2016 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball – Week 5 (Mar. 20)

Updated: March 24, 2016

Without a doubt, the lead for Week 5 is that Team Dorfman toppled the former Undefeated Team Massel in a fantastic 3-Game match..  This will certainly shake-up the Rankings below.. But first, a bit of housekeeping — we will be off for Easter (March 27) and Return for Week 6 on April 3.  Also, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!

One more thing before we get to the Power Rankings, our MVP Sponsor for the Chicago Spring Leagues is none other than Wrigley View Rooftop.  It’s no secret the Cubs are back and Wrigley View offers the perfect experience for getting Cubs action while enjoying the perks of all you can eat/drink!  If you ever want more info on Tix (group outings) just contact Holden@allsportsseries.com


Power Rankings

1. Team Dorfman (SLA Insurance) – 5-1, Currently tied for 1st

What a Win!  They dropped the first Game to former #1 Team Massel and like many Teams have done this Season they could have accepted defeat.. Instead, they made adjustments, dug down deep and clawed back to not just get to Game 3.. but win it. They now pull dead even in the Standings with Team Massel for 1st in the Standings (and hold the head to head tiebreaker.. for now). These two will meet once again on the final day of the Regular Season.. Before then, Team Dorfman will face #4 Team Free Agent ONE on April 3.


2. Team Massel (Rhoyal Decadence) – 5-1, Currently tied for 1st

Great Teams have the ability to bounce back and put Losses behind them quickly.. We believe Team Massel is one of those great Teams.. They will likely come back from this first hiccup even stronger.. Better now, with time to account for it, then in the Playoffs. Following Easter they will take on Team Free Agent TWO on April 3.


3. Team Feldman (Theory) – 4-2, Currently in 3rd

Nice bounce back week here for Team Feldman who defeated #4 Team Free Agent ONE on Sunday.  It was good to see them put the Week 4 matchup with Team Massel behind them.. We have an interesting scenario forming atop the Standings.. Team Feldman has gotten Team Dorfman’s number, while Dorfman has Massel’s and Massel has beaten Feldman.. Going to be something to watch the rest of the way.. After Easter, Team Feldman will have their last Double Dip of the Season with Free Agent TWO and Stanaszek.


4. Team Free Agent ONE (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 3-4, Currently in 4th

They stay Ranked this week after splitting their Double Header.. They first fell to #3 Team Feldman but didn’t let that keep them down and then went on to defeat Team Stanaszek.  This group is significantly better than they were in Week 1.. Not only are they getting used to play with one another but they are also starting to play to their strengths.. Expect more Ws from them.. #1 Team Dorfman awaits on April 3.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Free Agent TWO (Orunje) – 2-4, Currently in 5th

Got a big W over Team Stanaszek (2-0) on Sunday and pulled within one Game in the Win Column of Free Agent ONE. That’s 2 Ws in 3 weeks for this crew as they are starting to get the hang of things together.. They have an extremely tough Double Header awaiting for them when we get back from the Easter Break.. They will have #3 Team Feldman and #2 Team Massel. If they can pull out a Win in one of those matches they will certainly get the attention of the entire League.


Team Stanaszek (StudentCity) – 0-7, Currently in 6th

Oh so close this week.. they did manage to win another game just not 2 out of 3 for their first Match W. It’ll come.. Still plenty of time!


-That’s it for this Week. Enjoy the break and see you on April 3!