2016 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 5 (July 11)

Updated: July 14, 2016

The Co-Ed League was split between Softball and Volleyball this past Monday Night and Teams are making moves as we approach the final couple of Weeks of the Regular Season! Next week, Teams will flip from this past Monday Night and we’ll see another week of Softball/VBall action.  The Teams who won Softball see a huge jump for themselves in the Standings.. Something to monitor for next week!

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) – Currently in 1st with 89 points.

For the first time this Season, Team Stratton did not get the maximum amount of points possible.. However, they still managed to get the W in Volleyball by a score of 3 Games to none against former #2 Team Lake.. In doing so they managed to up their lead in the Standings by 9 more points on Team Lake who is still in 2nd in the Standings. So a very good week for the #1 Team in the land.. They turn to Softball next week against Team Reef.


2. Team UM Alumni (Al’s Beef on WESTERN) – Currently in 4th with 60 points.

Following a 2-1 VBall W over Team Gordon on Monday Night, Team UM Alumni have now won in three straight weeks and have catapulted themselves into the #2 spot of the Rankings. Likely more importantly is that they are up to 4th in the Standings and just a few points back of 2nd.. Their confidence is at an all time high and rightfully so.. They have #3 Team Lake in Softball next week in what will be the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


3. Team Lake (Orunje) – Currently in 2nd with 66 points.

Small step back this week in what has been an extremely stellar campaign thus far.. They dropped VBall this past Monday Night to #1 Team Stratton by a tally of 3-0 in Games. That means they lost 9 points in the Standings for their hunt for 1st place. However, this isn’t over yet.. They have a big battle upcoming with current #2 Team UM Alumni.. A group they sit a few points ahead of in the Standings. That Softball clash next week will have HUGE playoff implications and will be the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


4. Team Wolter (Danley’s Garage World) – Currently in 6th with 48 points.

The Champs are back!  They had been falling victim to close defeats in the past few weeks and needed a bounce back W.. On Monday Night they got just that.. They took down Team Hakimian in Softball in the final inning of the Game. This meant a lot to both Teams as it was a rematch from the Co-Ed League’s Championship a year ago.. Same sport and all.. For the second straight Summer, Team Wolter got the better of that exchange.. Ben Carlin went 3 for 4 from the plate to help out the Team at the plate. Looking ahead, they have Volleyball in Week 6 against the tough #6 Team Sternberg.


5. Team Hakimian (Hakimian Imports) – Currently in 5th with 49 points.

Team Hakimian started the season on a roll and that is the Team we should expect to see going forward. They’ve dropped a couple in a row but realistically they are still among the favorites to be the last ones standing in August. They had a Championship Rematch with Team Wolter on the Softball diamond on Monday Night and it didn’t go their way.. Just more fuel for their fire.. Tara Ferguson went 3 for 4 at the plate to provide the Team with some Offense at the plate.  They turn back to Volleyball next week where they have really dominated in years past.. They get Team Mortier next Monday.


6. Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 3rd with 64 points.

Last Team into the Rankings this Week is Team Sternberg following their big Softball W on Monday Night over Team Mortier. They badly needed those 30 points and with the W they have launched up into 3rd place and are just a couple of points back of 2nd.  With two weeks left they are certainly in great shape to secure a top spot come Playoff time. They will have their hands full this coming Monday Night with the Defending Champs Team Wolter in Volleyball.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Gordon (the Karyn Collection) – Currently in 10th with 18 points.

While they didn’t get the official W they played the #2 Team UM Alumni very tough and managed to still earn some points on the night.  They have a big time Game upcoming with Team Loewenstein on Monday Night. Softball is worth 30 points and not only would they leap Team Loewenstein but a W would vault them into the middle of the pack.. This one can really help their Playoff run!


Team Loewenstein (Teplitz & Bell) – Currently in 9th with 21 points.

Were a bit shorthanded on Monday Night but still managed to earn a 2-1 W over Team Reef can get 6 points in the Standings. That was enough to get them ahead of Team Gordon in the Standings who they will play on Monday Night in Softball for 30 points.  It’s a big Game.. A win means they’d really close the gap on several Teams in the middle of the pack heading into the Regular Season finale.


Team Mortier (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 7th with 46 points.

They started the season on a tear but have suffered a couple losses in a row.. These guys are going to be just fine though and better to get go through a bit of a skid in July compared to August.  They are tremendously close in the Standings with several Teams.. Just 3 points out of 5th and 20 points out of 3rd which is essentially 1 Game.. They are still in fine shape. They look to gain ground and turn it around with Team Hakimian in Volleyball next week!


Team Reef (TOW Caps) – Currently in 8th with 37 points.

They fell 2-1 in Games to Team Loewenstein in Volleyball but still picked up 3 points in the Standings and are not far from the Teams in 5-7 right now of the Standings. They have Softball on Monday Night against the #1 Team in the land – Team Stratton.. A win on Monday Night would not only shake up the Standings for the entire League but it would give them a jolt prior to the Playoffs.. A belief that they can beat anyone in the League.. Big week ahead..


That’s it for this Week. See everyone on Monday Night!