2016 Chicago Men’s – Week 5 (July 11)

Updated: July 14, 2016

On Monday Night the Men’s League resumed from the July 4 holiday and with it came our 5th Week of Games.. As we turn the page on Week 5, the Playoffs are just a mere couple of weeks away!  Teams will have head to head Games in Week 6 and the Regular Season finale for the Week 7 Volleyball Tourney. We also are down to just two Undefeated Teams as we head into the final weeks.. Both Team Kornblatt and 2x Champs Team Hakimian sit at 5-0!

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OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Hakimian (Hakimian Imports) – Currently tied for 1st with 91 points.

Great Teams find a way to get Ws and that’s what Team Hakimian has done week in and week out for years in this League.  They were pushed to the brink by a young and hungry Team Watts but when all was said and done they won by a score of 14-12 and got their season record to 5-0!  They are now tied for 1st with Team Kornblatt in the Standings and there’s a ton at stake over these final couple of weeks.  Team Hakimian will certainly want to play Hoops in the Sweet16 and Elite8 rounds.. To ensure that, they’ll need to maintain a Top-3 seed as we pull into the Playoffs..  They are going to have to really earn it if they are to get to 6-0..  They have Rivals and Defending Champs Team Zimmerman in Hoops next Monday Night and that is of course, the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week!


2. Team Kornblatt (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 1st with 91 points.

5-0 and it’s really starting to feel like a magical summer might be underway for this #Original12 crew.  The biggest factor is that they are winning on the basketball court.  They are now 2-0 this year on the hardwood (slash sport court) and their confidence is through the roof.  The improvements they’ve made from previous years to this season in terms of basketball is astronomical.  They have multiple guys who can score and they are still bringing their trademark hustle each week. Jon Horwitz had 17 and Jeff Weisberg added 15.  When the season started this was a group who eye’d Playoff Floor Hockey Games.. If they can stay at or near the top in the next couple of weeks it is not a far cry to believe that they’ll be in position to pick Hockey in both the Sweet16 and then the Elite8 rounds.. First things first, they must keep winning.. They have Team Bohrer in their 3rd and final Regular Season Hoops Game of the Season in Week 6.


3. Team Sternberg (Biaggi’s) – Currently in 3rd with 78 points.

Holding serve at #3 this week is Team Sternberg who managed to leap into 3rd in the Standings as well following their big Flag Football W over previously undefeated Team Kaplan on Monday Night.  Captain Sam and co. have excelled in Flag Football over the years. They are a tough squad to keep in check as they have a ton of speed with Tyler Max and Max Shulruff and also play very smart.  The addition of Cody Pantle in the off-season certainly helps the Offense as well.  They have a gigantic showdown with #4 Team Shlofrock in Hoops in Week 6.. The Winner is going to be in great spot heading into the Week 7 VBall tourney to control their fate when it comes to the Sport of their Sweet16 Game.. The Loser will likely be caught by some of the middle of the pack and then who knows.. Big Game.


4. Team Shlofrock (ShopHouse) – Currently tied for 4th with 71 points.

As mentioned above, Team Shlofrock will take on #3 Team Sternberg in Hoops next week in what will be the co-Main Event of the evening and one with tremendous Playoff implications.. Team Shlofrock continues their rise up the Standings with another Hoops W in Week 5 over Team SpringCM. They have been on fire since Week 2 and it’s a group that no one wants to see come Playoff time.  Brad Tivin had 29 in this one and 4 more were in double digits including Co-Captains Jake Shlofrock and Dan Abramson.  Next week should be epic.


5. Team Zimmerman (STATE) – Currently tied for 8th with 46 points.

Back into the Top 5 are the Defending Champs.  They got a much needed Hoops W on Monday Night against Team Bohrer and were able to somewhat wipe the bad taste out of their mouths from Week 4 Softball a couple weeks back against Team Shlofrock. Esto Vega had 28 and Brian Harris chipped in 22 in the W. While they are in good shape in the Power Rankings they still have some work to do when it comes to the Standings. They are currently tied for 8th and over the next couple of weeks they are going to really push to get one of those top few seeds. No Team may be suited better to make it out of the Sweet16/Elite8 rounds than Team Zimmerman as they are dynamic in both Hoops and Floor Hockey.. That being said, the higher their seed, the more options Captain Jack will have when making a potentially crucial decision.  They have the Live Clean Chicago Game of the Week against Undefeated #1 Team Hakimian in Week 6 Hoops. This could be the matchup of the Regular Season.


