2016 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 6 – Playoff Scenarios (July 18)

Updated: July 21, 2016

Just one week left!  That’s all that separates us from the best time of the Summer.. The Playoffs!

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Playoff Format

1. All Teams will make the Playoffs and be seeded based on points accrued during the regular season.

1a. The Top-6 Teams get a BYE to the Elite8 while Teams seeded 7 v 10 and 8 v 9 play in the Opening Round.

2. The Opening Rounds (Round of 10 and Elite8) of the Playoffs will be Volleyball in week 8 of All Sports Series.

3. The Final4 and Championship will be a combination of Indoor Soccer and Flag Football in week 9 of All Sports Series.


Playoff Scenarios

Going to go from top to bottom with the Current Standings and describe where Teams can potentially fall… All Teams have either 20 (Hoops) or 25 (Flag Football) possible points left to grab as we enter the Regular Season finale on Monday Night.


1. Team Stratton (Chicago Trolley) – Currently 1st with 119 points.

There’s no drama going into the last week in terms of the #1 overall seed.. You are looking at them right here. Team Stratton has steamrolled through their Rookie season en route to the top spot when the Playoffs begin.  They won Softball by 13 runs on Monday Night and locked up the #1 seed in doing so.. They will receive a BYE to the Elite8. Team UM Alumni who are currently in 2nd are down 29 points and only have 25 left.. So Team Stratton has the final week to prep for an extended Playoff run and will get to take on Defending Champs Team Wolter to close the season.


2. Team UM Alumni (Al’s Beef) – Currently in 2nd with 90 points.

The math is simple for Team UM Alumni as we head into the League’s final week.. A win over Team Gordon in Flag Football and they will be the #2 overall seed when the Playoffs begin.  Even with a Loss, the lowest they could fall is #4.. That would require both Team Sternberg and Team Lake to Win on Monday Night.. So, their range of seeds are 2-4 to begin the Playoffs and they will earn a BYE to the Elite8. A tremendous turnaround from a year ago.


3. Team Sternberg (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 3rd with 73 points.

They got another W on Monday Night. Making it 3 in a row. They’ll enter the Playoffs as one of the hottest Teams in the League. From a seeding stand point.. If they win they will finish now lower than 3rd.. A Win + a Loss from Team UM Alumni and they will be #2..  Now, if they Lose in Week 7 to Team Hakimian in Hoops (one of the best Hoops Teams out there), things get interesting..  Team Hakimian would leap them in that case.. Then Team Lake with a W would pass them as well.. Team Gordon could potentially tie them with a Win also.. So.. they could fall to as low as a tie for 5th.. From 2-6 is their range.


4. Team Lake (Orunje) – Currently in 4th with 66 points.

Team Lake was on a roll in the middle of the season but have hit a rough patch the past couple of weeks.. Better now than in the Playoffs.. They come into the final week currently sitting in 4th and still alive for the #2 seed.. To grab the 2 seed they will need to Win + Losses from both UM Alumni and Team Sternberg..  They’d finish in 3rd if one of those Team Wins on Monday Night.. There are several Teams currently below them who are within striking distance as well..  There’s a world where Team Lake could potentially finish tied for 7th place if they were to Lose and then Teams Hakimian, Wolter, Gordon and Mortier Win on Monday.. Likely? Maybe not, but possible.. They want to make sure they finish in the top-6 seeds so they get a BYE to the Elite8.


5. Team Hakimian (Hakimian Imports) – Currently in 5th with 61 points.

Back on the winning track entering Week 7 is Team Hakimian who claimed 12 points in their 4-0 W in Volleyball on Monday Night over Team Mortier.. The W put them in a position to still grab one of the best seeds come Playoff time.. They have 20 points available to them in Hoops during Week 7.. So, here’s the deal.. If they Win, they will jump Team Sternberg (their Week 7 opponent) for sure and then could leap over Team Lake as well, if Team Lake loses on Monday.. That means they can finish as high as #3..  With a Loss, it’s possible to see a big fall… Teams Wolter, Gordon, Mortier and Reef all could potentially pass Team Hakimian if Hakimian Loses and they Win.. That means they could fall down to the #9 seed potentially.. Is it likely that many teams jump them? No.  They certainly want to stay in the Top 6 so they get that BYE to the Elite8.. Possible finish — #3-9.


