2016 Chicago Flag Football – Playoffs (Nov. 3)

Updated: November 7, 2016

On Thursday Night, the Chicago Flag Football League experienced its first ever Playoff Games. We had six match-ups between the Opening Round and the Elite8, which left us with our Final4 Teams who will compete in next week’s Championship Thursday. Three of those Four are Teams that would have been expected but we do have one mild surprise crashing the party.. Scroll down below to find out who it is.  We want to give a big Thank You to all of the Teams who completed their season on Thursday Night. Great to have you out there!

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Playoff Review

Opening Round

7. Team Hrusocky (Campus View) v. 10. Team Wolter (Schweitzer Title Agency)

Winner plays 2. Team Apuli in Elite8

In last week’s Playoff Preview, we touched on their previous match-up from late in the Regular Season. These two knew each other coming in and as a result neither Team needed to waste time feeling the other one out.. A spot in the Elite8 against #2 Team Apuli was at stake and earning an All Sports Series Playoff Win, which are very hard to come by.. Team Hrusocky would strike first.. Jack Wold was at QB for them on this night and really did a good job of keeping the Offense moving and caring for the Football. He’d have his best Game of the Season here, running for 3 scores and hitting Andrew Mott for another.. Tim Boland would connect on a couple TD passes for Team Wolter but it was just not enough.  7. Team Hrusocky would advance to the Elite8.

For Team Wolter, these guys are All Sports Series vets and they will certainly be back. Before we get any further we need to give a big Congrats to Captain Jeff Wolter and Emmalie Beinlich who got engaged recently!  Team Wolter has some real talent on this squad and seemed like they were just one more big-play threat away from really being tough to stop on Offense.  We will seem them again soon, most likely come Summer time in the Co-Ed All Sports League or Men’s 16″ Softball. Thanks for playing!


8. Team Murphy (ShopHouse) v. 9. Team Saltzberg (Live Clean CHI)

Winner plays 1. Team Rasky in Elite8

Another Rematch in this Opening Round. In the Regular Season we saw Team Murphy get the upper-hand of this match-up and they were the favorites heading into this one.. A Game in the Elite8 against #1 Team Rasky was at stake in addition to earning a Playoff W for their All Sports Series mantle.  Team Murphy struck early and often here. Captain and QB Jack Murphy ran in a couple of scores and hit Brian Pfeiffer and Vince Barbati in the end zone as well. Alex Stoller did hit Josh Adler for a TD in this one for Team Saltzberg..  Before long it was evident that the orange squad would be moving on.. 8. Team Murphy would advance to the Elite8.

For Team Saltzberg, they were a pleasure to have in the League. Captain Todd always has his guys ready to go week in and week out.. There was no nicer group to have play on Thursday Nights and we hope to have them back out there with us again soon! Thanks for playing!




1. Team Rasky (Biaggi’s) v. 8. Team Murphy (ShopHouse)

With Team Murphy’s Win over Team Saltzberg in the Opening Round we were set up with this 1 v. 8 matchup in the Elite8. There was a spot in the Final4 up for grabs here.  Momentum was going to be a key factor here.. Team Murphy was riding high coming into this Game from their previous W and if they could start fast, they’d have a real shot at pulling the upset.. Unfortunately for them, Team Rasky was able to subside the initial surge and went on to strike first.. Then second.. Team Rasky showed early and often whey they finished first after the Regular Season. QB Cody Davis would go on to throw 5 Touchdowns in this one with a couple going to Captain Alex Rasky.  1. Team Rasky would advance to the Final4.

For Team Murphy, it was a solid run in their first All Sports Series season. They were the only Team of total All Sports Series Rookies and to get a Playoff Win in their debut season is a really nice achievement. If they can add a bit more on the Offensive side of the ball they could really take the leap and grab the Crown next season. Thanks for playing!



