2016 Chicago Co-Ed – CHAMPIONSHIP MONDAY (Aug. 8)

Updated: August 11, 2016

NEW CHAMPS have been #CROWNED!  For the second straight season, a Rookie Team has gone coast to coast in the Chicago Co-Ed League. Let’s all give a big Congrats to #1 Team Stratton for winning their first All Sports Series Championship on Monday Night! It was truly a night of firsts, as we saw the Top Seed take Wins in each and every one of the Chicago Co-Ed Playoff Games..  That may seem like something that should happen.. But it never does.. Just to put it in perspective.. In the Men’s League which also ended on Monday Night, the #9 seed won the Championship and the #15 seed got to the Final4.. Just wow.  We’ll breakdown all of the Final4 and Championship action below!

Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

Here’s a Link to the final 2016 Playoff Bracket!

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Playoff Review

Final4 – Indoor Soccer

2. Team UM Alumni (Al’s Beef on WESTERN) v. 3. Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance)

Winner goes to their first Co-Ed League Championship and the Loser goes home.. Not much bigger stakes than that.. Both Groups had tremendous runs in the Regular Season to earn Top-3 seeds and were equally impressive in their Elite8 Volleyball match-ups last week to secure their Final4 bids.. Only one Team could move on though..

Team UM Alumni jumped out to an early lead here and never really looked back. Alex Klishim tallied FIVE goals for the Team in Maize and helped spearhead the 8-1 W! 2. Team UM Alumni would advance to the Championship and await the Winner of Team Stratton and Team Lake!

As for Team Sternberg, it was a great first run in the Chicago Co-Ed League this Summer. They were a touch slow out of the gate but were as good as anyone once the first couple of weeks of the season came and went. Captain Sam and co. may have a potential juggernaut on their hands if they stick together.. Their Playoff experience will go a long way in helping them get to the Championship a year from now. Thanks for playing!


1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) v. 4. Team Lake (Orunje)

Two of the strongest Teams in the League met with a spot in the Championship on the line.. Team Stratton had appeared virtually untouchable up until this point.. They steamrolled the competition.. Team Lake came into the Playoffs on a bit of a short skid but rebounded nicely in the Elite8 to defeat 5. Team Mortier.. They also won Indoor Soccer by a touchdown when we played in the Regular Season.. This was going to be a good one.. As the Game got going, it was evident that both sides were focused on the Defensive end.. Quality shots were hard to come by.  The Defense was really swarming.  Eventually Team Stratton would break through and build a lead. Fitz Stratton scored twice to lead scorers in this Game and that it was enough to help give #1 Team Stratton the 5-2 W.  1. Team Stratton would advance to the Championship and face off with #2 Team UM Alumni!

For Team Lake, what a great season.  Very few ever make it to an All Sports Series Final4. There are several Teams who play for years and never get this far.. While they will be a bit disappointed that they can’t make the Championship, they have to be proud of what they started here.. It was their first real run as a unit and they have a great foundation to build upon for next Summer! Thanks for playing!


Championship – Flag Football

1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) v. 2. Team UM Alumni (Al’s Beef on WESTERN)

The dream scenario of #1 v. #2 for the Championship presented itself.. Something that is so incredibly rare in All Sports Series.. Just as an example, you could look across to the Men’s Championship where it was the #3 and #9 seeds in the ‘ship.. Both of these squads dominated during the Regular Season and continued to do so when the bright lights of the Playoffs were shining down on them..  If we wanted the best possible match-up to decide who wears the Crown this is it.. Cinderellas are fun stories, but at the end of the day you want to see the best of the best at the end.. That’s exactly what we got here..

On the first possession of the Game, QB Michael Dent led the UM Alumni crew down the field and capped off the drive with a long TD-run to get the first score of the Game.  Team Stratton, not one to stay down for long, responded on the ensuing drive.. When Captain and QB Brett Stratton had a few long rushes of his own that ended in a QB-draw for a TD.  So through the opening stages both Teams looked ready to go on Offense.. Team Stratton would get a stop on the next drive and their momentum would only grow from there.. They’d punch one more score in to take the lead. Stratton to Jon Williams.. Just before half, Team Stratton would pick-off a Hail Mary that in all likelihood would have ended the half.. Only they had other plans and Fitz Stratton would take the ball all the way to the house for about a 50 yard return. Pick-6 and just like that, Team Stratton had a commanding lead entering halftime..  The lead would continue to grow as the second half resumed and it would be #1 Team Stratton Winning the Co-Ed League Championship! More on them in just a bit.

For Team UM Alumni, just a remarkable season.   Captain Casandra can attest to the turnaround that this group has made from Year 1 to Year 2.  A year ago, they were exiting in the Opening Round of the Playoffs after a tough Rookie campaign. They overhauled the Roster, got significantly stronger and really turned the Co-Ed League upside down during much of the Summer.  They are a pleasure to have in the League and if they can make even 10% of the leap next year, that they made from last year to this year, they are the favorites to take the whole thing in 2017.  Thanks for playing!!

To the Champs, Team Stratton, Congratulations!  This was one of the most dominant seasons the Co-Ed League has ever seen.. Really, any of our Chicago Leagues have ever seen.. They’ll have to take our word for it, considering this was their first All Sports Series campaign.. Pretty incredible debut season.. The League was significantly more competitive than in recent years and Team Stratton should really be proud of what they accomplished this season. Sweeping the Regular Season and Playoffs happen on an extremely rare basis.. Now the quest for Back2Back Championships begin! How will they handle the targets on their back each and every week next Summer!? We will see! Congrats again!


That’s it for the 2016 Chicago Co-Ed League. Thanks again to everyone for playing! See you soon!