2016 Chicago Co-Ed – PLAYOFFS – Opening Round & Elite8 (Aug. 1)

Updated: August 5, 2016

The Opening Rounds of the Co-Ed Playoffs always give us some surprises and great performances.. We’ve seen top Teams fall early in years past and lower seeded Teams peak at the right time.. Upsets had become almost expected.. So much in fact, that the truest upset in many ways, would be if there were none at all.. Well, on Monday Night that’s exactly what happened.  Top seeds advanced in every match that we had which sets up an epic Final4 for next Monday Night with the League’s elite! We’ll Review all of that and more below!

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Playoff Review

Opening Round – Volleyball

7. Team Hakimian (Hakimian Imports) v. 10. Team Loewenstein (Teplitz & Bell)

Winner Plays 2. Team UM Alumni in Elite8 Volleyball

Team Hakimian has amassed more Playoff Wins than any other Franchise in All Sports Series history. Their Championship resume speaks for itself.. They have 4 Crowns to their name and a few more Championship appearances.. They set out Monday Night to earn a Crown that has alluded them for many years however.. The Chicago Co-Ed League.   Their first opponent in their path was 10. Team Loewenstein who was partaking in their first taste of Playoff action in All Sports Series.. Team Hakimian knew they’d have a second Game on this night and made quick work of Team Loewenstein in two straight Games. 7. Team Hakimian would advance to the Elite8.

For Team Loewenstein, their first Playoff run ended quicker than they had hoped but they definitely had some fun moments to build upon in their Rookie campaign. Captain Jen has already vowed to come back stronger in 2017, and with a year of experience under their belts they could be a Team making a leap into the top half a year from now! Thanks for playing!



8. Team Wolter (Danley’s Garage) v. 9. Team Gordon (the Karyn Collection) 

Winner Players 1. Team Stratton in Elite8 Volleyball

Defending Champs Team Wolter began their trek back to the Championship Game in a much different position than where it began in 2015. They start in the Opening Round this season and will have to win an extra Playoff Game to get back to the Crown.. Standing in their way is #9 Team Gordon who is taking part in their first Playoff Game as a unit.  To start the match, the Defending Champs came out swinging and got a quick W in Game 1.. With the matches being a Best 2 of 3, their work was not over.. Team Gordon showed what they are capable of and got a big W in Game 2 (27-26).. So that set up a Winner-take-all Game 3.. With their backs against the wall, Defending Champs turned it on once again, and earned a decisive Game 3.. 8. Team Wolter would advance to the Elite8!

For Team Gordon, they pushed the Defending Champs to the brink on Monday Night and it shows that with some more experience they can really be a Team to be reckoned with down the road.. Captain Carly will take the off-season and get the squad back and better than ever next Summer! Thanks for playing!


Elite8 – Volleyball

1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) v. 8. Team Wolter (Danley’s Garage World)

With Defending Champs Team Wolter getting the Opening Round W, we got a match-up that many had hoped for when the Bracket was revealed last week.. Team Stratton ran through the Regular Season and have really destroyed everyone in their path.. They are a mirror image of Team Wolter from a year ago.. Both were/are Rookie squads who just dominated in their first campaign.. So something had to give.. Only one could earn a Final4 spot. #1 Team Stratton did what they’ve done all season.. They started fast and earned a Game 1 W.. In Game 2, the Defending Champs just couldn’t stop Team Stratton’s momentum. 1. Team Stratton would advance to the Final4 on Monday Night!

For Team Wolter, there is no doubt their season ended before they wanted it to.. However, very few Teams can claim to have won an All Sports Series Crown. Even fewer have gone Back2Back.. It’s remarkably difficult.. They played this entire season with a target on their back and it just caught up with them after a while. Captain Jeff and co. will be back and they will once again be among the favorites next Summer.  Always a pleasure to have them in the League! Thanks for playing!


4. Team Lake (Orunje) v. 5. Team Mortier (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

We got into it in the Preview last week (and through much of the season).. These two Teams have been neck and neck all season long.. They ended the Season actually tied in the Standings and it’s fitting the two of them get to battle it out one final time for a spot in the Final4. Both groups have had tons of success this season so whoever moves on, will have a huge boost of momentum heading into the final Monday Night.. Team Lake took Game 25-20 in a nicely played Game.. Game 2 would end with an identical score and 4. Team Lake would advance to the Final4!

For Team Mortier, they were among the League’s best all season long which was proven by tying for 4th in the Standings after the Regular Season. Match-ups are everything and they just ran into a better volleyball team on this night.. This group has the capability of winning a Championship down the road. Captain Emily will likely make an off-season acquisition or two to bolster the squad but you can expect them to be among the favorites when we begin again next June! Thanks for playing!



3. Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance) v. 6. Team Reef (TOW Caps)

Both Teams came into the Playoff playing their best which always makes for a very competitive atmosphere.  With the way these squads are playing, each could make a run to the Championship Game.. One of their runs will be cut short though.. In Game 1, Team Sternberg earned a 25-18 W.. Team Reef fought hard at the beginning of Game 2, but just couldn’t get enough momentum and 3. Team Sternberg would advance to the Final4!

For Team Reef, they had a really great season. Many members of this Team did not even know each other before Week 1.. To see their improvement from June to July and then head into the August with a legit chance at doing damage was really fun to see. Captain Leor and co. could be even better next year if they stick together with a year of experience under their belts. Thanks for playing!



2. Team UM Alumni (Al’s Beef) v. 7. Team Hakimian (Hakimian Imports)

In many ways, this was the main event of the evening.. In one corner, we had an emerging power in #2 Team UM Alumni.  They have been unbeatable since the early part of the Regular Season and look destined to get to the Championship.. Then, in the other corner, #7 Team Hakimian who has more Playoff Ws to their name than any other group in All Sports Series history. They were in the Championship Game a year ago and looking to get back..  They were also coming in feeling great from a 2-0 W in the Opening Round of the Playoffs just minutes before.. So, would be see a changing of the guard?

Game 1 would go to the UM Alumni 25-21..  It was a well-played Game that saw UM just make a few less errors en route to getting the advantage for the rest of the match.. In Game 2, Team Hakimian, then did what they do when their backs are against the wall.. They came back with a vengeance and won 25-19. To set up a deciding Game 3.. The Game stayed close throughout and the lead sea-sawed at times.. Eventually Team UM Alumni grabbed a 24-21 lead and managed to win Match Point! 2. Team UM Alumni would advance to the Final4!

For Team Hakimian, no doubt there will be some heartbreak involved.. They have made a habit of compiling Playoff Ws in Volleyball over the years and just found themselves a bit short-handed on Monday Night. They are and will continue to be among the League’s best.. Expect them to retool a bit in 2017 and look to finally grab that Co-Ed Crown. Many members of this crew are in the Men’s Final4 on Monday Night (and the Elite8 of the Summer Hoops League as well).. So a big week still ahead for them. Thanks for playing!


That’s it for the Opening Rounds. Thanks to those who are finishing up and Good Luck to the Final4!