2016 Champaign – CHAMPIONSHIP Wednesday (Nov. 16)

Updated: November 22, 2016

On Wednesday Night we #CROWNED two sets of Champions!  For the first time ever, the Champaign Co-Ed League Championship was decided and Team Tri Delt/SAE will hold the honor of being the first ever Co-Ed League Champs!  Then, a few hours later Team SigEp also made history by becoming the first Franchise in any All Sports Series League to ever win Three consecutive Championships.  They are truly the Kings of the Champaign Men’s League. We are going to breakdown all of the action below.

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Co-Ed Playoff Review

Final4 Kickball

2. Team Tri Delt/SAE (SLA Insurance) v. 3. Team KKG/Phi Delt (Houlihan’s)

#2 v. #3 for a spot in the Championship Game. Can’t ask for much more than this.. #5 Alpha/Phi/ZBT had already qualified for the Championship last week with an upset W over #1 Gphi/SAE 17s in Kickball.. The story of Kickball this season has been Defenses holding opposing Offenses to very few chances.. Would that trend continue with so much on the line?

Yes. Yes it would.. The Game flew by in the early innings.. It was 0-0 for a while and then KKG/Phi Delt was able to grab two runs with big kicks from Co-Captains Jack Brassil and Claire Follis.. Team Tri Delt/SAE wouldn’t stay down for long as they knotted Game up at 2 in the late stages.. Then, in the bottom of the 6th.. They would score the go-ahead run with a big kick from Michael Pope that would be the Game-Winner! #2 Tri Delt/SAE would advance to the Championship.

For Team KKG/Phi Delt, they turned in a great first season together in All Sports Series. Both groups were taking part in their debut season and to finish in the top half during the Regular Season and finish one win away from the Championship Game is an impressive feat! Especially, since they were the only Team of all Rookies in the Co-Ed League. This group could win the whole thing should they stay together in 2017. Thanks for playing!


Championship Flag Football

2. Team Tri Delt/SAE (SLA Insurance) v. 5. Team Alpha Phi/ZBT (Sushi Kushi)

After their dramatic Kickball W just moments before.. #2 Team Tri Delt/SAE were coming into the Championship Game with a TON of momentum. Awaiting their arrival on the gridiron was #5 Alpha Phi/ZBT who defeated not one but two Teams last Thursday Night to earn their place in the Championship Game including the #1 overall seed.  This was going to be a fun one and the Winners would go down in history as the first Champaign Co-Ed League Champs ever.

We just briefly touched on the momentum that Tri Delt/SAE came into this Game with and they surely carried it over to the Game. Before we knew it, the route was on.. Team Tri Delt/SAE scored first.. and second.. and third.. By halftime they were up a 20+.. It was much of the same in the second half.. Brandon Wyeth, Shane Quirke and Michael Pope all were in on the scoring action. It was all over.. #2 Team Tri Delt/SAE were the Champaign Co-Ed League Champs! More on them in a moment..

For the Runners-Up, Team Alpha Phi/ZBT.. They were the talk of the town in the first week of the playoffs. They defeated two Teams that were seeded higher than they were and finished tied for most-Playoff wins this season with two. They have a relatively young core and should they stay together they could really be the team to beat next Fall! Thanks for playing!

To the Champs… Congrats goes out to Team Tri Delt/SAE! The SAE house has been participating with All Sports Series since the first Champaign League back in 2013 and it’s great to see them finally grab a Crown! We have to wish Captain Chris Stearns a speedy recovery as well! Congrats also to Captain Anna Tomaszewski and the rest of the Tri Delt house!  They are the first sorority in Champaign to be able to call themselves Champs! This group will be Seniors a year from now and there’s no reason to think they can’t go Back2Back! They will definitely have a target on their backs next Fall. Thanks again for playing!


Men’s Playoff Review

Final4 Flag Football

1. Team SigEp (Meijer) v. 4. Team AKL (Biaggi’s Purple)

All season the story has been whether SigEp could do the unthinkable and complete the 3peat… Well, the other Teams in the League have to be tired of hearing about their success. AKL has been in All Sports Series since the beginning in Champaign. 2013. They just won their first Playoff Game a week ago after a great Regular Season landed them with the 4 seed.. Could they be the Team to finally snap the SigEp streak?

In short, the answer would be no.  Team SigEp has a ton of firepower as they’ve routinely shown week after week and especially on the Flag Football field.. Nico Caracciolo accounted for 6 TDs in this one with 3 of them going to Henry Dominicis. They were just too much for AKL to keep down. SigEp built that early lead and even with scores from Jack McClellan to Austin Kim it just wasn’t enough for AKL. 1. Team SigEp would advance to the Championship Game for the 3rd straight season!

For AKL, this Loss still takes nothing away from what was a great season for them. In years past they had excelled in Hoops but couldn’t find ways to get past the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs.. Well, they exercised those demons in 2016 by defeating Pikes in the Elite8. This is group on the rise and one that is going to see even more success in the future. Thanks for playing!


