2016 Chicago Floor Hockey – Week 6 (Apr. 3)

Updated: April 5, 2016

6 Weeks Down. 1 To Go in the Regular Season!  This week the Power Rankings transition into a Playoff Scenarios piece as we’ll break down all the possibilities that loom for each and every Team as we get ready to head to Playoff time!  Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  Also, here’s the Playoff Bracket.

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Playoff Format

Opening Round — Single Elimination — #7 /#8 play for a spot in the Quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals — Single Elimination — #3/#6 , #4/#5  #2 vs. Winner of 7/8 Opening Round GM.

Semis — 2-Game Aggregate Scoring — #1 gets a BYE to Semis

Championship — Best 2 of 3 Games

OK Let’s get to Scenarios!

Playoff Scenarios

Top 3

1. Team Robinson (Schweitzer Title Agency) – 6-0

t-2. Team Harris (Wrigley View Rooftop) & Team Kowalczyk (popchips) – 5-1

Current #1 Team Robinson moved to an improbable 6-0 on Sunday Afternoon after a decisive W over #4 Team Kandelman that may just be a Semi-Final Preview.. We shall see.. Even at 6-0, they have yet to actually clinch the #1 overall seed. That’s because both Team Harris and Team Kowalczyk sit at 5-1..  Team Robinson and Team Kowalczyk will meet an in an epic Regular Season Finale this coming Sunday and there’s a TON at stake..

Keep in mind the #1 seed will get a BYE to the Semis…

IF Team Robinson Wins they finish #1, Team Harris will be #2 and Kowalczyk #3.

IF Defending Champs Team Kowalczyk Win, things get much more interesting.. A Win for Kowalczyk combined an improbably Loss for Team Harris means that Kowalczyk finishes #1, Robinson #2 and Harris #3..

Finally, Wins from both Kowalczyk and Team Harris means that we have a 3-way tie at 6-1 atop the Standings…  In that scenario, Kowalczyk holds a W over Robinson, Robinson holds a W over Harris and Harris holds a W over Kowalczyk.. Meaning, all 3 Teams are 1-1 against each other.. In the event we get this far down the tiebreaker scenario, we’ll go to Goal Differential for the Games between these 3 Teams to determine the seeding for the Top 3 spots..

Team Robinson defeated Team Harris 9-4 in Week 1 and Team Harris defeated Team Kowalczyk 10-2 in Week 3.  That means Robinson is currently +5 in this potential Tiebreaker, Team Kowalczyk is -8 and Team Harris is +3 (-5 and +8 in their two contests)..


If Team Kowalczyk Wins by 1… Seeds as follows #1 Robinson, #2 Harris, #3 Kowalczyk

If Team Kowalczyk Wins by 2… Harris and Robinson would share the same +3 tiebreaker and, thus, Robinson would still be #1 (because they beat Harris H2H), Harris #2, Kowalczyk #3..

If Team Kowalczyk Wins by 3-6 goals.. Harris finishes #1, Robinson #2, Kowalczyk #3

If Team Kowalczyk Wins by 7-11 goals.. Harris #1, Kowalczyk #2, Robinson #3

If Team Kowalczyk Wins by 12+ Goals.. Kowalczyk #1, Harris #2, Robinson #3…


There you have it. Simple. Math is fun.


Middle of the Pack

4. Team Kandelman (StudentCity) – 3-3

t-5. Team Holzman (Orunje) & Team Weisel (SLA Insurance) – 2-4

After the calculus needed to determine the Top 3 seeds above this is a welcomed encounter.. We know for sure that if Team Kandelman Wins on Sunday against Team Weisel, they will come into the Playoffs as the #4 Seed when they begin on April 17.  They are two losses behind the Teams ahead of them so they can’t move up and they hold a H2H tiebreaker over Team Holzman who is a Game Back.. If Team Weisel defeats them, things get murkier.. More on that below..

At 2-4 both Team Holzman and Team Weisel can breathe a sigh of relief that they’ll avoid the Opening Round Game.. Both have Ws over Team Nelson who trail them by a Game in the Standings with just a Week left to play and, thus, can’t be leapt by them…  Team Holzman will play Team Kaplan on Sunday while Kandelman and Weisel will do battle.. Here’s what we know for sure..

Team Kandelman defeated Team Holzman 9-7 in Week 1 H2H.

Team Holzman defeated Team Weisel 17-12 in Week 3 H2H..

As stated above, if Kandelman beats Weisel, they are the #4 seed and the 5/6 seeds will come down to Holzman and Weisel.. Since Holzman defeated H2H, no matter what Holzman would finish #5 and Weisel will finish #6 in this scenario..

On the other hand, if Weisel beats Kandelman, there’s a potential 3-way tie at 3-4.. That’s if Team Holzman wins as well..  In that scenario, all 3 Teams will have gone 1-1 against each other and it will go to the Goal Differential between the 3 Teams.. Right now Kandelman sits at +2 in that, Weisel -5 and Holzman is finished at +3 (-2 and +5 in those 2 Games)..

SO… In the event of Weisel and Holzman Wins…

If Weisel wins by 1-3 Goals on Sunday, they’d finish Holzman #4, Kandelman #5, Weisel #6

If Weisel wins by 4-8 Goals on Sunday, they’d finish Holzman #4, Weisel #5, Kandelman #6

If Weisel wins by 9+ Goals on Sunday, they’d finish Weisel #4, Holzman #5, Kandelman #6




Opening Round Territory

7. Team Nelson (Rhoyal Decadence) – 1-5, LOCKED IN #7

8. Team Kaplan (Theory) – 0-6, LOCKED IN #8

These Two Teams met this past Sunday and we saw Team Nelson gain a hard-fought 6-4 victory over Team Kaplan.  Both Teams looked good out there and they are going to get another opportunity to dance with another as they are locked into the #7 and #8 spots as we head into the Playoffs.. Neither Team can catch the Teams ahead due to H2H tiebreakers.. So, they should use this final week of the Regular Season to fine tune everything and then get ready to do battle! The Winner of their Opening Round Game will head to the Quarterfinals and take on whoever finishes with the #2 Seed.


That’s it for the Scenarios. Get Ready for the Regular Season Finale. See you Sunday!