2016 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball – Week 4 (Mar. 13)

Updated: March 17, 2016

As we put Week 4 in the rearview mirror, one thing has come into crystal clear focus, Team Massel has established themselves as the Team to beat!  Through 4 Weeks, each Team has played 5 total matches, as each group has now experienced one Double Header.. The Regular Season has 3 Weeks left and each Team will have one more Double Header in those final few weeks. That of course will lead to our Double Elimination Playoff tourney to Crown our first Champs!  It’s becoming more and more reasonable to think Team Massel might just run the table.. Time will tell..  Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!

One more thing before we get to the Power Rankings, our MVP Sponsor for the Chicago Spring Leagues is none other than Wrigley View Rooftop.  It’s no secret the Cubs are back and Wrigley View offers the perfect experience for getting Cubs action while enjoying the perks of all you can eat/drink!  If you ever want more info on Tix (group outings) just contact Holden@allsportsseries.com  OK Let’s Rank ’em!


Power Rankings

1. Team Massel (Rhoyal Decadence) – 5-0, Currently in 1st

We touted them at the top and for great reason.. They just swept a Double Header on Sunday afternoon and got to 5-0 on the year.  Not only did they win both Matches on Sunday but they went 4-0 in the individual Games and only allowed opposing Teams to score 20 points in just one of those. It was truly a dominant performance and against solid competition including #3 Team Feldman.  They will tested once again this coming Sunday afternoon when they take on #2 Team Dorfman in the Wrigley View Rooftop Game of the Week!


2. Team Dorfman (SLA Insurance) – 4-1, Currently in 2nd

Bounced back nicely a week after suffering their first Loss of the season at the hands of Team Massel in Week 3.  They moved up a spot in the Rankings this week as they got a very nice W over Team Free Agent TWO.  Thankfully for them they didn’t need to wait too long before a Rematch with Team Massel.. A win for Team Dorfman breaks the Standings wide-open.. On the other hand if Team Massel stays unbeaten they will be a virtual lock for the #1 seed.


3. Team Feldman (Theory) – 3-2, Currently in 3rd

They battled Team Massel for the second time this season and for the second time they came up a bit short.. This is still one of the most talented groups in the League and as All Sports Series’ vets can attest — it’s very difficult to beat the same Team multiple times, especially when they are as talented as Team Feldman. There’s no doubt that this group has enough to beat Team Massel should their paths cross again in the Playoffs.. and they likely will.


4. Team Free Agent ONE (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 2-3, Currently in 4th

Team Free Agent ONE climbs back up and into the Ranks this Week after defeating Team Stanaszek in a contest that went the full 3-Games.. It was a back and forth match that saw the Free Agents Win both the first and third Games.. They are improving as a unit and you can tell they are starting to feel much more comfortable as unit.  That will continue to grow as we move forward.. They have a Double Header on Sunday afternoon where they will take on #3 Team Feldman and then a Rematch with Team Stanaszek.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Free Agent TWO (Orunje) – 1-4, Currently in 5th

Had as tough as an assignment as anyone can envision in Week 4.. They not only took on #2 Team Dorfman but then had to face #1 Team Massel right after. That’s a pretty difficult Double Header… They also missed Sebastian Ramirez who was out this week. He has been a nice stabilizing presence in the middle. They look to get back on track when they take on Team Stanaszek in Week 5!


Team Stanaszek (StudentCity) – 0-5, Currently in 6th

Sometimes you just need a break before the floodgates can open.. Team Stanaszek didn’t pick up a W in the Win Column last Sunday but they did manage to take Team Free Agent ONE to 3-Games and came as close as they have to getting a Victory.. They have a Double Header on Sunday with BOTH Free Agent squads.. Book it… They will get their first W of the Season in Week 5!


That’s it for Week 4. Enjoy the Week and March Madness. See everyone Sunday!