2. Team Sammy’s 18s (Schweitzer Title) v. 3. Team ATO (Starr Limo)

When the bracket came out, this potential match-up jumped off the page.. After SigEp, these two Teams have had the most success out of any other houses in the League over the past two seasons and only one of them was going to get to the Championship and have shot at dethroning SigEp.. Both Teams had incredible seasons and on paper this could have been the best Game of the Playoffs…

However, Games aren’t played on paper.. ATO picked the wrong night to be short-handed and it cost them.. They were playing a man down for most of the Game and the Sammy’s 18s Offense is hard enough to stop at full strength. Tommy Sutker had a pair of TD throws and added 2 more with is legs as QB from Sammy’s.  Charlie Kogan hauled in one of those receptions.. The Sammy’s Defense was also stellar.. Captain Bobby Dunn tried to will his Team into it with a couple of TD runs in this one for ATO but it just wasn’t enough.. 2. Team Sammy’s 18s would advance to the Championship Game.  

For #3 ATO, as we stated above.. They had a tremendous season.. They have been near the top of the Champaign League for years.. This was their 3rd Final4 appearance in 4 years. That is extremely hard to do. Had they been full-strength on this night, maybe it would have been a different story but that’s just the way it went down.. Captain Bobby and co. were heavy on the Sophomore side this season which means they will be back and likely even better in 2017. Thanks for playing!


Championship Hoops

1. Team SigEp (Meijer) v. 2. Team Sammy’s 18s (Schweitzer Title)

What else could we ask for? #1 v. #2?  On top of that, we have the two houses who have had more success over the past two seasons than everyone (three really).. SigEp is a Dynasty in every sense of the word. They are the 2014 and 2015 Champaign League Champs.. Team Sammy’s 18s finished 1st in last year’s Regular Season and followed that up with a second place finish this year en route to the Championship Game.. Upsets are fun to talk about but these are the dream match-ups we live for and both front-runners needed to run the gauntlet to get here since September..  At stake, All Sports Series’ first ever 3peat or a dethroning and potential for a new power to emerge…

They didn’t meet head to head this season but certainly watched each other on the scoreboards.. This Game was exactly what we asked for once the action started.. It was back and forth with each Team giving it their all on both ends of the floor. Tommy Sutker would finish with 20 and Andrew Ferdman had 18 for Sammy’s while Duane Farrington had a Game-high 21 in the contest. As we passed the halfway point of the Game the lead had shifted multiple times.  Neither team could pull away.. Sammy’s 18s would build up an 8 point lead with just a handful of minutes to play but the 2x Defending Champs wouldn’t go down without a fight.. They would score a couple baskets and in the closing minutes took advantage of a couple missed free throws by SAM.  SigEp would eventually knot it up and actually had a chance to win the Game at the end of Regulation.. They would fire up an open look from the corner that would NOT stay down.. OVERTIME IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP! OT was a 2-minute session and both Teams were fatigued but knew they were seconds away from the Crown.  SigEp would strike first in the OT session.. Sammy’s would answer.. SigEp again would get the lead and this time for good! SigEp won it 52-5 in OT and SigEp has the first 3peat in All Sports Series history! More on the Back2Back2Back Champs in just a second..

For Team Sammy’s 18s. This one will be tough to get over for a bit of time.. They have guys on this Roster who have hoisted the Crown before (Tommy Sutker and Ziggy Levin won this past Summer’s College/Prep League) and they know how hard it is to get to finish line.. They were seconds away from closing out the first Championship in Sammy’s history but saw firsthand why SigEp hasn’t lost a Playoff Game in what will be 4 years come this time next Fall.. Captain Justin G, Ryan Mass and a host of others fought incredibly hard this season and should be proud of themselves. They took a group that has won 3-straight Championships to a limit we haven’t seen before.. They are still going to get another run at this thing next Fall as Seniors and to they will enter as favorites to get back to this Game a year from now. Thanks for playing and Congrats on a great run!

For the 3x Champs.. (something that had never been typed in All Sports Series until right now).. This one might be the sweetest.. We’ve mentioned countless times how a 3peat has never been done and Captain Mike Thompson and co. have become the first! The amount of Games you have to be able to win in a row to do this type of thing is just insane.. We’ve seen a handful of Back2Backs happen in All Sports Series but for them to come out in 2016, and go Undefeated en route to their 3rd Crown is simply amazing. This will likely be unmatched for a long long time.. You have to ask now.. Can they make it an unthinkable 4?  They have already etched their names in All Sports Series Mt. Rushmore but can they continue to push the envelope? There will be a lot of worthy competitors trying to knock them off but they will of course enter as favorites once again in 2017. Congrats on an amazing season. Truly amazing. SigEp are the kings of Champaign. No question about it!


That’s it for the 2016 Fall Season. Thanks to everyone for playing and see you in 2017!