2016 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball – PLAYOFFS Week 2 (May 1)

Updated: May 4, 2016

…and then there were just 3! On Sunday Afternoon we had our 2nd Sunday of Playoff VBall action and we had our first set of ELIMINATION GAMES! When all was said and done the Top 3 Seeds coming into the Playoffs are the last 3 standing.. Below, we’ll breakdown all of the matches. First, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  Also, here’s the Playoff Bracket. The Playoffs will be a Double Elimination Tournament that is played over 3 weeks.

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Playoffs Week 2 Review



4. Team Free Agent TWO (Orunje) v. 6. Team Stanaszek (StudentCity)

As we entered the first round of ELIMINATION GAMES of the Season, these two Teams entered from very different paths.. Team Stanaszek was attempting to shock the world and get their first true W of the Season.. While, Team Free Agent TWO has been in the thick of it all year and was hoping to win two Matches on the Day to qualify for Championship Sunday.

The Free Agents fought hard to Win Game by the score of 25-21 in what was a nice back and forth contest which featured several big rallies.. Team Stanaszek then managed to stave off elimination in Game 2 as they knotted the Match up at 1-Game a piece.. In the deciding Game 3, 4. Team Free Agent TWO pulled out all the stops and Won 25-18 to advance to the next ELIMINATION ROUND.

For Team Stanaszek, they leave Volleyball this Spring knowing they had a ton of fun and at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.. Routinely they were the loudest and most enthusiastic crew in the gym and a lot of fun to have in the League!  Thanks for playing and hopefully see you back soon!


2. Team Dorfman (SLA Insurance) v. 5. Team Free Agent ONE (Wrigley View Rooftop)

2. Team Dorfman has title aspirations but wound up in ELIMINATION Territory after dropping their first Playoff Match to 3. Team Feldman.. 5. Team Free Agent ONE entered here looking to pull a stunner and knockout a top seed from the Playoffs!

As the match got underway, it was clear that Captain Dan Dorfman and co. had a bit of a chip on their shoulder from the start of their Playoff run and they took it out on the Free Agent ONE crew.. 2. Team Dorfman would move on by a score of 2 Games to none and would take on Free Agent TWO later in the day..

For Team Free Agent ONE, it’s never an easy thing to come into a season without knowing most of the Team members.. They didn’t let that stop them from having some success during the year and they certainly improved as a unit throughout the Spring. Hopefully we’ll see them back in 2017 or in one of our Chicago Summer Leagues. Thanks for playing!


2. Team Dorfman (SLA Insurance v. 4. Team Free Agent TWO (Orunje)

Both were fresh off big ELIMINATION GAME W’s just minutes before and only one could move on to Championship Sunday.. The Winner here would face the Loser of the Massel/Feldman Match (reviewed below) for a right to make it to the actual Championship.

In Game 1, there were several back and forth plays as the Free Agent TWO group has really stepped up their defense in the past couple of weeks.. They gave Dorfman and co. all they could handle but the #2 seed pulled out Game 1, 25-20.   Game 2, looked a lot like Game 1.. 2. Team Dorfman would advance and close out their second ELIMINATION W of the day! They will advance to Championship Sunday!

For Team Free Agent TWO, much like what we said about Free Agent ONE above, holds true here.. It’s very difficult to come into a season without knowing your teammates and all of a sudden just click and earn Ws, especially with such great talent around the League.. However, this Group drastically improved since Week 1, won a couple of Playoff Games and with an addition or two have what it takes to compete with the League’s best.. Thank you for playing!!



1. Team Massel (Rhoyal Decadence) v. 3. Team Feldman (Theory)

So here’s what’s at stake for the Two Teams who do not yet have a Loss in the Playoffs.. The Winner here goes to the Championship.. The Loser will take on 2. Team Dorfman in the Semi-Finals for a right to get to the Championship AND THEN have to defeat the Winner of this Match, two times in a row.. So this is huge! The difference in needing 1 Win or 3 in a row to earn the Crown!

These two squads met 2x in the Regular Season with #1 Team Massel getting the better of both Matches.. Team Feldman entered this one with Redemption in their eyes and that fire led to them picking up the Gam1 W, 25-21..  #1 Team Massel wasn’t going to go quietly into the night though and bounced back for a Win in Game 2, 25-20.. So it was all up for grabs in Game 3.. One Team would move on to the Championship Game, and that was the Team who has been atop the Standings/Power Rankings all year long.. 1. Team Massel would advance after winning Game 3, 25-19.

So, #1 Team Massel awaits in the Championship Game.. #2 Team Dorfman and #3 Team Feldman will play in the Semi-Finals on May 15 and the Winner will try to knock off Team Massel not once, but 2x in a row to earn the Crown!


Want to send another Thank You to the Teams who were knocked out this Sunday. Thanks again for playing and see the Final-3 on Championship Sunday!