2016 Chicago Floor Hockey – PLAYOFFS – Semis (May 1)

Updated: May 4, 2016

On Sunday afternoon the Final4 Teams in the Chicago Floor Hockey League slugged it out for the right to compete for the Championship on May 15.  An interesting note, we had the same Final4 a year ago in the 2015 Floor Hockey Playoffs.. Marking the first time, the same 4 Teams have made it to two consecutive Semi-Finals in All Sports Series history.. This year the match-ups were different than a year ago.. 1. Team Robinson and 4. Team Kandelman were meeting, and one would be guaranteed a spot in their first Championship series.. While on the other side of the bracket, we had a Championship rematch from a year ago between 2. Team Harris and Defending Champs 3. Team Kowalczyk. The SEMIS on Sunday were played with Aggregate-Scoring.. The combined score of each of the two Games would be used to determine who would move on..Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  Also, here’s the Playoff Bracket.

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SEMIS – Review – 2Game Aggregate Scoring


1. Team Robinson (Schweitzer Title) v. 4. Team Kandelman (StudentCity)

Our first Semi-Final pitted the Undefeated #1 Team Robinson against the feisty #4 Team Kandelman.. As we mentioned in the open, both squads were hoping to move on to their first All Sports Series Championship appearance.. Team Robinson has utilized time of possession and great goaltending from Brian Littleton to dominate the season thus far.. Team Kandelman has had a great amount of success with most of their Wins coming in double digit shootouts with their opponents.. We knew were in store for some great action here..

As Game 1 got under way, both Teams took some time to feel the other out but after the initial few shifts wore on, Team Robinson went on the attack.. They were quickly up a handful of Goals by the second period.. Remember the combined score of both Games is the deciding factor in the SEMIS.. By Game’s end, Team Robinson had 4 Guys with multiple Goals in Game 1.. Captain Ted, Neville Patel, Joel Malchuk and Brad Jorgensen.. That combined with great goaltending was enough to earn 1. Team Robinson the Game 1 W by a score of 12-2.  As Game 2 got underway, it was much of the same but we did see more flashes of the Kandelman Offense.. Captain Scott left the net where he has been stationed all season and tallied his first couple of Goals of the year.. In the end though, it was 1. Team Robinson Winning Game 2 by a score of 16-6 to move on to the Championship, undefeated!

For 4. Team Kandelman, their season ends in the Semis for the second straight year.. They clearly have established themselves as one of the elite groups with back to back Final4 appearances and they should only be stronger a year from now when they welcome back Mark Cassidy from the IR.  This is a group that is not far from the Crown.  Thanks for playing and see you guys next Spring!


2. Team Harris (Wrigley View Rooftop) v. 3. Team Kowalcyzk (popchips)

Once the dust settled from the first Semi-Final, the stage was set for an epic Championship Rematch and this time, the Winner would get to face Undefeated 1. Team Robinson in their second straight Championship appearance.  Let’s recap a bit.. Last season, these guys had an Instant Classic 3-Game Championship Series that needed overtime in the deciding Game 3, where ultimately Captain Mike Kowalczyk would score in OT to give Team Kowalczyk the first ever All Sports Series Floor Hockey Championship.  Fast forward to the Spring of 2016 and Team Harris had been more than eager to exact some revenge on the Defending Champs and that they did.. All the way back in Week 3, Team Harris got a decisive 10-2 W… However, Regular Season Ws cannot erase post-season memories.. So could Team Harris finally get true Revenge or would the Defending Champs roll on?

These Teams obviously know each other awfully well.. too well… from the first face-off this was “intense” as guys were flying around willing to put their body in harms way to get their Team to the Championship..  Jeremy Posner was a wall in net for Team Harris in this one.. He had 23 saves and only allowed 3 Goals to the fantastic Kowalczyk attack.. His counterpart Kevin Economos, who was only playing Goalie for the second time, stopped 19 shots and was equally impressive but Team Harris created better opportunities.. 2. Team Harris Won Game 1 by a score of 6-3.. That meant in Game 2, the Defending Champs would need to outscore Team Harris by at least 3 Goals to advance.. Knowing that, they tried to open up the Game a bit more and really get the Game moving.. Doing that, allowed for some better looks for Team Harris however, and Marc Krieberg  was more than happy to take advantage as he would record a hat trick in this one.. When the final buzzer sounded it was 2. Team Harris getting the Game 2 W by a score of 10-4 and advancing to the Championship for the 2nd straight year! They will take on 1. Team Robinson in a Best-of-3 Series on May 15!

For the 2015 Champs, Team Kowalczyk, they will leave the 2016 season a bit disappointed that they couldn’t get the Repeat.. But going Back2Back in All Sports Series is insanely difficult and only a handful of Teams have ever been able to do it.. They will be among the Championship Contenders for as long as they have a Team in the Floor Hockey League.. As soon as the first Games are in the books in 2017, they will be among the favorites once again.. Captain Mike and Co. have been the hunted for a full-season now and it will be refreshing for them to not bare the burden of the “Defending Champs” moniker for a bit. Thanks for playing and see you next Spring!


That’s it for the Semis! We are going to have an Open Game on May 15 in addition to the Championship.

Hopefully see everyone then!