2016 Chicago Floor Hockey – CHAMPIONSHIP (May 15)

Updated: May 18, 2016

On Sunday we Crowned NEW Champs in what was a thrilling and grueling 3-Game Series!  1. Team Robinson came into the Championship Series Undefeated on the Season and 2. Team Harris was entering the Championship for the second straight year and looking to ascend to the Crown in 2016..  We’ll recap all of the action just below.  Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video! 

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Championship Best of 3 Series

1. Team Robinson (Schweitzer Title Agency) v. 2. Team Harris (Wrigley View Rooftop)

These two Teams played all the way back in Week 1 when 1. Team Robinson really burst on to the scenes  by defeating 2. Team Harris by a handful of Goals.. Neither Team has lost since then and it seemed early on they may be on a collision course for a Championship clash.. 1. Team Robinson defeated 4. Team Kandelman in the SEMIS while 2. Team Harris exacted sweet revenge on last year’s Champs 3. Team Kowalczyk to earn a spot in the Championship Series.. So the stage was set for a colossal 3-Game set where the first Team to Win 2x would be the 2016 Champs!


To start Game 1 there was a feeling out process where both Teams seemed more concerned with “setting the tempo” (a physical one) than actually scoring goals.. Soon, Team Robinson would light the lamp on a half court slapper to get past Goalie Jake Miller who was filling in for Jeremy Posner on the day.. Jake would have his hands full all day but was spectacular for much of the Championship.. The goals started pouring in after the first one.. Team Harris would get goals from 5 different scorers in Game 1 and so would Team Robinson.. The difference here, Neville Patel was the only scorer with multiple goals and his hat trick was enough to give Team Robinson the Game 1 W, 7-5.

After a short-break, Game 2 began.. In this contest, Team Harris knew their backs were against the wall and they had to come up with a W or their pursuit of the Crown would end in disappointment.. They played as such.. They got goals early and often in what as an extremely physical and penalty-laden start to Game 2.. Team Harris used their Power Play to establish a nice lead and managed to stump Robinson Goalie Brian Littleton — which we haven’t really seen all season (he’s been incredible all year).  Jason Shape was the clear player of the Game here for Team Harris.. He scored FIVE Goals to help Team Harris Win Game 2, 11-7. Alex Hayman also had a couple of Goals to help continue their season. Joel Malchuk of Team Robinson had a hat trick in Game 2 as well..

With both Teams splitting the first two Games in the Series, we’d need to go to a 3rd and final Winner-take-all Championship showdown.. Both Teams were exhausted, to say the least.. Team Robinson has had great depth all season long and they’d really need to lean on it to get to the title.. Team Harris did not have their total roster, so their core would need to dig down even deeper.. That’s exactly what they did.. Captain Adam had a pair of Goals to go along with another outburst from Jason Shape and Graham Conatser got in on the action too.. The issue for them is that most of those Goals came in a valiant comeback when they were down by several Goals already.. Joel Malchuk had another great Game for Team Robinson.. The depth of the multiple Robinson lines was just too much and when the final whistle blew it was 1. Team Robinson Winning Game 3, 9-7, and the Championship! More on the Champs shortly..

For the Runners-Up, this makes it two years in a row that Team Harris has gotten painfully close to the Championship but left just a bit short.. Enough cannot be stated for the 8 guys they had in attendance on Sunday. Those guys played countless minutes and gave every ounce that they had to give.. They just couldn’t counter the Robinson attack in Games 1 and 3.  Team Harris will look to Year 3 in 2017 as the season they finally grab the Crown… It’s hard not to be pulling for it at this point. Thanks for playing!

Now, to the Champs! What a season for Captain Ted and Co..  They went through the Regular Season without a hiccup and stormed into the Championship.. They even faced a Loss dead in the eye for the first time in 2016 and managed to bounce back just minutes later in a do or die Game 3 to Win a Championship.  They were truly the best Team all year long and while there are usually plenty of upsets to go around in All Sports Series, this season the best Team won the Floor Hockey Championship. Congrats again and thanks for playing! See you you in 2017!


Thanks again to everyone for playing, hopefully see you all in the Summer and if not, we’ll be back in the Spring of 2017 for another Floor Hockey season!