2016 Chicago Men’s – Week 4 (June 27)

Updated: June 30, 2016

and then there were just three!  Entering Week 4 we had four undefeated Teams remaining atop the Chicago Men’s League.. Two of them, Teams Kaplan and Liss, did battle this past Monday Night.. We’ll find out who won that gigantic Game in just a bit.. Joining the Winner of that contest are Team Hakimian and Team Kornblatt who both get through Monday Night at a perfect 4-0!  We will definitely see some shaking up of the Rankings this Week! Here’s a link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

Just a reminder we are OFF for 4th of July this coming Monday and will return on Monday July 11!

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Hakimian (Hakimian Imports) – Currently tied for 2nd with 71 points.

As we said at the top.. There’d be some shaking up in the Rankings this Week and we meant from the get go.. No longer are Defending Champs Team Zimmerman holding down the Top spot (nor are they in the Top 5 for that matter).. More on that below.. No Team has had a better start to the Summer of 2016 than the dynasty Team Hakimian.  They are now 4-0 and humming along. Their off-season acquisitions are fitting in swimmingly and the way they are playing right now makes it seem as if they will hold the Summer Crown for the first time since 2012. They know more than anyone that Championships aren’t won in June however and they won’t get complacent.. Dennis McKinney was en fuego on Monday Night as he had 28 points. Brennan Keller added 17.  After the July 4 break they will face Team Watts in Flag Football.


2. Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently in 1st with 71 points.

Is there a better story in the League’s first half than Original-12 crew, Team Kornblatt, starting the Summer at 4-0?  They’ve now won in Floor Hockey, Flag Football, Hoops and most recently Softball… They clearly are firing on all cylinders right now. They picked up another gigantic W in their pursuit for a top seed on Monday Night against Justin Apuli.  Hard to single out one guy at the plate this week for them as they scored 17 runs as a unit.. Matt Emer though was 4 for 4 with 4 runs and 4 RBI. Nice and round. Reed Adler was also fantastic in the middle of the order on Monday Night. As the season wages on and they stay near the top.. A Playoff path that could exclude basketball becomes a very distinct possibility for them.. Just something to monitor. Unbelievable start from these Warriors. They get Team Hagari in Hoops post-July4.


3. Team Sternberg (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 4th with 58 points.

Safe to say they’ve bounced back from the Week 1 Loss.. They’ve rattled off 3 straight Ws including Hoops on Monday Night against a formidable foe in Team Palmer. Tyler Max led the way in scoring with 21. This was a big one in terms of the Standings and confidence.. From a Standings side, they stay basically a Game back of the top spots.. From a confidence side.. They definitely didn’t want to drop their first two Hoops Games of the Summer.. When we get back on July 11 they will take on the Team just below them in the Rankings.. It will be the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week and it will be Flag Football…


4. Team Kaplan (Wrigley View Rooftop) – Currently tied for 2nd with 71 points.

That’s right as you read just above.. #4 Team Kaplan will have another huge Game when we return from the July 4 break.. They will take on #3 Team Sternberg in the Game of the Week on Monday July 11!  Before we get too ahead of ourselves though, we need to sing their praises for what they accomplished this past Monday Night.  Both they and Team Liss entered Week 4 Hoops at a perfect 3-0. Team Kaplan left 4-0.  They were basically dominant throughout and it looks like they have plans to be at the top all season long.  This group is young but can do just about everything.  Judd Barron was his usual self with 24 points. Dylan Levin had 17 as well. These Guys are gaining confidence with each passing Monday Night. The rest of League needs to take notice.


5. Team Shlofrock (ShopHouse) – Currently tied for 4th with 58 points.

Similarly to #3 Team Sternberg above, this is a group that has really rebounded since dropping their first Game of the Season..  Their Week 1 L is all but a distant memory and it looks even better since it was at the hands of undefeated #2 Team Kornblatt in Floor Hockey (one of their true strengths).. Since then they’ve won three straight in three different sports and it seems like they are really gelling.  This group is one that should only get better as the season wages on and all of their pieces get more comfortable with one another. C0-Captain Dan Abramson went 3 for 4 from the plate on Monday Night and Brad Tivin was a perfect 5 for 5 with a few RBI too. They have SpringCM in Week 5 on July 11.