6. Team Kaplan (Wrigley View Rooftop) – Currently tied for 4th with 71 points.

It’s incredibly, incredibly difficult to go through an All Sports Series season Undefeated and it’s been done only a handful of times.. Team Kaplan can’t get too down about their first L of the Season.. Especially since it came at the hands of last year’s Runners-Up and current #3 Team Sternberg in Flag Football. They got a taste of a Playoff-like atmosphere in a way this is likely a good thing for them.. They no longer have the pressure of an undefeated campaign on their shoulders and they can re-focus on the bigger picture. This is a Team that can win the whole thing.  They look to rebound in Hoops next Week agains Team Apuli.


7. Team Liss (Sandusky Cabinets) – Currently tied for 4th with 71 points.

Speaking of rebounding quite nicely after their first L of the Season.. Team Liss did just that on Monday Night.  They dropped a Hoops Game to Team Kaplan (both were unbeaten at the time) just before the July 4 break.. They had 2 weeks to regroup and get ready to bounce back.. On Monday Night they competed with Team Fallows in a back and forth Hoops Game that went down to the final seconds. In the end, Team Liss made one or two more plays and came away with the big time W. Next week they look to close the gap between them and the top Teams in the Standings even more when they have Flag Football against Team Palmer.


8. Team Valvassori (StudentCity) – Currently in 7th with 58 points.

Team Valvassori was coming off a tough loss before the July 4 holiday and it was great to see them turn the page in Week 5. They got back in the Winner’s circle, after a closer than the score would indicate, battle with Team Palmer in Hoops on Monday.  Jake Prizant and Alec Greenberg helped lead the way this week. With the W they have ascended past a few other Teams in the Standings and now can control their fate just a bit.. Staying in the top 7 or so range is crucial as they may still be eligible to make the final decision between Hoops/Hockey in the Sweet16 (depending on what the top seeds do). Every seed matters.. They’ll get Team Hagari in Flag Football in Week 6.


9. Team McNichols (Fontanini Foods) – Currently tied for 8th with 46 points.

Another Hoops W for Team McNichols in Week 5 and that means they are 2-0 on the season and against some nice competition as well.. This group is very athletic and it’s no surprise that they are excelling in Hoops and Football so far this Summer. They have one more Regular Season Hoops Game coming and it’s next Monday Night when they take on the currently unRanked Team Rubin. A win for Team McNichols means that they will have an opportunity to catch a few Teams ahead of them as we go into the final Week of the Regular Season.. A few Teams ahead of them are playing each other, so ground will be made up with a W.


10. Team Fallows (Al’s Beef on WESTERN) – Currently tied for 10th with 45 points.

A season of nail-biters continues for these guys.. They dropped their second Hoops Game of the Season at the end of the Game and similarly to their first Hoops Game, they lost by 3.  Remember, they also dropped a 2OT Football Game by a single point in Week 2.. Their Wins have been by 2 in Hockey and 1 in the final inning of Softball.. This group has lived on the edge all Summer and it’s impossible to think a) what could have been in terms of Seeding but more importantly b) by the time the Playoffs roll around, they will not be phased by anything.. they’ve seen it all.  This group could be Undefeated if just a couple plays went their way. That being said they are still in fine shape for the Playoffs and are capable of knocking off anyone. They get SpringCM in Hoops next week.


11. Team Watts (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 12th with 26 points.

Team Watts pushed Undefeated #1 to the limit on Monday Night but just couldn’t pull out the W.  In many ways this was a necessary step for them.. They needed a close one with one of the League’s elite for their own well-being in the Playoffs. They know they can hang. They could have won on Monday Night. Again, no moral victories but when they look across at the top Teams come August they will be able to look around and know they belong. They are still in good shape for the Playoffs so no real worries there.. Both Jamie Nikitas and Captain Mack scored TDs on Monday. They had back to their comfort zone and best sport of Hoops next Week against #13 Team Cohen.


