, ATO SR went on to have a great Regular Season and defeated #5 Sammy in the Elite8 in what was also an instant classic. #8 ZBT followed the same path they did a year ago to this point.. They did enough to get into the Playoffs and saved their best for when it mattered most.. As we mentioned at the top, they defeated Defending Champs AEPi in the Opening Round last week and then followed that up with a huge upset of #1 Pi Kapps in the same night!  They did the exact same thing a year ago en route to the Championship Game.. Would history repeat itself?

Both of these Teams have many All Sports Series vets, all of whom were looking desperately for their first Crown. When you get to the League’s final night, you can taste it.. They know how hard it is to get to this point and don’t want to waste these opportunities, especially with both Teams being comprised of mainly Seniors.. As the Game got underway, we had a similar back and forth style that we saw these two Teams exhibit in Week 1. Neither group was going to pull away here.. It was going to be a fight until the end.. It was a Defensive battle that saw DJ Deolitsis be the leading scorer in the Game (for ATO SR) with 12 points.. Captain Jack Lazar and Charlie Weil got into double digits for ZBT as did Captain Jake Grossinger for ATO SR.  When all was said and done, ZBT made more buckets down the stretch and for the second straight season, #8 ZBT would advance to the Championship Game as the #8 seed! Just incredible.

For ATO SR, they got so close yet again.. They have been in a number of All Sports Series Leagues at this point and they are routinely among the League’s best.. Each and every time out.. They just haven’t finished with the Crown.. Yet.  This group has a Championship in them.. They just do, you know what when you see it.. They may be able to take it home this coming Spring in the new Hoops League in Bloomington. Thanks again for playing!



2. Team Delts JR/SR (StudentCity Gold) v. 8. Team ZBT (Classic Lanes Gray)

So the stage was set and in a lot of ways we have a very similar showdown to a year ago.. We have the Cinderella ZBT Team who is coming off 3 big wins against 3 Teams they were likely the underdog against.. Then the odds on favorite, this year Delts JR/SR is taking the role of AEPi from a year ago.. Delts JR/SR led by Leland Pew and Matt Braschi have been at the top of the League for the entirety of the season and they know how hard it is to climb back here.. Neither Team wants to waste this opportunity at the Bloomington Crown.

When the Game began, ZBT had an initial surge of momentum, having come straight off their Final4 W over ATO SR.  Delts JR/SR on the other hand was fresh and knew they just needed to whether ZBT’s initial storm in order to win this thing.. Brendan Thomas and Raymond Riley finished with 18 and 17 respectively and they really help set the tone for Delts JR/SR. Cooper Weisman was in double figures for ZBT but they just didn’t have the energy in the second half, in their 2nd game of the night, to battle back from a double figure deficit. #2 Team Delts JR/SR are the 2016 Bloomington League Champs! More on them in a moment.

For the Runners-Up, Team ZBT. It is a familiar role for them.. They once again will leave as the talk of the League in the final weeks. They repeated their heroics from a year ago but were unable to grab that final win.. While this will again sting for some time, they can leave knowing this.. After two seasons of All Sports Series in Bloomington. Their Franchise has the most Wins in Playoff history with 6.  They are the only Team to make it two Championship Games so far as well. No, they don’t hold a Crown but they will go down as one of the pillars of these first couple of Leagues. Many here are Seniors and you can expect them to give it their all this Spring in the Hoops League to finish what they have started here.. Thanks for playing!

As for the #CHAMPS, what a season that was really two years in the making. They burst on the scene in 2015 and had a terrific season that was cut short early in the Playoffs.. This year, they were determined to not let that happen again and they took that motivation all the way to the Crown! For out-going Seniors this will be a sweet send-off for them, while the Juniors will be left to retool and try to figure out a way to give Bloomington it’s first Back2Back Champs, next Fall. They will also likely be favorites next Spring in our first Hoops League in Btown. Congrats again to the Champs! These guys were a class act the whole way through! Well Deserved!

That’s it for this Season! Have a great Thanksgiving and see you in the Spring!