2016 Champaign – Week 4 (Sept. 28)

Updated: October 2, 2016

Flag Football was the arena once again on Wednesday Night in Champaign for the final set of Flag Football Games until the Playoffs.  We had a bit of rain and certainly felt like fall football weather out there for the first time.. We had some great performances and we’ll highlight them all below.. Next Week, the Men’s Division has Dodgeball and the Co-Ed League will take part in the first Indoor Soccer Games ever played in the Champaign League.  The Co-Ed Power Rankings went first last week, so this week the Men’s Division will lead things off!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

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Men’s Power Rankings

1. Team SigEp (Meijer) – Currently in 1st with 80 points.

How long will this run last?  In the past couple of seasons, both ended in Championships for them, we saw Team SigEp get off to fast starts and eventually they’d cool down a bit before ramping back up for the Playoffs.. This feels a bit different though. They seem like they are determined to just run the table en route to their 3rd Championship…?  We shall see.  Nico Caracciolo had another great night accounting for 4 TDs on Wednesday.  These guys look excellent right now and look to keep the momentum going in Dodgeball in Week 5.


2. Team Sammy’s 18s (Schweitzer Title) – Currently in 2nd with 60 points.

Back up to #2 after a brief dip last week is Team Sammy’s 18s.  They got one of the biggest Wins of the Regular Season – for any Team – as they took down Team ATO (who was #2 last week) in a clash of the titans on the flag football field.  Tommy Sutker and Andrew Ferdman connected for a couple of scores here and Captain Justin got into the end zone as well.. They looked determined from the get go, to not allow a repeat of their close L against Team Pikes.. They now have their sights set on overtaking Team SigEp over the next few weeks to grab the #1 seed.


3. Team ATO (Starr Limo) – Currently tied for 3rd with 45 points.

They fall a spot back this week after losing to Team Sammy’s 18s on Wednesday Night. Team Sammy’s always is tough on the gridiron.. No shame in a Loss there. Captain Bobby Dunn had a couple of TDs in this one. They are still holding strong in the Top-3 as we turn to Week 5 Dodgeball. This group has shown they are ready to make a serious run in November.. They want to make sure they get back some momentum though in October before the stretch run.


4. Team ZBT (iHotel Gold) – Currently tied for 3rd with 45 points.

Back to their Winning ways this week is ZBT who dropped a Flag Football Game the week prior to #1 Team SigEp. They got the W over Team SAE 19-20s and as a result hopped into the Top-4. Their Group for Dodgeball includes 5 of the 6 Teams in the Power Rankings, totally random obviously, but it’s going to make for some interesting moves in next week’s Rankings.. Can these Teams knock SigEp down a peg? Can ZBT leap #3 ATO in the process? We’ll see..


5. Team Sammy’s 19s (Farm Lake Barn) – Currently in 5th with 40 points.

Getting up and into the Top-5 after their second straight Flag Football W this Week is the Sammy’s 19s. They are really rolling right now.. Ian Fulton led the League in TDs on Wednesday Night with Five!  They have a real opportunity to shake things up this coming Wednesday Night as they are in a Group with 5 of the Top 6 Teams in the Power Rankings.. That means there’s a real chance to gain some serious ground on Teams sitting ahead of them.. Can they keep this point streak alive?


6. Team Pikes (cea Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 6th with 35 points.

They slide out of the Top-5 this week after dropping Flag Football to Team Theta Chi on Wednesday Night. It was a great Game and one that they could have had.. Adam Loch and Caid Landers connected for a couple of scores on the night.  As mentioned above in most of the Top-5 sections.. Pikes will be in a group with much of the Top-5 (all but #2 Sammy’s 18s) in Dodgeball on Wednesday Night. They have a tremendous opportunity to really gain some ground in both the Standings and the Power Rankings on all of the Teams they are chasing right now.. Perfect timing.


7. Team SAE 17-18s (iHotel Navy) – Currently tied for 6th with 35 points.

Final Team into the Rankings this week is Team SAE 17-18s. They fall a bit from last week’s #5 Ranking after dropping their Football Game to SigEp. Brendan Conlon accounted for a couple of TDs in the Loss. They look forward now to Dodgeball where they are not in the “Death Group” which means they will be favored to pick up some points and then can easily gain ground on many of the Teams in the other Group.. It is a perfect scenario for them to hop back into the Top 5 following next week!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AKL (Biaggi’s Purple) – Currently in 10th with 15 points.