12. Team Palmer (Chicago Trolley) – Currently tied for 10th with 45 points.

Well, positive and negative to this past week for them… They dropped their Hoops Game in a back and forth affair with Team Valvassori. That would be the negative. The positive.. They are done with Hoops for the Regular Season.. It has certainly been their weakest sport in the past couple of years and they will not be sad to say goodbye to it for now.  They have a chance to really jump some Teams next week when they take on #7 Team Liss in Flag Football. Football is worth 20 points and most of the other Teams will be playing Hoops (13 pts).. Just something to watch!


13. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) – Currently tied for 15th with 13 points.

Finally back into the Rankings and finally with a Win to their names are the vets Team Cohen. It took them longer than most would have predicted but they finally broke through in Week 5.  They managed a thrilling OT Win over Team Rubin in Hoops.  Brian Kost had 24 in his debut on Monday Nights.. Jeremy Bauer added 21 and Tommy DeGarmo had 19.  This Win came exactly when they needed it as now they control their own destiny in terms of making the Playoffs.. They have the leg up on Teams Bohrer and SpringCM who still sit with 0 points. They will have a very tough battle with Team Watts in Hoops next week.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Apuli (Chipotle) – Currently tied for 13th with 20 points.

Dropped a close one on Monday Night to Team McNichols. They were right there until the end. They were actually up 8 with 2 minutes to go and just couldn’t close it out. It happens, even to good Teams, which Team Apuli is.. They are just in a bit of a funk right now. In terms of the Playoffs, they are fine and they are going to have a chance to redeem theirselves quickly as they head back to the Hoops Court in Week 6 to take on #6 Team Kaplan.  They need that one to gain some momentum back!


Team Bohrer (Danley’s Garage) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points.

While they didn’t get their first W of the Season they held their own with the Defending Champs Team Zimmerman in Hoops on Monday Night. It’s easily the best they’ve looked all season and you can give some credit to Captain Jason for making some acquisitions over the July 4 holiday to bolster the squad..  In his debut, Joe Ascher had 18 which helped out Alec Lininger who had 26 on Monday Night.  This group is gaining confidence and it’s just a matter of time until they break through.. They will get undefeated #2 Team Kornblatt next week but there is definitely a sense of “upset” in the air..


Team Hagari (Pork & Mindy’s) – Currently tied for 15th with 13 points.

They were neck and neck with Undefeated #2 Team Kornblatt throughout their Hoops Game on Monday Night but just couldn’t take the lead in the final stretch.. Ryan Frazier led the way with 26 points and Jeff Shukis added 14 of his own.  They are holding their own with some of the League’s best and despite the skid their on, they should be encouraged. They are better than what their current place in the Standings would show. They look to right the ship in Week 6 v. Team Valvassori in Flag Football.


Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently tied for 15 with 13 points.

A week after getting their first W of the season it seemed the stars were aligned for them to go on a run.. Only Team Cohen had other plans.. Their Hoops Game went all the way to OT on Monday Night and unfortunately someone had to lose.. Captain Alex had 38 in a heroic performance and Mike Comer had 19 as well.  Battling with just 5 guys is tough to do and they gave it their all. They have a very tough Team McNichols squad in Week 6 in Hoops. It’s a Game that they can Win, they just need to play their best.  It would be a huge momentum boost for them as we near the end of the season.


Team SpringCM (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 17th with 0 points.

Last but not least is Team SpringCM.  They showed some really good things this week although they happened to run into the always tough #4 Team Shlofrock in Hoops. Another tough assignment. Daniel Waytula had 17 in their Game. Nick Zolfo added a dozen as well. They have Team Fallows who is coming off a very tough L in Week 6 Hoops. Despite their slow start, they are just a Win out of the Playoffs right now. They are right there. Can they turn it around!?

That’s it for this Week. See everyone on Monday Night!