2016 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball – PLAYOFFS Week 1 (Apr. 17)

Updated: April 20, 2016

The Playoffs got underway on Sunday and they provided some incredible moments!  2. Team Dorfman and 3. Team Feldman turned in another 3-Game Match that was certainly the highlight of the day! We are OFF this coming Sunday (April 24) but will return on May 1 for the second week of the Playoffs. When we return we’ll have FOUR Teams battling it out in ELIMINATION GAMES and only ONE of them will survive Week 2.  We will also have two teams battling it out for a spot in the Championship on May 1.  Tons of VBall action left… Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  Also, here’s the Playoff Bracket. The Playoffs will be a Double Elimination Tournament that is played over 3 weeks.

One more thing before we get to the Power Rankings, our MVP Sponsor for the Chicago Spring Leagues is none other than Wrigley View Rooftop The Cubs are officially BACK and Wrigley View offers the perfect experience for getting Cubs action while enjoying the perks of all you can eat/drink!  If you ever want more info on Tix (group outings) just contact Holden@allsportsseries.com


Playoffs Week 1 Review

Round 1

4. Team Free Agent TWO (Orunje) v. 5. Team Free Agent ONE (Wrigley View Rooftop)

In a fitting scenario both Free Agent squads kicked off their first Playoff runs against one another.  The Winner of this Match would go on to face #1 Team Massel immediately following.. These two Teams met 2x during the Regular Season and in those Matches, Team Free Agent TWO picked up the Win each time.. It seems as if they have the ONEs number a bit.. As this one progressed on Sunday afternoon it was once again 4. Free Agent TWO who got out a head and acted as the aggressor en route to their first Playoff W. Sebastian Ramirez was particularly strong for the TWOs on Sunday. They continue on against #1 Team Massel later on.. The Free Agents ONE fall into ELIMINATION territory on May 1 where they will face #2 Team Dorfman.


3. Team Feldman (Theory) v. 6. Team Stanaszek (StudentCity)

These two Teams entered the Playoffs with very different aspirations.. 6. Team Stanaszek just wants to shock the world and make their presence felt. They have what it takes to topple a Team and one of these days it’s going to happen! On the flip side, you have 3. Team Feldman that plan on hoisting the Crown in a few weeks.. We said it last week and it really is sort of a David v. Goliath scenario.. As their Playoff Match began on Sunday, it seemed as if the upset may just happen! The opening part of Game 1 was very close and you could tell the Favorites, 3. Team Feldman, may be a little tight.. They would eventually put it together and earned the Game 1 W.. With the first Game in the books 3. Team Feldman was able to breathe a sigh of relief and finished the Match off in two Games.. They move on to another battle with 2. Team Dorfman.. As for 6. Team Stanaszek they will be in ELIMINATION GAME territory on May 1 when they go toe to toe with 4. Team Free Agent TWO.


Round 2

1. Team Massel (Rhoyal Decadence) v. 4. Team Free Agent TWO (Orunje)

4. Team Free Agent TWO came into this one feeling pretty good.. They had just won their first Playoff Match in two Games and were ready to pull the upset!  Only 1. Team Massel had other ideas.. The Massel crew has been on top nearly all season long and as they have a few All Sports Series vets, they know all about top seeds falling in their Opening Playoff Game.. They wanted no part of that and brought their A-Game.. When 1. Team Massel brings their best, they usually win and that’s exactly what happened on Sunday as they took this one in two Games. The Free Agents played well but just couldn’t compete with the striking ability of the Massel front-line.. Team Massel finds themselves a Win away from the Championship Match now.. They will take on 3. Team Feldman on May in the Semis.. As for 4. Team Free Agent TWO they will participate in an ELIMINATION GAME with 6. Team Stanaszek and potentially more on May 1.


2. Team Dorfman (SLA Insurance) v. 3. Team Feldman (Theory)

The Main Event of the Day.. These Two Teams had met 2x in the Regular Season with both Teams earning a 3GM W over the other.. Most recently 2. Team Dorfman grabbed a W in Week 7 to claim the #2 seed as we entered the Playoffs.. All of that led to a 3rd (and maybe) final matchup between these Championship Contenders.

3. Team Feldman rode the momentum of their first Playoff W into this Match and won Game 25-17.  In Game 2, #2 Dorfman came back in a big way and knotted it up at one game a piece.. In the deciding third Game, 3. Team Feldman made more big plays and got a 25-21 W to advance!  They will move on and face #1 Team Massel in the Semis, with the Winner going to the Championship.. #2 Team Dorfman heads to ELIMINATION territory where they hope to win not one but two Matches on May 1.. If they do, they will make it to Championship Sunday where they will attempt to take down the Loser of the Massel/Feldman Match for a spot in the Championship..


That’s it for this week. Enjoy the week off and see everyone on Sunday May 1!