2016 Chicago Flag Football – Week 6 (Oct. 13)

Updated: October 18, 2016

On Thursday Night, Team Rasky dealt Team Guggenheim their first Loss of the Season and with it created a 3-way tie at the top of the Standings, which includes Team Apuli.  As we head into the final Week of the Regular Season, several possibilities are in play for Playoff Seeding and we will cover all of them below, as the Power Rankings shifts to a Playoffs Scenarios article this week! Quickly, just a reminder on Playoff Format… All 10 Teams make the Single Elimination Playoffs. Teams seeded 1-6 will automatically qualify for the Elite8 while Teams seeded 7-10 will have to battle in an extra Opening Round to try and earn the final two spots in the Elite8.  Both the Opening Round and the Elite8 are played on the first night of the Playoffs – Thursday Oct. 27. Then, on Thursday Nov. 3, the Final4 and Championship Games will be held.

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Playoff Scenarios


Still Eligible for the 1 Seed… Teams tied at 5-1

Team Rasky (Biaggi’s) 

Team Apuli (Sarkis Cafe)

Team Guggenheim (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

As you can tell by the title for this group.. All 3 of these Teams have a scenario where they can become the #1 seed.. Following Team Rasky’s Win over Team Guggenheim on Thursday Night, the plot has surely thickened.. Team Rasky holds head to head Wins over both Apuli and Guggenheim.. That means they are in the driver’s seat entering Week 7..

The math for Team Rasky is simple.. Team Rasky Wins and they are the #1 seed.. If they lose, they will be the #2 seed.. That means either way, they will play a Team who had just won a Game in the Opening Round to qualify for the Elite8 and whoever that opponent is, will likely be gassed before the Game even starts. Huge advantage. Team Rasky plays Team Saltzberg in Week 7 and it would seem as if they are the most likely candidate to enter with the #1 seed.

Now, what about the other Two Teams in this scenario? Both Apuli and Guggenheim Lost their only Games to Team Rasky and as luck would have it.. They will actually play each other in the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week during Week 7.. No matter what, one of these Teams will finish above the other… The Winner of that Game can finish no lower than #2…

The Loser of the Apuli/Guggenheim Game has to be worried about being caught from behind by Team Massel who currently sits at 4-2. Team Apuli defeated them head to head so, Team Apuli, even with a Loss to Team Guggenheim in Week 7 would finish no lower than #3.. Teams Guggenheim and Massel did not play this Season so if Guggenheim loses to Apuli AND Massel defeats Team Hrusocky, both finish at 5-2 and we’d have to go to a Strength of Schedule tiebreaker.

So to recap…

Rasky – possible finish #1-2

Apuli – possible finish #1-3

Guggenheim – possible finish #1-4

Week 7 is going to be so important for the Playoff run.


Middle of the Pack

Team Massel (Al’s Beef on WESTERN) – 4-2

Team Hrusocky (Campus View) – 3-3

Team Schwartz (SLA Insurance) – 3-3


Let’s start with Team Massel who sits at 4-2.. With a Win AND a Loss from Team Guggenheim, they have a chance to still get up to #3 before the Playoffs begin.. If Team Guggenheim wins, but Team Massel still earns the W, they would finish in the #4 spot.

Now, if Team Massel Loses, they open themselves up to falling from the current #4 spot that they hold.. They will play Team Hrusocky, currently 3-3, just a Game Back of Team Massel to close the season.. If Team Hrusocky wins they would pull even with Team Massel at 4-3..  Team Schwartz would also factor into that equation.. If they defeat Team Murphy in Week 7, they too could finish at 4-3.

So let’s go over a potential 3-way tie at 4-3… Team Hrusocky and Team Schwartz didn’t play this Season.. Team Hrusocky would have defeated Team Massel.. Team Massel defeated Team Schwartz.. Looking at the tiebreakers.. It would finish 4. Hrusocky, 5. Massel, 6. Schwartz..

Now, if Team Massel defeats Team Hrusocky, as we stated before Team Massel is the #4 seed (at least). Team Schwartz with a Win would move up to #5.. If Teams Hrusocky or Schwartz, lose and get to 3-4 they could get caught from behind by Teams Nolan and Murphy (Murphy would hold a head to head win over Schwartz in that scenario from Week 7 as well).. However, with a potential 4-way tie the Tiebreakers would be messy..

To Recap…

Massel – possible finish #3-5

Hrusocky – possible finish #4-8

Schwartz – possible finish #5-8


Currently in the Opening Round

Team Murphy (ShopHouse) – 2-4

Team Nolan (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 2-4

Team Wolter (Schweitzer Title Agency) 1-5

Team Saltzberg (Live Clean CHI) 1-5


Here’s what we know for sure.. Teams Wolter and Saltzberg will compete in the Opening Round when the Playoffs begin.. That doesn’t mean that their Week 7 Games are meaningless. A) They want to get momentum before their Playoff lives are on the line and B) they’ll want to play Spoiler for their Opponents..

The real intrigue here is for Teams Murphy and Nolan who have a chance of pulling themselves up and out of the Opening Round into a the #5 or #6 seeds.. First things first, if either Team Loses in Week 7, they are in the Opening Round.. The only chance they have is to get Wins in the Regular Season finale.

Team Nolan will take on Team Wolter (who sits a Game Back of them) in Week 7 while Team Murphy will play Team Schwartz who have lost two straight and currently hold one of the Top-6 spots..

A couple things to consider.. Team Murphy holds a head to head Win over Team Nolan this season.. So if both Teams wind-up tied for one of those last Top-6 spots, that’s a huge advantage.. Team Murphy will also have to had beaten Team Schwartz in Week 7 to pull even with them for a tie.. In that scenario, Team Murphy would likely get out of the Opening Round..

In reality, here’s what each of these Two Teams are rooting for, as it is the clearest road to a Top-6 spot..

Team Murphy needs to defeat Team Schwartz and would like to see Team Hrusocky Win and Team Nolan lose… That way they finish alone with Team Schwartz at 3-4 for the #6 spot, which they would take via head to head Win.. It would be difficult for them to get all the way up to #5, since Team Hrusocky defeated them head to head.. Not impossible, but it would require some luck..

For Team Nolan.. They need to defeat Team Wolter.. They also would like to see Team Schwartz beat Team Murphy and finally have Team Massel defeat Team Hrusocky.. In that scenario, they would finish tied at 3-4 with Hrusocky for the 6th spot and would finish above them thanks to defeating them all the way back in Week 1.

So to recap…

Murphy – possible finish – 5-Opening Round

Nolan – possible finish – 5-Opening Round

Wolter – Opening Round Lock

Saltzberg – Opening Round Lock


That’s it for the Playoff Scenarios. See everyone back for Week 7!