2016 Chicago Co-Ed Volleyball – Week 6 (Apr. 3)

Updated: April 6, 2016

6 Weeks Down. 1 To Go in the Regular Season!  This week the Power Rankings transition into a Playoff Scenarios piece as we’ll break down all the possibilities that loom for each and every Team as we get ready to head to Playoff time!  Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  Also, here’s the Playoff Bracket. The Playoffs will be a Double Elimination Tournament that is played over 3 weeks.

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OK Let’s get to Scenarios!


Playoff Scenarios

Top-2 Contenders

t-1. Team Dorfman (SLA Insurance) & Team Massel (Rhoyal Decadence) – 6-1

3. Team Feldman (Theory) – 6-2

As head into the final week of the Regular Season, little has actually been settled in terms of the top seeds for the Playoffs.  What we do know is this.. The Top 2 Seeds will get Opening Round Byes on the First Day of the Playoffs, meaning they’ll only have to play in 1 match as opposed to 2..  So landing in the Top 2 is very important.. Going a step further.. The 1 seed will be able to avoid the other 2 Teams in this group until the 2nd Sunday of the Playoffs, where as the 2 and 3 seed might see each other on the first day. In a Double Elimination Tournament you want to save your lives for as long as possible…

In terms of where we stand going into this Sunday.. Teams Dorfman and Massel have a slight 1 Game Lead in the Loss column over Team Feldman but that all can be turned upside down on Sunday. Both Dorfman and Massel also have Double Headers this weekend..  Team Dorfman will play both Massel and Feldman in the final week of the Regular Season so they have the toughest road but also control their own destiny more than the other two.. Team Massel will also tango with Team Stanaszek on Sunday.

So where does this leave us?

If either Team Dorfman or Team Massel sweep their Double Header on Sunday than that team will be locked in as the #1 seed to start the Playoffs.. If Dorfman goes 2-0, then Massel will finish #2 and Feldman #3.. If Team Massel goes 2-0, then the 2 seed will go to the Winner of the Dorfman/Feldman match on Sunday and the Loser would be the #3 Seed..

Other scenarios?  Let’s say Team Feldman defeats Team Dorfman to start the day.. That would put Feldman at 7-2, Dorfman at 6-2 and assuming Massel wins their first Game at 7-1..  In this case, two things can happen.. Massel defeats Dorfman — which makes it #1 Massel, #2 Feldman and #3 Dorfman.. OR Dorfman can defeat Massel — which means that all 3 Teams would finish at 7-2.  We’d have to then go to Head to Head Tiebreakers between the 3 Teams.. In that scenario which is the only way all 3 finish tied.. Each Team would end up being 2-2 in H2H battles with the other 2 Teams.. Dorfman beat Massel 2x, Massel defeated Feldman 2x and Feldman over Dorfman 2x… So, in this scenario we’d actually have to go to the overall Game record with the 3 Teams and much of that will be determined this  Sunday…

Tons of cloudiness at the top right now but all will be clear after this Sunday. Just might need to do some Math…


Race for 4th?

4. Team Free Agent ONE (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 3-5

5. Team Free Agent TWO (Orunje) – 2-6

These two Free Agent squads will go toe to toe on Sunday afternoon and the Winner will end with the #4 seed and the Loser will finish #5…  The truth though is that whoever finishes #4 and whoever finishes #5 is sort of inconsequential.. These Two Teams will also meet in the Opening Round of the Playoffs on April 17 as the 4/5 seeds are paired up..

What is important, even if the seed isn’t, is gaining momentum and confidence heading into the Playoffs, especially with a Rematch on the horizon the following week.. These Two Teams will know each other EXTREMELY well…



6. Team Stanaszek (StudentCity) – 0-8 – LOCKED IN 6TH

We know that Team Stanaszek is going to enter the Playoffs as the #6 seed.. They can use this week as a worry-free time to get better and gain confidence.. They also play a part in how the top seeds will shakedown as they play Team Massel on Sunday. If they can pull off the upset, they might derail Team Massel’s bid for a top 2 spot…


That’s it for this week. See everyone on Sunday!