6. Team Zimmerman (STATE) – Currently tied for 10th with 33 points.

Okay, so the slide stops here.  A few things to address.. 1) No we normally don’t see falls from #1 to #6.  2) The Defending Champs are going to be just fine and presumably will be back in the Top 5 in no time.. 3) They are .500 on the year.. No reason to hit panic button.. 4) They have lost a couple sports that are normally Ws for them — Week 1 Hockey and Week 4 Softball — that being said they are extremely well equipped to still go for Back2Back crowns.. Allow us to explain.. They are going to be impossibly difficult to defeat in either Hoops OR Hockey come the Sweet16 and the Elite8. Their seed won’t matter. The sport won’t matter. They are the likely favorites in any of those Games.. Tough reality for a top seed who may come across them earlier than they had hoped for.. Team Borher is next.


7. Team Liss (Sandusky Cabinets) – Currently tied for 4th with 58 points.

They suffered a Loss for the first time this season at the hands of undefeated Team Kaplan. Nothing to get too down about. They are still having a great season and finish the first half at 3-1.  Jordan Liss went for 33 on Monday Night but they sorely missed Zack Hilgendorf. Most Teams would gladly trade spots with Team Liss right now. It’s key for them to come back strong and shake off the Loss in Week 5 on July 11. They will get #8 Team Fallows in Hoops.


8. Team Fallows (Al’s Beef on Western) – Currently tied for 7th with 45 points.

This Team has had a flair for the dramatic all season long.. In Week 1 they closed out a 6-4 Hockey W against the Defending Champs.. Then in Week 2, they dropped a 2OT Football Game with #2 Team Kornblatt.. Last Week in Week 3, they fell in the final seconds in Hoops to #5 Team Shlofrock.  Then this past Monday Night, in Week 4 softball they edged out Team Cohen 8-7 in the final inning.   It was a much needed W for this crew who needed to get past those tough couple of weeks. Their schedule has been very challenging and as a result they are going to be very Playoff tested.  Want to give a Happy Birthday this week to Franchise creator Adam Glass!  Captain Brett was 3 for 4 at the plate with a couple runs scored on Monday Night and the Bday boy was 4 for 4.  The Litton Bros. also had nice Games at the dish.  In Week 5 they will have an important matchup with #7 Team Liss in Hoops!


9. Team Valvassori (StudentCity) – Currently tied for 7th with 45 points.

A bit of a fall this Week for Team Valvassori who gave their all against #1 Team Hakimian but just couldn’t hang on.. They played them to a tremendously tight first half but in the final stretch of the Game they couldn’t match the top squad shot for shot. Alec Greenberg and Ben Mirman both had 15 in this Game.. For those who aren’t familiar with this group.. They are going to fight until the end and are very capable of pushing the League’s best to their limit..  Keep an eye on them.  Team Palmer awaits in Week 5 on July 11.


10. Team McNichols (Fontanini Foods) – Currently tied for 10th with 33 points.

Back up into the Top 10 this Week is Team McNichols who got their 2nd W of the Season on Monday Night in Flag Football over Team SpringCM.  They climb up into a tie for 10th in the Standings as well which is big for them. When we return from the July 4 break they are going to take on Team Apuli who is just below them in the Standings. It is a great opportunity for Team McNichols to really pull away from the bottom third of the leaderboard and also show everyone what they can do on the Hoops court.


11. Team Watts (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 12th with 26 points.

2nd Hoops Game of the Season.. 2nd W of the Season.. Team Watts doesn’t mess around when it comes to basketball.. They defeated a very tough Team Hagari squad on Monday Night and it was enough to climb into 12th in the Standings.  Had 4 huge outbursts for them in this one.. Jamie Nikitas had 30. Eric Porter had 28. Captain Mack had 24 and Curt Hanson had 17. They can really play. They will be tested like they haven’t been before as they take on Undefeated #1 Team Hakimian in Flag Football on July 11. This group is capable of knocking them off. Football is another strength.