4. Team Guggenheim (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 5. Team Schwartz (SLA Insurance)

Looking at the Bracket coming in, this Game really stood out. We mentioned it last week in the Playoff Preview, there was a time earlier in the Season where this felt like it could have been a Final4 or Championship contest with these two Teams.. However, they meet here in the Elite8 with one Final4 spot on the line.. Team Guggenheim struck first here behind a Jeff Nault QB scramble. He’d also hit Jeffrey Oscar for a couple scores during this one.. The true story here though, is after a couple of uncharacteristic Games, the Guggenheim Defense was back to flying around and making it impossible for the opposing Offense to get into the end zone.  Derek Reinglass and Matthew Kornblatt kept pressure on Team Schwartz throughout the entirety of the Game while Max Guggenheim shifted inside to Linebacker and really looked good. Their “Front-3” helped force a few turnovers en route to pitching a Playoff shutout. 4. Team Guggenheim would advance to the Final4 and they will get a chance to avenge an early season L to #1 Team Rasky.

For Team Schwartz, they really did have a great season. They finished in the top half of a very competitive League in their first run at Flag Football in All Sports Series. This group could have gone further, and just drew a tough break with falling next to Team Guggenheim (the top team through much of the season) in the bracket. This is a group that has enough to win the whole thing next season if they choose to stay together. Many of them will now turn their full attention to the Chicago Hoops League, which started a couple weeks back, where they play as “Team Schwartz.”  Thanks for playing!


2. Team Apuli (Sarkis Cafe) v. 7. Team Hrusocky (Campus View)

Similar to the 1. Rasky v. 8. Murphy Elite8 Game above.. This one was going to really come down to who got off to the faster start.  Team Hrusocky came in off the high of their first Playoff W as a unit.  That’s a lot of momentum.. Team Apuli was coming off their biggest W of the season a week ago.. Defeating Team Guggenheim, and very soundly.. So who could keep up the MO?  It was #2 Team Apuli.. As the Game got going they sustained a nice drive. Michael Glink would run in a score, and then did it again.. He also would hit Adam Berzon for a TD as well. Their Defense did their job and kept the quick Hrusocky Offense out of the end-zone, pitching a shutout.. 2. Team Apuli would advance. 

For Team Hrusocky, a squad that banded together just before the season started, they leave as one of the better stories of the season. They exit as one of only a handful of Teams who will get a Playoff W in the first ever Flag Football League. A crew that met each other on night 1 for the most part.. They really gelled in the second half and made a true run at it. If they stick together, this is a group that is only a player or two away from being favorites next year. Thanks for playing!


3. Team Massel (Al’s Beef On WESTERN) v. 6. Team Nolan (Wrigley View Rooftop)

In the Playoff Preview a week ago, we stated how this one was up for grabs and how both Teams were capable of winning multiple Games in the Playoffs. We also noted that the Winner would likely move on to a date with #2 Team Apuli in the Final4. Well, all of that was true.. On Thursday Night, #3 Team Massel wound up being a bit short-handed than you’d like in a Playoff Game and it was the exact opposite for Team Nolan. They had their full compliment of Players and the depth proved to be an issue.  A couple weeks ago Alex Jiminez took over the reigns at QB for Team Nolan and the Offense really benefitted.. He hit 4 different Receivers for scores on Thursday Night including Co-Captains Nick Nolan and Sam Winegardner. He also hit Jonathon Frosolone for a great grab in the back of the end zone and finally Trevor Mullen also got in on the scoring party. They would amass 30 points on the Night, which was easily their largest total of the season. They picked the right night for it. On the other side, the Zohn brothers and Joey Sanchez played well for Team Massel but they could not overcome the lack of depth.. 6. Team Nolan would advance to the Final4 and a Game with #2 Team Apuli.

For Team Massel, they will leave a bit disappointed, but they have plenty to be proud of from their initial run in the Flag Football League. Captain Landon Massel quickly became one of the most heralded GMs in the All Sports Series Universe in 2016. He pioneered a Co-Ed Volleyball Championship Team in the Spring, then he followed up with a run to the Championship Game in Softball this Summer.. This Flag Football Team didn’t quite make it that far but they certainly have the potential. Depth is all that they lack and if they can get healthy, this is a group that could be the last Team standing next Fall!


Thanks again to those who wrapped up their Seasons on Thursday & Good Luck to the Final4!