2016 Bloomington – Week 5 (Oct. 19)

Updated: October 24, 2016

Week 5 saw the Bloomington League get back to the Hoops court for the first time since Week 1.  Next week the League shifts back to Flag Football to make-up the Games from a few weeks ago before one more slate of Hoops Games for Week 7 to conclude the Regular Season.  Team Delts JR/SR got another big Win on Wednesday and remain in 1st place of both the Standings and the Power Rankings after Week 5!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Power Rankings

1. Team Delts JR/SR (StudentCity Gold) – Currently in 1st with 93 points.

Where to start but with the only Team that is still perfect on the season? Team Delts JR/SR got yet another Win on Wednesday Night and this time against Team Theta Chi on the Hoops court. Brendan Thomas had a big night with 21 and Raymond Riley put in 16 as well for the #1 Team in Bloomington. They are now just a couple Wins away from a perfect season and with a W on Wednesday Night against Phi Sig in Flag Football they will look up the #1 seed for the Playoffs!


2. Team Pi Kapps (Bakehouse Black) – Currently in 2nd with 73 points.

Leaping into the #2 spot this week.. Their highest Ranking of the season thus far.. Is Team Pi Kapps. They got a nail-biting W over former #2 Team ATO SR on Wednesday Night in Hoops by a score of 39-36. Lawrence Birchler and Jeremy Champine both got into double digits in scoring during this Defensive Battle.  They are still within striking distance of that #1 seed that Delts JR/SR currently holds. They’d need some help next week with a Delts JR/SR Loss in Flag Football, but if that happens in combo with a Pi Kapps W, we’d have a showdown for the #1 overall seed in the Regular Season Finale.. That’s right Pi Kapps will meet Delts JR/SR in Week 7 Hoops to close the regular season.


3. Team Sammy (popchips) – Currently in 4th with 50 points.

Moving up a spot this week is Team Sammy who have re-gained their impressive form from a year ago in recent weeks. They took on Rivals Team ZBT on Wednesday Night in Hoops and came away with the 15 point win. Sam Lansat put in 17 points and Captain Jake Brody tallied a baker’s dozen in the Win. While they are #3 in the Rankings they sit at #4 in the Standings with a couple crucial Games looming.. They take on the streaking ATO SO2 crew next Week in Flag Football. 20 points will be on the line and ATO SO2 could leap them with a Win.. Only important Games left down the stretch…


4. Team ATO SR (The Gourmet Café Blue) – Currently in 3rd with 60 points.

ATO SR drops a couple of spots from last Week’s Rankings after a hard-fought Loss to #2 Pi Kapps. Nothing for them to get down about. They have had a tremendous season thus far and they got caught in a tight Game with another very good Team, and just came up a bit short. They are still sitting in a great spot at #3 in the Standings with just a couple Games left to play.. Eric Davis was the leading scorer for them in Week 5. They look ahead to a Flag Football contest against their younger bros. the ATO JR squad. They’ll look to get right back on track shortly.


5. Team ATO SO2 (StudentCity Lime) – Currently in 6th with 41 points.

They’ll likely tell you that was the most satisfying Win of the their season as they defeated their pledge-class mates of ATO SO1 on Wednesday Night in Hoops. Wade Blair had 14 points and Michael Miller was also in double figures. The Win launches them up to the Top-5 in the Rankings and they are now on the heels of both 4th and 5th in the Standings with just a couple of weeks to play.  They will take on #3 Team Sammy next Wednesday in Flag Football. This is a group that is just 9 points ahead of them in the Standings.. A win can really help their seeding come Playoff time!


6. Team Delts SO (BBQ Pit) – Currently in 5th with 48 points.

Such an impressive W for this group on Wednesday Night. They took down Defending Champs Team AEPi and in their best sport of Hoops. They had 4 players in double digits in this Game including Grant Miller with 17 and Landon Sinnis. These guys are deep and only getting better. Their win gets them into 5th in the Standings with just a couple of weeks left in the Regular Season. They get ATO SO1 in Flag Football in Week 6 before closing the Season with #3 Team Sammy in what could very well be a Playoff Preview!


7. Team ATO SO1 (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 7th with 32 points.

They got the rare chance to play against their fellow pledge-classers in the form of the ATO SO2 squad… It was a Game where everyone knew their opposition incredibly well and on Wednesday Night they came up a bit short. Tommy Rudman and Captain Daniel Chumbley still played well in the L. They are still sitting pretty in 7th in the Standings and will have a chance to move up in the next couple of weeks before the Playoffs resume. They will take on the streaking Delts SO squad on Wednesday Night in Flag Football.


8. Team ATO JR (Black Canyon Bakehouse Gray) – Currently tied for 9th with 15 points.

They are officially on the board and it was the W they needed to open the floodgates!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AEPi (Classic Lanes Red) – Currently tied for 9th with 15 points.

The Defending Champs have had a rough go of it as of late. This is something we see all the time.. It’s tough wearing the honor of Defending Champs week in and week out.. You always get the other Team’s best as they are amped to show the League what they can do.. Meanwhile, this group has nothing to worry about.. Whatever their seed winds up being come Playoff time they are well aware that they have been there and done that. Seth Gilford was the high scorer for them on Wednesday Night. Matt Lowy and Captain Seth Cooley also were in double figures. They move on to Football next against Team Theta Chi.


Team Phi Sig (cea Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.

Team Theta Chi (The Gourmet Café Red) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.

Gave the #1 Delts JR/SR a legit run on Wednesday Night but just couldn’t get the W. They are playing better and the Wins are going to come. They have to believe that. Austin Wiest scored 14 to lead his squad. They are going to get Defending Champs Team AEPi in a crucial Game of Flag Football in Week 6. A win for them would leap them over AEPi and put them into a much better spot for the Playoffs.


Team ZBT (Classic Lanes Gray) – Currently in 8th with 25 points.

They faced off with Rivals Team Sammy on Wednesday Night but just came up short. Austin Hersh had 13 points as the leading scorer for ZBT in Week 5. They are still good to go in terms of the Playoff race as they are currently in 8th in the Standings but with a couple Games left and the Standings so tight they could definitely gain some ground over the last few weeks of the season..  They get #2 Pi Kapps in Flag Football on Wednesday Night!


That’s it for Week 5. See everyone back for Flag Football next Wednesday!