12. Team Palmer (Chicago Trolley) – Currently tied for 7th with 45 points.

Through 4 Weeks Team Palmer has confirmed what we really already knew.. They are a very strong Team.. That is evidenced by them being tied for 7th in the Standings right now. They can do just about anything in All Sports Series. They’ve already gotten Ws this Summer in Softball and Floor Hockey.. Hoops however has been a black cloud for them. It’s very similar to what we’ve seen with Team Kornblatt over the past 7 years.. Here’s the thing.. If they continue to excel elsewhere, they should have a high enough seed to avoid basketball in the Playoffs and they can really do some damage in August.. They will have Team Valvassori in Hoops on July 11 and that will be their final Hoops Game of the Reg. Season.


13. Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently tied for 13th with 20 points.

They have snapped the skid and can now just look ahead to earning more Ws.  On Monday Night they bounced back in a big way on the Flag Football field and really took it to Team Bohrer en route to their first W of the Season. Daniel Jasper accounted for NINE TDs through the air and ground. Alex Filin was his favorite target hauling in 4 TDS and Captain Alex snagged two of his own as well. This group is so much better than we’ve seen over the opening few weeks and they may have just needed a little spark to get things going.. That likely just happened and look for them to really take off post July4. They have winless Team Cohen in Hoops after the break.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Apuli (Chipotle) – Currently tied for 13th with 20 points.

Been a rough few weeks since getting that opening Season W over Team Cohen in Week 1 Hockey.. They were a bit shorthanded this past Monday Night and they just couldn’t keep down the Team Kornblatt Offense at the plate.  This group is still in fine shape for the Playoffs and still have wins left on their calendar.. They will take on Team McNichols in Hoops when we return on July 11.


Team Bohrer (Danley’s Garage) – Currently tied for 16th with 0 points.

They keep getting the short end of the stick with the Schedule. Team Bohrer has had the hardest 4-week start in the League.. As a result they have started slower than they would have liked but they need to stay focused as one win can really turn around their season. On July 11 they will take on Defending Champs Team Zimmerman. The break will come at a good time for this crew so they can clear their minds and get ready for a strong second half of the season.


Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – Currently tied for 16th with 0 points.

This is not how Captain Andy and co. envisioned the Summer of 2016 starting.. It’s the hand they’ve been dealt however and now they need to do everything they can to dig themselves out of this hole. They’ve lost quite a few heartbreakers thus far.. Week 1 Hockey, they lost by a Goal to Team Apuli. Week 3 Hoops they lost Team Kornblatt in the final minute and then this past Monday Night they fell in the final frame to Team Fallows in Softball. This group will not get rattled and they are very aware of what they are capable of.. This is a Team that with some luck can also go on a serious run as a double digit seed come August. We’ve seen it before! Team Rubin in Hoops awaits on July 11.


Team Hagari (Pork & Mindy’s) – Currently in 15th with 13 points.

They are on a bit of a slide since Winning back in Week 1.  This group is better than their record indicates and they are going to surprise someone and soon.. They gave Team Watts all they could handle for about 30 minutes before Team Watts pulled away in Hoops on Monday Night.  Pauly Jackson led with 25 for them and Jeff Shukis had 18 as well.   Could the surprise come after the July 4 break?  They have undefeated #2 Team Kornblatt in Hoops when we return.. A group that has dropped a basketball Game or two..


Team SpringCM (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 16th with 0 points.

Still searching for Win #1 and as we’ve stated before that is often the hardest to come by in All Sports Series.  This group is one of the only all Rookie squads and it’s not easy to go up against groups that are familiar with the League each and every week. They are not lacking talent and once they get that first W they can collectively exhale. The July 4 holiday comes at a good time for them to recharge and get ready for the second half of the campaign. They’ll have #5 Team Shlofrock in Hoops on July 11.


That’s it for Week 4. Have a great 4th and see everyone on July 11!