6. Team Wolter (Danley’s Garage) – Currently in 6th with 51 points.

The Defending Champs have had a long journey back to the Playoffs that may get a bit longer.. They are slated to play top seeded Team Stratton in Hoops to close the Regular Season on Monday Night.  They got 3 points in Volleyball in Week 6 v. Team Sternberg and are holding on to that last spot in the Top-6.. Again, the Top-6 get a BYE to the Elite8 round while the other 4 teams must slug it out in an extra Opening Round of Volleyball when the Playoffs begin.  Here’s the deal.. If the Champs can knock off Team Stratton they could potentially climb as high as #4 to begin their quest for Back2Back crowns. They’d need to win AND Teams Reef and Hakimian to fall for that to happen.. If they drop the Regular Season finale, then a Win from any of Teams Gordon, Mortier or Reef would knock them down from the Top-6.. Their potential seeds are #4-9.. The number next to their names won’t matter when the Playoffs begin but they don’t want to put their Playoff lives at stake more than is necessary.. Big week ahead.


7. Team Gordon (the Karyn Collection) – Currently in 7th with 48 points.

Team Gordon earned a big time W in Softball on Monday Night by a score of 6-4 against Team Loewenstein. The W was enough to climb into 7th in the Standings. They have a tough test in the final week.. With current #2 UM Alumni awaiting in Flag Football.  With 25 points on the table they potentially could climb quite high.. They are just 25 points back of 3rd place Team Sternberg currently.. There’s a catch with that however.. Team Sternberg plays #5 Team Hakimian next week.. So one of them have to Win.. Meaning that Team Gordon can’t catch both of them.. So, the highest they can climb is #4.  Truthfully whether they finished #4-6, they’d get that BYE to the Elite8… With a Loss both Teams Mortier and Reef could potentially jump them. So they could start the Playoffs anywhere from #4-9. Big Week.


8. Team Mortier (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 8th with 46 points.

They had a rough go of it against Team Hakimian on Monday Night in VBall but are still right there with most of the Teams in the middle of the pack.. A W in Hoops on Monday Night nets them 20 points and means they could leap all the way up to a tie for 4th place.  With a Loss, they could get jumped by Tea Reef and fall to #9. From #4-9 is a big swing and like everyone else they hope to finish the season in the Top-6 and get that BYE to the Elite8!


9. Team Reef (TOW Caps) – Currently in 9th with 37 points.

Team Reef has some work left to do but they are still alive for as high up as the #5 seed.  They have 25 points left on their plates next week in Flag Football.  With a W + Losses from Teams Hakimian, Wolter, Gordon and Mortier they could end up in 5th.  If one of those Teams W, they could still finish in 6th.. That’s where they desperately want to get as the Top-6 get a BYE to the Elite8 while the other 4 teams need to slug it out in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.  Now, if they Lose on Monday Night they will finish in either #9 or #10.. That would depend on if Team Loewenstein wins.  Big night ahead!


10. Team Loewenstein (Teplitz & Bell) – Currently in 10th with 21 points.

Finally we have Team Loewenstein.. They have 20 points left with Hoops upcoming and with a W could jump out of the last spot and into #9 if Team Reef Loses.. Mathematically those are their possible finishes.. So more importantly than their seed, is to just try and jump start momentum as the Playoffs begin. They’ve been successful in Volleyball this season and if they can get it going they can be dangerous.. We’ve seen TONS of upsets in All Sports Series Playoffs before.


That’s it for this week. See everyone next Monday Night!