Team AKL is searching for some points after a couple weeks without any Ws. However, their strong sports are coming down the pike now.. They have Volleyball and Hoops in the not too distant future and they have fared well in Dodgeball as well throughout the years.. They have plenty of time to catch some of these Teams that are just a few points ahead of them in the Standings. Look for them to bounce back soon.


Team SAE 19-20s (Biaggi’s Gold) – Currently in 8th with 25 points.

Team Theta Chi (Chipotle) – Currently in 9th with 20 points.

Just a reminder this section is listed Alphabetically.. Theta Chi would have come in at #8 this week following their first Win in Franchise history! They got a big 28-24 W over Team Pikes on Wednesday in Football. Jack Lipinsky tossed 4 TDs and 3 of them went to Carson Banks to help propel the W. These guys just needed to see one go in the Win column and now they can really start to roll along. They will look to follow-up with some more points in Dodgeball during Week 5!


Co-Ed Power Rankings

1. Team Gphi/SAE 17s (Schweitzer Title) – Currently tied for 3rd with 40 points.

These guys won the StudentCity Co-Ed Game of the Week and in doing so claimed the top spot in the Rankings!  They knocked off Team Tri Delt/SAE who were in the #1 spot a week ago and also pulled within 5 points of first place in the Standings. Joseph Giuffre had 3 TDs in this one to help his crew of Seniors get a key Flag Football W!  The question now becomes, can they hold onto this spot with a host of good teams behind them? Next week, they will take part in yet another StudentCity Co-Ed Game of the Week as they take on new #2 Team KKG/Phi Delt!


2. Team KKG/Phi Delt (Houlihan’s) – Currently tied for 1st with 45 points.

Fresh off a close W over Team Alpha Phi/ZBT these guys move up a spot to #2 this week! They are also tied currently for first place in the Standings. Charles Donohue had a couple TDs including one to Amber Leneau!  They have their biggest challenge yet upcoming next week as the #1 spot in the Rankings will be on the line once again in the StudentCity Co-Ed Game of the Week.. They will meet #1 Team Gphi/SAE 17s for the top spot in Indoor Soccer!


3. Team Gphi/Sammy’s 18s (Spare Time) – Currently tied for 3rd with 40 points.

Holding steady in the Top-3 after their second straight Flag Football W is Team Gphi/Sammy’s 18s. They exploded on Wednesday Night for 51 points which was easily the most in either of the two Flag Football weeks. Ryan Mass was a big reason why as he accounted for 4 scores on the night.  They have a big Indoor Soccer Game coming up against #4 Team Tri Delt/SAE who they actually are chasing by 5 points in the Standings despite being ranked a head of them by a spot..


4. Team Tri Delt/SAE (SLA Insurance) – Currently tied for 1st with 45 points.

Finishing up the Top-4 this Week is Team Tri Delt/SAE. They fell down a few spots as they were sitting at #1 in last week’s Power Rankings. They lost by a touchdown to new #1 Team Gphi/SAE 17s in Flag Football on Wednesday Night. With the Co-Ed League so close at the top of the Standings, one Loss really can slide you down the Rankings.. They are still tied for 1st though and look to jump back up a spot or two following Indoor Soccer this coming Wednesday. They take on Team Gphi/Sammy’s 18s in a big-time Game.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Alpha Phi/ZBT (Sushi Kushi) – Currently tied for 5th with 0 points.

Adam Raye and Jordan Brown found the end zone for Team Alpha Phi/ZBT on Wednesday Night in their Game against #2 Team KKG/Phi Delt.  They hung in there and battled to a tough 1-possession Loss that really could have gone their way. They are still searching for their first Franchise Win but are showing that they can hang with the best the League has to offer. Can they get their first W in Indoor Soccer next week v. Team Bergdoll/Pikes!?


Team Bergdoll/Pikes (StudentCity) – Currently tied for 5th with 0 points.

Remember, this section is in Alphabetical Order.  Their Offense looked good in a high-scoring affair with Team Gphi/Sammy’s 18s on Wednesday Night but they just couldn’t get enough stops to keep up. Ryan Greene tossed 4 TD passes on the night and one went to Captain Coco. This squad is more than capable of running the table from here on out. They will take on Team Alpha Phi/ZBT in Indoor Soccer on Wednesday Night where the Winner will get their first W of the Season. Good Luck!


That’s it for this Week. Get ready for Week 5!